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The Knick Recap Season 2 Episode 7

When the 7th episode of The Knick opens, we see Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen) and Dr. Algernon Edwards (Andre Holland) hypnotizing Wendell (Zachary Phillips). This time, the hypnosis works and Wendell throws up, as soon as he sees alcohol. Garrison Carr (Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine) arrives at the hospital for his hernia surgery. Of course, his surgery isn’t scheduled and the situation turns into a dilemma for Algie. Next, Genevieve (Arielle Goldman) and Bertie (Michael Angarano) finally sleep with one another, in between laughs.

the knick recap season 2 episode 7

Lucy Elkins (Eve Hewson) pays a visit to Ping Wu (Perry Yung) and provides him with a delicious toe. After the encounter, she receives her dress for the ball. Nurse Baker (Ylfa Edelstein) is thoroughly impressed. Herman (Jeremy Bobb) is confronted by the construction contractor, who reveals he is raising the price by a dollar an hour. Back at the Knick, Garrison Carr asks Dr. Everett Gallinger (Eric Johnson) for assistance, but Everett refuses to help. Meanwhile, Thackery continues experimenting with drugs and drinks turpentine to quell his stomach aches.

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He is interrupted by an angry Everett. With the information, Thackery confronts Algie. They argue over Carr’s presence and Thackery insists Algie is on his own. Cornelia Robertson (Juliet Rylance) visits an inspector at the pier. She learns that her family’s boats are used to bring in many immigrants. Back at The Knick, Thackery has a meeting with all of the doctors and nurses. He preps them for the upcoming surgery, which will separate the conjoined twins. Next, we see that Sister Harriet (Cara Seymour) has moved in with Cleary (Chris Sullivan). After a brief chat, the pair agree to go to church together.

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The night, Thackery and Abigail sleep together. Thackery gets up in the middle of the night and visits Sonya Smyslov’s tombstone. He is approached by a groundskeeper, who admires the size and value of the gravestone. Thackery admits the cost of the tombstone was even higher. Afterwards, he returns to the Knick and prepares. Bertie asks him, if he would like to postpone, but Thackery insists he is ready to go. He returns to his office and freaks out. He prevents himself from using drugs and regains his confidence with a phone call to Abigail (Jennifer Ferrin).

series 2 episode 7 the knick

The surgery begins and the entire thing is filled. Genevieve also logs everything. After it is successfully finished, Thackery walks everyone through the surgery and uses the film to do it. He speaks with the man in charged with the film and learns about the material, which is celluloid. Back at the Showalter house, Hobart (Gary Simpson) ridicules Cornelia for neglecting the family and his son. She immediately goes to Phillip (Tom Lipinski) and tells him about the event. He insists they cannot make Hobart angry, since he is the main investor in the Robertson’s shipping business.

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Afterwards, Sister Harriet meets with a group of women and tells them how to create their own condoms. Cleary enters and overhears the conversation. When the women leave, Cleary imagines a new business opportunity. Despite a few concerns, Sister Harriet seems interested. At the ball, Herman meets with the other board members and is told to get rid of the contractor. Captain August Robertson (Grainger Hines) meets with Hobart and his family. During the conversation, Phillip praises Cornelia and attempts to show her in a better light. Henry (Charles Aitken) arrives with Lucy. She immediately bosses him around and sends him after a drink.

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Henry proceeds and speaks to Phillip about the kerosene problems. Meanwhile, Cornelia speaks to Lucy alone. Cornelia attempts to convince Lucy that things will end badly with her brother, but Lucy is having none of it. Thackery and Abigail enter together and Abigail insists she doesn’t care about her appearance, as long as they’re together. The pair meets with Algie and Opal. Next, Effie Barrow (Molly Price) takes the stage, gives a toast and introduces the night’s entertainment, the Two Real Coons, Williams and Walker.

the knick blackface williams and walker

During the event, Everett sneaks into Carr’s rooms and messes with the medication. After the event ends, Algie and Opal speaks with August Robertson. They learn that Algie’s place at the new Knick hasn’t been secured. At the same time, Abigail tells Thackery she would like to have her nose fixed a little better. Later that night, Lucy takes Henry home and gives him the time of his life. In the morning, Herman and Jimmy (Happy Anderson) get rid of the construction contractor for good. Back at the Knick, Algie begins his surgery.

garrison carr surgery the knick When Algie administer the medication, Carr begins to smother. Everett rushes in and saves the day. Algie begins to grow suspicious of Everett and his timing. Genevieve watches and documents the entire surgery. After it has concluded, Algies continues questioning how things could’ve gone so wrong. He is comforted by Opal, who insists they’ll have better days.

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The Knick Review

The 7th episode of The Knick was excellent. It focused entirely on the story and everything that truly matters. We saw the weakness of Thackery, without his drugs. Still, he managed to pull through and pull off a successful surgery with encouragement from Abigail. At the same time, Everett finally made his move and potentially destroyed Algie’s credibility.

All in all, the episode was great and quite possibly one of the best of the season. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous episodes of The Knick right now!

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