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The Last Kingdom Recap Episode 4

When the episode begins, Odda the Younger (Brian Vernel) confronts Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) about his intentions of marrying Mildrith (Amy Wren). Despite Odda’s concerns, Uhtred has no desire to back out. Uhtred returns to Wessex and speaks with Leofric (Adrian Bower) about the 33 pieces, which is gave to Odda the Elder (Simon Kunz) for his new bride. Soon after, the ceremony begins and Uhtred is thoroughly impressed with his new bride’s appearance.

Odda The Younger The Last Kingdom

After the ceremony has concluded, Uhtred, Leofric and the new bride head towards their new homestead. On the way, they come across some Dane, but remain untouched. Back in Wessex, Odda the Elder speaks to Alfred (David Dawson) about his concerns, but receives no comfort in Alfred’s words. Meanwhile, Uhtred learns about Mildrith’s father and his massive debt, which is now Uhtred’s. Once they finally arrive, Leofric attempts to calm Uhtred down and convince him to obey Alfred and pay off his debts, but Uhtred is angry and takes it out on Mildrith.

Mildrith The Last Kingdom

Uhtred learns that Mildrith only received 18 silver for the transaction. This angers Uhtred more and he vows to get the money back. After he takes a nap, he returns to Mildrith and smooths things over. Afterwards we flash forward a bit and discover that Mildrith is pregnant. Uhtred and the others watch the Danes cross through the valley. Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann) and Brida (Emily Cox) stare at the group from afar, as they plan for their next attack. Uhtred and the others quickly return to Wessex to inform Alfred about the situation.

The Last Kingdom Leofric

After a little squabbling back and forth, Alfred agrees they need to move at once. Uhtred confronts Odda the Elder about the 33 silvers. The Elder forces his son to give up the remainder of the money. After that, the Mildrith prays in the template and receives a visit from Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth). Aelswith apologizes for Mildrith’s situation and insists Uhtred won’t live much longer anyway. Outside of the overrun fort, Uhtred confronts Alfred about the debt. Alfred blows it off and tells Uhtred about Ubba’s brother, Ivar, who has been slain. He confirms that Ubba intends to avenge his brother’s death personally, by taking it out on England.

The Last Kingdom Ragnar

Inside, Ragnar and Guthrum (Thomas Gabrielsson) plan their next move. Guthrum admits they’re in trouble, unless Ubba returns quickly. Outside, Alfred and the others prepare to speak with Guthrum. They offer the Danes food and silver to leave, but the offer is refused. Alfred returns to Uhtred with a new plan. He intends to send in several hostages in exchange for Danes. He wishes for Uhtred to go inside and act as a spy, so he can inform them, when Ubba is going to return. Alfred also sends in Father Selbix (Lorcan Cranitch), despite his concerns. Alfred believes the priest can convert Guthrum to Christianity and win the war.

The Last Kingdom Episode 4

Uhtred and the others are harassed as soon as they enter the fort. Of course, he soon joins up with Ragnar and Brida. Brida tells Uhtred that she and Ragnar are now together. He does the same and explains his own situation. They party throughout the night. Uhtred explains his objective to Brida and she insists Alfred will betray him. Despite her attempts to convince him to rejoin Ragnar, Uhtred refuses. Ragnar argues with Uhtred and insists he decided to become a Saxon and turned away from the Danes. Back in Wessex, Mildrith gives birth. In the morning, Uhtred speaks to Father Selbix, who insists things are going well with Guthrum.

BBC The Last Kingdom Uhtred and Brida

The priest returns to Guthrum and speaks to him more about God. In the middle of their conversation, a Dane enters and explains that Ubba has arrived. Uhtred overhears the conversation and also witnesses Father Selbix being murdered. With that, Uhtred is forced to attempt to escape the fort, but winds up cornered. With the help of Ragnar and Brida, he manages to escape, climb up the hill and light the fire to warn Alfred.


The Last Kingdom Review

The Last Kingdom moves at an excellent pace from episode to episode and never manages to bore. Although there are time jumps, they’re easily understandable and do not confuse the viewer. Uhtred has now alerted Alfred to Ubba’s return and his actions should sway the battle in the favor of the Saxons, but will his good deed be rewarded? Or, will Alfred continue using Uhtred without regard?

All in all, a good episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous episodes of The Last Kingdom now!

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