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The Last Kingdom Recap Episode 6

When the 6th episode begins, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) argues with his wife, Mildrith (Amy Wren) about killing the servant. He confirms he is leaving with Leofric (Adrian Bower) in the morning. They argue passionately for a period of time, before Leofric leaves them. In Winchester, Alfred (David Dawson) learns about Odda’s (Brian Vernel) play to build a church in honor of Ubba’s defeat. Alfred likes the plan, but doesn’t enjoy Odda’s morbid sense of humor.

The Last Kingdom Alfred and Odda

Beocca (Ian Hart) enters and tells the pair about Uhtred murdering his farmhand. Alfred orders Odda to investigate the murder. Back at home, Uhtred argues with Mildrith about religion. He tells her not to pray for him, before leaving with the others. The group heads away from Wessex and towards Cornwalum. They discover Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) following after them. Despite Leofric’s desire to kill the would-be king, Uhtred spares him.

BBC The Last Kingdom Uhtred

Back at the farmstead, Odda and Bishop Alewold (Alan David) visit Mildrith and interrogate her. Odda attempts to discover Uhtred’s whereabouts and Mildrith insists Odda only needs to speaking to Leofric. Before they depart, Odda gives Mildrith a letter, which demands Uhtred pay for his farmhand’s death. Uhtred and the others raid a few towns, but find nothing of value. Back on the trail, they comes across Asser (Nicholas Rowe). Asser attempts to enlist the group’s help and takes them to King Peredur (Paul Ritter, The Game). The King tries to convince Uhtred and his group to help them reclaim his fort from Britons.

BBC The Last Kingdom Aethelwold

Before Uhtred can answer, the King brings out his second Queen, Iseult (Charlie Murphy). Uhtred is enamored by her beauty. She studies his face and tells the King that he is the one. With the information, King Peredur agrees to give Uhtred 400 silver for his help. Uhtred learns about Iseult and her ability to see the future, as long as she remains a virgin. With that, they travel to the fort. Once they arrive, they discover that the King has lied and that the invaders are actually Danes. Uhtred speaks to their leader, Skorpa (Jonas Malmsjo). After a quick chat, Uhtred agrees to help the Danes kill the King and his men.

Charlie Murphy The Last Kingdom

Within a matter of moments, Aethelwold manages to get his first kill and the King’s men are defeated. The King is pressured into telling the Danes where his treasure is buried. Skorpa kills the King against Uhtred’s wishes. Asser manages to escape. With that, they return to the King’s castle and collect his treasure. Unfrotunately, Skorpa betrays Uhtred and his men. They tell Uhtred about a church being built near Cynuit and run off with the treasure, but leave Queen Iseult behind.

Aethelwold fights The Last Kingdom

Iseult instructs the group that the real treasure is hidden elsewhere. With her assistance, they collect a large treasure chest full of silver. Inside, Uhtred discovers a religious artifact and takes it as his own. Uhtred and Queen Iseult depart on their own and pay a visit to Bishop Alewold. Uhtred trades in the religious cross and gets his debt stricken. The Bishop also agrees to take care of the murder charge. Mildrith is angered, when Uhtred arrives home with the Queen. They argue, when Uhtred virtually ignores his son.

Actor Alexander Dreymon

Uhtred is enraged to learn that his son has been baptized against his wishes. Iseult uses her abilities and tells Mildrith that her time with Uhtred has come to and end. They argue a little, before Mildrith kicks them out into the barn. Uhtred and Iseult eat in the barn together and Uhtred insists he needs to get used to being without his son. He also admits he is out in the barn, because he chose to be with her. She agrees to be with him, until the very end. She also encourages him to go to the Witan and see Alfred.

Iseult and Uhtred The Last Kingdom

Meanwhile, Mildrith tells her maid, Edwina, that she is moving out and going to Odda’s residence, despite the debt being eliminated. In the morning, Iseult and Uhtred travel to Winchester. Uhtred arrives a little late and the interrogation begins. Uhtred is accused of taking some of Alfred’s men and traveling outside of the Kingdom to plunder. He also learns that Skorpa destroyed the church that Odda was building. Asser speaks against Uhtred, before Leofric is brought in as a prisoner.

The Last Kingdom Review

Again, Uhtred attempts to tell everyone about his heroic deed of slaying Ubba, but it doesn’t make a difference. Leofric manages to talk Alfred into a deal. Alfred agrees to allow Leofric and Uhtred to fight to the death. He insists God will determine the victor.


The Last Kingdom Review

Another intense and fun episode of The Last Kingdom. Uhtred and Leofric allowed their greed to get the better of them and it has ultimately backfired terribly. Queen Iseult’s words seem very prophetic, as she insists she will be with Uhtred, until the very end. With only 2 episodes remaining, Uhtred’s conquest is either going to end badly or a second season will follow.

All in all, another excellent episode. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Check out our previous The Last Kingdom recaps right now!

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