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The Last Kingdom Recap Episode 5

When the episode begins, a massive storm wrecks havoc on the ships and kills many of Guthrum’s men. Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) speaks to a local and learns that none of the Danes have washed up alive. Back in Wessex, Alfred (David Dawson) speaks to his men and plans their next move. He plans to go after Guthrum alone, while sending Odda the Elder (Simon Kunz) and Wulfhere (Sean Gilder) after Ubba (Rune Temte).

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Despite their initial hesitance, they gather their armies and head on their way. Meanwhile, Uhtred returns home and discovers his wife missing and his farmer sleeping with a harlot. He learns that Mildrith (Amy Wren) has been taken with Odda the Younger (Brian Vernel). Next, we zoom over to Cynuit Hill, where Odda, Leofric (Adrian Bower), Odda the Younger, and Wulfhere attempt to formulate a plan of attack. They concur that they will not last long, since their supplies are running low. They hope that Alfred will be able to defeat Guthrum quickly and join them.

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Meanwhile, Ubba enlists the help of his sorcerer, Storri (Henning Jakobsen), in coming up with an effective plan. Storri insists the ground should wait it out and allow the Saxons to weaken. Uhtred joins the group at Cynuit Hill and immediately threatens Odda the Younger. After a few intense seconds, Odda is released and Uhtred embraces Leofric. The Oddas demand answers and desire to know exactly how Uhtred managed to survive and escape. That night, Odda decides it will be best to wait as long as possible, in order to give Alfred time to join them.

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They agree to speak with Ubba and Uhtred manages to force his way into the negotiations. In the morning, they meet up with Ubba. Uhtred does his best to try and convince Ubba that the Gods are angry with him, since he has yet to avenge Earl Ragnar. After the conversation, Uhtred explains his reasoning to Odda and also offers up a proposition. Uhtred agrees to burn the ships, so they’ll be able to catch the Danes off guard. Odda agrees to attack, if Uhtred manages to pull it off. That night, Uhtred prepares some firebombs, before sneaking down to the Danes’ camp.

Odda The Elder

Odda the Elder suits up for battle, while his son attempts to convince him that attacking would be a disaster. Instead, he wants the men to flee back to Winchester. Leofric and Wulfhere confront Odda the Elder about their next step, but he refuses to give specifics. Uhtred manages to sneak into the base and set fire to the ships. The Oddas wait for the fire to become visible, while the Younger continues insisting they should flee. When the fire is visible, the Elder gives the order to attack. Uhtred gets trapped on the ground and is forced to do battle with Ubba.

The Last Kingdom Ubba vs Uhtred

Before the battle, Uhtred continues trying to convince Ubba that the Gods are angry with him. The battle is intense, but Uhtred managed to slay Ubba. The Saxons arrive in the nick of time and prevent him from being destroyed by the other Danes. In the morning, Leofric tells Uhtred he should return to Alfred and immediately tell him of his heroic actions. Uhtred insists he wishes to see Mildrith and his son first.Uhtred also tells Leofric to make sure Ubba is buried with his axe. Uhtred also visits Odda the Elder, who has been seriously injured. Odda tells Uhtred that he has served Alfred well.

The Last Kingdom Uhtred and Leofric

Uhtred rides on and returns to Mildrith. He finally sees his child for the first time and explains to Mildrith that Alfred owes him big now. Meanwhile, Odda the Young visits Alfred and gives him Ubba’s axe. He also takes full credit for saving Wessex. Uhtred returns to Winchester a few days later and Beocca (Ian Hart) is surprised to see him, since everything thought he was dead. This startles Uhtred and he immediately confronts Alfred in the chapel. He attempts to explain his bravery at Cynuit, but Alfred only grows angry.

The Last Kingdom Uhtred and Beocca

Uhtred winds up drawing his sword and gets himself into trouble. Aeslwith (Eliza Butterwoth) attempts to convince Alfred to give Uhtred death for his actions. While waiting to be sentenced, Uhtred argues with Mildrith about their Gods. Meanwhile, Wulfhere wakes Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) and tells him it is time to grovel. The pair meet up with Uhtred, who has been sentenced to the same punishment. Both are humiliated, as they’re forced to crawl through the streets dressed as women.

The Last Kingdom Aethelwold

Aethelwold takes the lead and manages to humiliate and ridicule Alfred for his infidelity in the process. After the humiliation has ended, Uhtred lashes out at everyone and tells Mildrith to be ready to leave in the morning. He also insists his son will never be baptized and will instead live as a Pagan. That night, Uhtred goes out drinking and meets up with Leofric. They contemplate their futures and Leofric considers plundering on their own in Cornwalum. Uhtred seems thoroughly interested in the suggestion.


The Last Kingdom Review

The 5th episode of the Last Kingdom was undoubtedly one of the best. It was filled with intense moments and a final showdown between Uhtred and Ubba. Uhtred has finally had enough and seems no longer willing to be pushed around by Alfred. Things should get very interesting from this point forward. Also, Aethelwold provided plenty of comedy for the episode. The punishment was sad for Uhtred, but at least Aethelwold made it laughable.

All in all, an excellent episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with our previous The Last Kingdom recaps now!

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