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The Knick Recap Season 2 Episode 3

When the episode opens, we see that Bertie (Michael Angarano) has moved on to Mount Sinai Hospital. He introduces himself to the other doctors and immediately informs them he is not a Jew. Once the formal introduction has concluded, he meets the author of the asylum newspaper article, Genevieve (Arielle Goldman), and manages to secure a date with her. Meanwhile, Dr. Edwards (Andre Holland) attempts to convince Cornelia Robertson (Juliet Rylance) that she should leave the Inspector’s death to the inspectors. The pair share a sloppy kiss, before Edward stops it and insists they cannot do that here.

The Knick TV Series Recap

Next, Dr. Everett (Eric Johnson) returns home with his wife, Eleanor (Maya Kazan). We see that Eleanor has gotten herself a new set of teeth. After Eleanor puts herself to bed, Dorothy Walcott (Annabelle Attanasio) tells Everett what the locals are saying about his wife. She admits everyone is calling Eleanor a baby killer. At the Knick, Nurse Elkins (Eve Hewson) runs into Henry Robertson (Charles Aitken). Henry attempts to talk himself into a date with the Nurse, but fails, because he is unholy.

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Next, Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen) meets with the family of an overdose victim. He manages to talk the couple into allowing him to experiment on her body. Cornelia and Tom Cleary (Chris Sullivan) meets with Sister Harriet’s (Cara Seymour) attorney. They are told to hurry up and get the money or the attorney will be gone, after the upcoming hearing. During the hearing, the judge belittles Harriet and refuses to drop the charges. Back at the Gallinger house, Eleanor tells her husband that she is no longer worthy of being bragged about. Everett comforts her and insists she will always be special to him.

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She seems to have lost her nerve, so Everett attends the party on his own. Not much happens there, aside from a little racist and anti-SemiticĀ chatter. Next, Lucy’s father preaches to a congregation. Lucy stands up and confesses her sins. Afterwards, Bertie and Genevieve head out together. They chat about the Jews and mumble a little, but nothing important happens. Meanwhile, Cornelia has sex with Phillip (Tom Lipinski). She tells him about her desire to help Sister Harriet, but he gets angry and tells her the idea is stupid. Thackery heads to the club and meets with Cate once more.

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Afterwards, Thackery pays a visit to Abby. While there, he leaves about her problems and pains. She admits she didn’t visit him, since she knew there was no cure. Back at home, Lucy’s father collects his plunder, while she insists she felt forgiveness, at the church. The pair argue, before daddy beats Lucy to death. Back at Mount Sinai Hospital, Bertie and a friend perform tests. They also speak about Genevieve. Bertie learns about a nearby brother, but he doesn’t seem interested in taking his friend up on the offer.

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Next, Henry hands over his money and becomes a partner in the subway. He admits his father doesn’t know about it. Afterwards, Algie and Everett perform a surgery together. Algie gives orders, which Everett doesn’t like. Despite his concerns, Everett performs the surgery, as ordered. Thackery enters later and asks Algie got his help. Everett doesn’t like this and takes it as a betrayal. Thackery tells Everett he needs to prove himself worthy. After Thackery meets with Algie, the pair speaks about Thackery’s intention to use heat to treat syphilis.

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Thackery insists he needs to find a treatment for Abby. Despite some initial concerns, Algie agrees to help and the pair admits they need a pig to begin experimentations. Next, Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) meets with the new hospital’s manager and tells him to slow down the process. When he attempts to leave, he is confronted by Jimmy (Happy Anderson), who seems interested in swindling money out of him. Afterwards, Cornelia visits the hospital and leaves a note for Algie. Cleary visits the hospital and manages to get his hands on some of the drugs.

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Next, Doctor Mays (Ben Livingston) pays a visit to Herman and tells him he has managed to get him into his private club. That night, Herman hits the bar and meets with his favorite prostitute, Junia (Rachel Korine). Unfortunately, Junia ignores him. Eventually, Harman manages to get her attention and drags her into a private room. There, she admits she wants to be with him and Herman seems willing to take her up on the offer. Back at the wrestling ring, Cleary gives Otto some drugs, before the match. Otto manages to pin his opponent, before he drops dead.

the knick otto wrestler

Back at the Knick, Algie and Thackery raise the temperature of the pig to 105. Moments later, Cleary brings in a body and hands it over to Thackery. Edwards receives a phone call and rushes home. When he arrives, he discovers his wife, Opal (Zaraah Abrahams) speaking to his parents. He tells his parents he wants nothing to do with her, but she seems destined to stay.


The Knick Season 2 Episode 3 Review

This episode was a double edged sword and the beginning half was near horrendous. The episode spent a good thirty minutes dwindling on social justice issues and anti-Semitic propaganda. The situation only worsened, when Lucy and her father were thrown into the picture. Their interactions and scenes are ludicrous and downright terrible. At this point, Lucy’s character has no purpose and adds nothing to the show.

Finally, the show picked up midway through. When the series stops trying to deliver social justice, it does itself plenty of favors. The interactions between Thackery and Edwards are great and Bertie remains an intriguing character. All in all, the episode was decent, but it could’ve been much better. A 7 out of 10 is probably generous. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of The Knick right now!

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