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The Knick Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

When the 8th episode opens, we witness Wendell go nuts, consume a bunch of drugs and kill himself. Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen) isn’t too worried or distraught over his death. Dr. Gallinger (Eric Johnson) spends the night with Eleanor (Maya Kazan). She informs him she believes she is ready to start a family once more. Back at the Knick, Dr. Bertie Chickering (Michael Angarano) shows Thackery his new discovery, which revives a bunny. Thackery’s excitement is halted, with the arrival of Lester Brockhurst (Frederick Weller), who is wielding a gun.

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Thackery manages to distract Brockhurst, so Cleary (Chris Sullivan) can sneak up behind him and put him out of commission. Afterwards, Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) pays a visit to Ping Wu (Perry Yung) and pays off Junia’s (Rachel Korine) debt. Meanwhile, Dorothy Walcott (Annabelle Attanasio), Eleanor and Everett share a chat. Eleanor contemplates selling the house and buying something bigger to better accommodate their future children. A detective, Frank Moorhouse (Tom Brangle), pays the family a visit and begins asking questions about Doctor Cotton.

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Everett and Eleanor head into the kitchen to get tea. In privacy, Eleanor confirms that she killed Dr. Cotton. She also seems more than willing to put the detective out of his misery. The detective drinks the tea, without consequences. Back at the Knick, Thackery speaks with the addiction ward’s last resident, Mr. Dominczyk (Eugene Poznyak). The pair speaks about Thackery and his ability to break free of addiction thanks to Abigail. Thackery agrees to get Abi to speak with Dominczyk, as well. Meanwhile, Cleary and Harriet (Cara Seymour) get their business underway. Harriet produces the condoms and Cleary gives them a test run.

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Meanwhile, Barrow and the other hospital board members invite in a new contractor, Raphael Warren (Ken Barnett). After the meeting, Herman learns that the club has agreed to accept his membership. Unfortunately, he has no money and is required to pay $2,000 to get in. Despite the fact, he insists he’ll be able to get the money together. Next, Thackery receives a visit from Amy O’Connor (Makenzie Leigh), from the season’s first episode. Her nose surgery has gone awry and Thackery agrees to fix the problem, without a fee.

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After she departs, Thackery’s stomach pains return. Dr. Algernon (Andre Holland) offers his assistance, but Thackery refuses. Next, Herman Barrow manages to sell off his home. Thackery invites Abigail (Jennifer Ferrin) to the hospital and tells her about the nose surgery. He reveals his intention to utilize the celluloid, during the operation. He also asks Abigail, if she would be willing to speak with the hospital’s last addict. Despite some reservations, she agrees. Next, Effie Barrow (Molly Price) receives a phone call and learns about Herman purchasing a new home.

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Outside of the hospital, Henry (Charles Aitken) speaks to Lucy (Eve Hewson) about pearls. Cornelia (Juliet Rylance) arrives and interrupts their conversation. After Lucy heads back to work, Cornelia and Henry go on their way. We see that Cornelia is still being followed by the stranger. After the pair go to a restaurant, Cornelia provides Henry with the evidence against their father. She insists he is responsible for spreading the plague and potentially killing the inspector. After the conversation ends, Everett takes drastic action and drops off his wife at another hospital.

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Back at the hospital, Lucy Elkins speaks to another nurse, who is concerned about not receiving a spot at the new Knick. The other nurse also mentions Henry’s attraction to some of the nurses. After the conversation, Lucy receives a phone call about her father. She heads to his location and discovers that he was suffered from a stroke. He is transported back to the Knick and given a bed. That night, Everett tells Dorothy she can stay the night. The pair begin flirting with one another. Meanwhile, Cleary and Harriet head to the Chamber of Horrors.

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Cleary tells Harriet that she needs to believe living life to the fullest and get over her troubles. After they begin having a good time, Cleary expresses his true feelings for her and attempts to give her a kiss. Unfortunately, Harriet is having none of it and rushes off angrily. That night, Algie sneaks into Everett’s office and breaks into his desk. He obtains information regarding Everett’s castrations. He takes the information to Thackery, who doesn’t seem to care, since nothing took place at The Knick. Afterwards, Abigail sits down and speaks with Mr. Dominczyk.

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Abi and Thackery learn that Dominczyk’s mother used to give him alcohol, as a baby. Afterwards, we switch to the Barrow house and see the aftermath of Effie learning about Herman’s decision. The next day, he picks up his new girl. Also, Abigail consumes some Laudanum, before the surgery. When Abigail is put under, she has a reaction. Despite their efforts to save her, Abigail passes away. Dorothy enters Everett’s room half naked and asks, if he still wants her to leave. He admits he does not.


The Knick Review

The 8th episode of the Knick was very good and really moved things forward. Thackery experienced a major loss, with the death of Abigail. Will he now spiral out of control and begin consuming drugs once more? Also, Everett was forced to take drastic action to prevent his wife from hurting him or someone else. Of course, Algie’s discovery and Everett’s own behavior may prove to be his downfall.

All in all, the episode was great and deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous episode recaps of the The Knick right now!

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