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The Last Kingdom Finale Recap

When the episode begins, Alfred (David Dawson) tells him men of his plan. After Alfred heads off, Beocca (Ian Hart) speaks to Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) in privacy. He insists the priest may change Alfred’s mind. Uhtred is adamant that won’t happen. He also suggests they need to get in touch with Odda the Younger (Brian Vernel) and take advantage of his army. Beocca agrees to do everything in his power to help, before insisting Uhtred’s father would be proud of him. Once Beocca leaves, Wulfhere (Sean Gilder) approaches Uhtred and questions whether or not the Danes can be defeated. He receives no answer.

The Last Kingdom Finale Recap

Back in Wessex, Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) speaks with Guthrum (Thomas Gabrielsson). Aethelwold tells the Dane about Alfred’s power, which comes from God. Guthrum attempts to convince Aethelwold to infiltrate Alfred’s camp and kill him. Meanwhile, Uhtred and Alfred’s army travels towards Uhtred’s farmland. Along the way, they run into Halig (Gerard Kearns), who informs them that Wulfhere has disappeared. Once they arrive at Uhtred’s family, they discover the place ransacked. Uhtred also finds his son’s burial plot.

Guthrum The Last Kingdom

Uhtred mourns his son’s death, digs him up and has him properly buried. Alfred begins constructing a collection of letters, which will go out to his men and seek their assistance in the fight. Queen Iseult (Charlie Murphy) apologizes to Uhtred and insists her actions saving Alfred’s son potentially led to the death of Uhtred’s son. She tells him she wants to lose her gift and the pair seemingly do the deed. During the night, Odda the Younger meets with Skorpa (Jonas Malmsjo) and attempts to negotiate. He implores Skorpa to meet him the following day for a feast, so they can speak further.

Uhtred and Iseult The Last Kingdom

After Uhtred finishes his business, Iseult tells him that his sister is still alive. She tells him that he needs to travel north, after the battle. Also, Asser (Nicholas Rowe) attempts to talk Alfred into straying from Uhtred’s lead. Beocca convinces him that he will keep Uhtred in line. In the morning, Alfred sends Halig, Asser and Hild (Eva Birthistle) to send out word about the battle. After that, they continue on to Odda’s place. Leofric (Adrian Bower) and Uhtred come across several men transporting horses away from Odda’s fort.

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Once they arrive, Leofric and Uhtred head inside alone. Although Alfred is supposed to stay behind, he heads inside after them moments later. Inside Odda’s place, we see Mildrith (Amy Wren) and his father, Odda the Elder (Simon Kunz). Aethelwold has also joined Odda. Leofric and Uhtred enter to speak with Odda. Immediately, Odda begins ridiculing Alfred, who appears in the crowd. When Odda the Elder sees Alfred, he makes a brave choice and kills his son. Alfred orders Odda to raise the army, but refuses to forgive Odda the Younger.

The Last Kingdom Odda and Mildrith

After that, Uhtred attempts to smooth things over with Mildrith, but fails. She insists she has found peace and he will be able to do the same. Before she leaves, she tells him to avoid her. The next day, Uhtred and the army leaves Odda’s fort. They run into Skorpa. Uhtred tells the Dane that the truce stands for today, but he will die tomorrow. He encourages Skorpa to enlist Guthrum’s help, before Skorpa rides off. Skorpa takes Uhtred advice and seeks out Guthrum. Guthrum seems hesitant about facing Alfred and his god, while Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) insists he will be able to face his brother.

The Last Kingdom Finale

Meanwhile, Alfred and his army makes it to the battlefield. Uhtred tells Alfred how to speak to the men and get them ready for the battle. They discover that the other men have yet to arrive. They decide to camp and wait it out. Leofric and the others question Aethelwold about his knife, which came from Guthrum. He plays it off and pretends to have killed a Dane. When given the opportunity, he approaches Alfred alone and prepares to unsheathe the knife. Once he gets a little closer, he puts it away and speaks to the King.

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Alfred listens and examines the scene. He insists the armies are out there. Moments later, his men emerge and join him. After that, Alfred fires up his men and tells them there will be no mercy. Uhtred tells Iseult to take his belongings and horse, if he falls, but she insists he will not. The battle begins and we see that Wulfhere has joined the Danes. Leofric screams and threatens him, before the Saxons perform their shield wall. Leofric manages to kill Wulfhere from behind the shields, but he is also stabbed in the neck and perishes.

the last kingdom battle scene

The Saxons manage to push the Danes backwards, but Skorpa and his men go around the war and target the defenseless. Skorpa immediately targets Iseult. He returns to the battle and shows Uhtred Iseult’s head. Beocca screams that Skorpa will die by his spear, before Uhtred rushes out, jumps over the enemy’s shields and attacks. Beocca tosses Uhtred his spear and Uhtred uses it to kill Skorpa. After this, the battle intensifies and everyone gets into the action, including Aethelwold, Halig and Hild.

The Last Kingdom Uhtred Skorpa

During the chaos, Ragnar is dropped to the ground and Uhtred saves him. Alfred enters the battle and calls for no mercy, before the battle ends. Aethelwold and Uhtred give Leofric a good burial, before Beocca tells Uhtred Iseult is ready for for burial. Uhtred tells him he wants her to have a pyre. Beocca agrees, before he tells Uhtred he is proud of him for sacrificing everything for Wessex. After Iseult’s body is burnt, we’re told about Alfred’s victory and the driving back of the Danes. Back in Wessex, Alfred tells Uhtred he is indebted to him.

The Last Kingdom BBC America Finale

Uhtred tells him there can be no negotiation only surrender. We see that Brida and Ragnar were taken as hostages and used to secure peace. Uhtred reunites with his brother, before Earl Guthrum is baptized by Beocca. Uhtred tells us that his journey continues. He heads north with Hild and Halig.


The Last Kingdom Finale Review

The finale of The Last Kingdom was thoroughly satisfying. Although Uhtred’s conclusion was nonexistent, nearly every storyline was wrapped up. King Alfred overcame the Danes and managed to get Guthrum to convert to Christianity. Odda the Younger finally got a fitting ending. Unfortunately, Leofric passed away, but the battle was very intense.

All in all, the episode was great and the series definitely warrants a second season. The Last Kingdom has been a thrill ride, with plenty of action and tons of comedy. It is undoubtedly one of the best action television shows of the year. Will there be The Last Kingdom Season 2? We can only cross our fingers and hope. There is definitely plenty to be seen and Uhtred’s story seems far from over. The finale deserves a 9 out of 10.

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