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The Knick Season 2 Finale Recap

When the finale begins, we see Tom Cleary (Chris Sullivan) rushing around in his ambulance. Once arriving at his destination, he discovers Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen) lying on the ground in pain. Thackery demands to be taken to Mt. Sinai, before Jimmy (Happy Anderson) pays a visit to Herman (Jeremy Bobb). Jimmy congratulates Herman on setting the hospital on fire. Herman seems startled by the accusations and is adamant that he had nothing to do with it. At Mt. Sinai, Dr. Levi Zinberg (Michael Nathanson) tells a handful of other doctors about Thackery’s condition. Zinberg orders a resecting and anesthesia, but Thackery refuses the latter. He insists he wants to utilize his spinal block instead. Zinberg refuses and suggests that the technique is simply too risky.

the knick season 2 finale

Meanwhile, Cleary and Harriet (Cara Seymour) package up more condoms. It seems the business has been immensely successful thus far. Next, Henry Robertson (Charles Aitken) and Lucy Elkins (Eve Hewson) discuss their future together. Henry admits he is taking his mom back to their house in Newport, after the funeral. He invites Lucy to spend the summer in the guesthouse, but she doesn’t seem interested. Next, the funeral is held and Herman arrives with his new lady, Junia (Rachel Korine). When Herman and Junia exit the funeral, they’re confronted by an inspector. The inspector, Detective Tuggle (Joe Hansard), seems to allude to Herman being responsible for the fire.

the knick season 2 finale henry and lucy

Back inside, Dr. Algernon (Andre Holland) is confronted by his father, Jesse (Leon Addison Brown), who questions him about his eye. Algie admits that he got into a fight, which was inevitable. Jesse tells Algie about the captain and the many opportunities he provided to him. When asked why he is so angry, Algie insists he is angry for his father. He speaks about his father intelligence and insists he should’ve been something great and not a coachman. Jesse admits, if he hadn’t turned to God, he wouldn’t be here and neither would Algernon. Next, Cleary arrives home to be confronted by an angry Harriet. She immediately asks him where the money has gone.

Harriet and Cleary The Knick Season 2 Finale

Cleary admits he took the money and made an investment. He drops to his knee, pulls out a ring and attempts to propose to Harriet. Unsatisfied with the decision, Harriet rushes out. At the Knick, Thackery prepares for the upcoming surgery with the help of Everett and Bertie. He admits he will be performing the surgery on himself. Thackery seems adamant about putting a stop to the use of Ether and anesthesia. He seems unfazed by the fact that he’ll need to perform the surgery with the help of a mirror, which will make everything backwards. Next, Herman meets with Henry and confirms he has a new list of contractors ready to go on the new hospital.

The knick season 2 finale bertie and everett

He is disappointed to find out that Henry has no intention of constructing another new hospital. In fact, Henry reveals he has already met with the insurance company, has settled and plans to pay back the donors. He also tells Mr. Havershorn (Frank Wood) that he may as well go ahead and sell the land to someone else. Mrs. Haverson admits he will have no choice, but to sell to Mt. Sinai. Herman turns to Thackery and attempts to convince him that they can rebuild the new hospital on his reputation. Thackery doesn’t seem to care in the least. Next, Cornelia and Phillip (Tom Lipinski) speak about their next move. Cornelia (Juliet Rylance) agrees to relocate to New York with Phillip.

Cornelia Robertson The Knick Finale

During the conversation, she learns that Henry has been in control of the boats and shipping for an extensive period of time. Next, Herman gets a visit from the detective, while in the Metropolitan Club’s bathroom. The pair argue and Herman maintains his innocence. Herman threatens the detective and sends him on his way. Next, Cornelia pays a visit to her brother and asks him about his evil deeds. He admits he is responsible for everything, including the spread of the plague and his father’s death. Cornelia threatens to expose him, but Henry turns it around and places the blame on his sister. He also threatens her and insists she will go with Phillip and mind her own business.

the knick finale cornelia and henry

Lucy arrives, as Cornelia begins to make her exit. Henry tells Cornelia that he wants all of the family to come up for Independence Day. Next, Herman tells Junia about all of his troubles. He frightens her, when he tells her that the house could be taken by the authorities. He attempts to convince her to take a loan out on the house for his defense, if anything happens to him. Unfortunately, Junia seems too simpleminded to pull it off and she says as much. Next, Cleary visits the church and confesses all of his sins. He admits to initially setting up Harriet and getting her arrested. He reveals that he did it, so she would have no one to turn to aside from him. He also suggests that things got out of hand, but he managed to save her from punishment. Cleary admits he is confessing, so God will allow Harriet to be with him.

the knick season 2 finale review

Next, Cornelia purchases a ticket to Australia. Afterwards, Herman hands over some documents to Junia, which will put the house and his money into her possession. At the Knick, Thackery continues attempting to operate backwards to prepare. Cleary finally gets what he wants, when Harriet begins wearing his ring. At the Metropolitan Club, Detective Tuggle confronts Herman and apologizes for his behavior. He also reveals that the fire is being classified as an accident. Once the detective departs, the other men comment about the sores on Herman’s hands. It appears he is suffering from some type of disease, which is probably syphilis, and admits he’ll have one of the doctors check it out.

The Knick Finale Herman's Hands

Next, Dr. Everett Gallinger (Eric Johnson) receives an offer to head to Germany and begin spread the word about eugenics. He remains hesitant, but asks if he can begin a companion along. Afterwards, Bertie and Bertie wash and prepare for the surgery. Thackery begins to freak out, but has no one to call, with Abigail gone. Instead, he breaks into the drug supply and injects some cocaine, before joining the others in the operating theater. Thackery begins operating on himself and everything seems to be going fine for awhile. Unfortunately, he slips and cuts his abdominal aorta. Still, he refuses assistance and slowly begins to lose consciousness. Before losing consciousness, he admits this is all we are.

the knick season 2 finale doctor thackery self operation

Algie jumps in and begins to help, while Bertie (Michael Angarano) runs out and grabs the adrenaline. He rushes in, fills a needle and jams it into Thackery’s chest. The scene flashes forward and see the operating theater empty. Afterwards, Algernon sits in Thackery’s office and reads Abigail’s dairy. He meets with Henry and tells him what he wants to do with his inheritance. Algie admits he needs to find a new vocation, due to the condition of his eye. Henry asks about the number of patients left on the ward and Algie admits it was classified as a failed experiment. Next, we see Cornelia leaving New York on a boat. At the end of the episode, Algie meets with Mr. Dominczyk (Eugene Poznyak) and continues the therapy that he started with Abigail.

the knick season 2 finale

The Knick Finale Review

The finale was definitely satisfying and will serve as a good ending point, if the series is not continued. However, we can only hope that Cinemax grants us with at least one additional season. The series could easily be expanded and drug out further. Is Dr. Thackery dead? Will Cornelia be able to survive in Australia? Is Dr. Everett going to travel the world and preach eugenics? Will he head to Germany and ignite the era of the Nazis? That seems like another show in itself. Will Junia drain Herman dry?

If the series ends here, the finale was bleak, but satisfying. Will there be a 3rd season of The Knick? Christmas is just 5 days away, so we may get lucky! We can only cross our fingers and hope. Until we find out, the finale deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of The Knick right now!

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