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The Knick Recap Season 2 Episode 5

When the 5th episode opens, Abigail (Jennifer Ferrin) leaves the hospital with Dr. Thackery’s (Clive Owen) help. He tells her he’ll visit her place and check on her later. Back in his office, Thackery receives a visit from Lucy Elkins (Eve Hewson). She inspects his body, before we jump to the observation room. Thackery performs an experimentation and shows the audience how the brain behaves, when the patient is given morphine. Thackery discovers which portion of the brain reacts to the morphine.

the knick recap season 2 episode 5

At the fallen lady’s home, Sister Harriet (Cara Seymour) attempts to help a younger colleague. The nun interrupts and exposes Harriet’s history, before telling the others not to speak to her. Afterwards, Henry Robertson (Charles Aitken) shows off his camera work and Nurse Daisy Ryan’s (Emily Kinney) body to his friends. Next, Dr. Bertie (Michael Angarano) and Dr. Algernon (Andre Holland) hit the bar. They speak about the condition of Bertie’s mother. Algie reveals there was a recent study associated with the use of radiation for healing cancer. Algie agrees to translate the document, if Bertie can obtain it.

the knick bertie and algie

With Genevieve’s (Arielle Goldman) help, Bertie manages to obtain the document, as well as one regarding adrenaline. At the hospital, Henry learns about a terrible explosion at the subway construction site. Patients immediately begin pouring in The Knick. Thackery quickly takes charge and send Everett (Eric Johnson) to begin helping the patients. He sends Algie with him. Lucy Elkins is given the task of sorting through the patients and getting them inside. Tom Cleary (Chris Sullivan) continues hauling in more patients. Nurse Elkins proves her worth, as she takes charges and dishes out orders to the other nurses.

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Henry calls in the off-duty nurses and makes arrangements for all patients to be treated. Back outside, Cleary makes a deal with another ambulance driver and sets himself up to make a good haul. Back inside, Nurse Daisy and Thackery utilize a telephone to detect metal inside of a patient’s body. During the chaos, Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) speaks with Henry and asks how much they should charge the subway construction company. In order to save his own investment, Henry insists they’ll perform the work for free.

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Later that night, Cleary speaks with Herman and attempts to collect his haul. He is disappointed, when he learns about Henry’s decision that nobody will profit from the disaster. Afterwards, Thackery pays a visit to Abigail. Abi explains she has been having a difficult time sleeping, so the Doctor gives her a remedy. Thackery prepares to snort coke in front of Abigail, but she forces him to put it away. Next, we switch to the Chickering household. Bertie speaks to his father Bertram (Reg Rogers) about the potential cure and Bertram agrees they should give it a shot. The next day, Henry meets with his father, August Robertson (Grainger Hines).

The Knick August Robertson

Captain Robertson immediately speaks about the subway explosion and ridicules his son’s decision to try and invest in the business. They speak about their current businesses and the future doesn’t sound good. We flashback to Abigail’s house and see Thackery gives Abi a kiss on the way out. She seems a little taken back by Thackery’s move. Back at the hospital, Nurse Elkins inspects Lin-Lin (Ying Ying Li) for STDs. She discovers none, but receives information from Lin-Lin about the control he has over her male clients.

nurse elkins and lin-lin the knick

Afterwards, Henry meets with Lucy in the surgery room and manages to secure a dinner date with her. Bertie takes his reports to Dr. Levi Zinberg, who insists he’ll read the adrenaline report over the weekend. He suggests they hold off on the cancer treatment for the time being. At the subway construction site, Henry learns that the company is planning on pinning the responsibility on one of the deceased individuals. They decide they need $1 million and Henry agrees to help. Cornelia (Juliet Rylance) takes the evidence she found in the previous episode to the police station. It turns out the evidence is a second-class ticket on the Ardelthen out of Rotterdam.

Cornelia Robertson The Knick

She reveals that the ticket was purchased by someone with the surname of Petrizzi. The detective provides her with the Inspector’s notebook. Within the book, Cornelia discovers information about the bubonic plague. Back at the Knick, Everett and Algie argue about race and eugenics, before Thackery shuts them up. He is far too interested in attempting to remove the portion of the brain, which is responsible for addiction. Henry and Lucy go on their date. Herman sends his children to bed, before his wife, Effie (Molly Price) attempts to propositions him for sex.

the knick herman barrow's wife

Herman seems repulsed by the idea. He immediately leaves and insists he has a business appointment. Meanwhile, Algie and Opal visit a church, where the priest speaks about racism. At the same time, Everett is introduced to Mr. Samuel Reid (Thomas Kopache). Everett is asked whether or not Samuel should sterilize the boys at his hospital. Afterwards, Bertie and Genevieve have dinner with Bertie’s family. Genevieve spends time with Bertie’s mother, Anne (Linda Emond), afterwards. Anne admits she doesn’t know how the family will make it, after she is gone. Genevieve calms her nerves and insists they’ll be able to make it with a little help.

the knick genevieve's purse

Afterwards, Henry takes Nurse Elkins home. Herman returns to Ping Wu (Perry Yung) and pays off his debt. Of course, he gets himself back in debt, by negotiating for Junia’s release. Back at the Knick, Thackery revisits the earlier patient and cuts into his scalp once more. He cuts out the portion of the brain, which interacted with the morphine. Meanwhile, Herman begins examining potential homes for himself and Junia. At the hospital, the morphine addict, Mr. Carton, seems to have lost control of his body. Nothing Thackery does is able to wake him up. At the same time, Samuel Reid begins sterilizing some of his patients, with the help of Everett.


The Knick Season 2 Episode 5 Review

The Knick’s Whiplash episode was excellent in all regards. There were a few annoying scenes, but Thackery managed to stop the petty bickering and get the doctor’s back to the operating table. Now, we can start to see what will be the major conflicts of this season. Bertie will need to save his mother or at least make an attempt to do so. Dr. Everett will try to sterilize the entire immigrant population and Thackery will continue seeking a remedy for addiction.

All in all, Whiplash was a great episode and likely one of the best of the season. It deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of The Knick right now!

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