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The Kettering Incident Recap Episode 6

At the beginning of the 6th episode, Anna is seen running through the woods. She is chasing after Gillian, while having flashbacks of her mother along the way. We also see an awkward upside down triangle on several trees. Eventually, she finds Gillian sitting in a chair. When she turns around, we see Gillian is wearing the night vision goggles. Anna runs in the other direction and stops near the Sullivan house. It appears she is surrounded by unknown individuals. Seconds later, Anna stumbles upon Chloe’s abandoned truck. It is located inside of a drained out dam. Next, Fergus tells his bosses about Dutch. Unfortunately, they basically blow him off an encourage him to remain quiet.

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Meanwhile, Roy speaks with his pigeons. He lets them out of their cage and they fly away. Max speaks with a friend about someone attempting to buy the wood mill. He admits the facility hasn’t generated a profit for over 5 years and will likely be shut down by the new owner. He runs the guy off, before we jump back to Anna. She looks through an empty building and finds a good with a red ribbon on it. She ventures inside and finds a room full of blood. Deb speaks with Roy at the club. They scour through the delivered edibles only to discover that they have ruined. Fergus speaks with Dutch at the police station. They contemplate whether or not Travis could be responsible for Chloe’s murder. Then, they consider a logger or an activist.

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In the middle of their conversation, Dutch (Henry Nixon) pulls Chloe’s shirt out of his locker and throws it in Fergus’ direction. Fergus throws it back, after getting a phone call from Anna (Elizabeth Debicki). He meets up with her moments later and they chat about Chloe’s truck. She walks him to the potential murder scene. Anna admits to visiting Mother Sullivan’s Ridge the day after the party. This makes Fergus suspicious. She insists she remained quiet, because she would be blamed for the crime. Fergus prepares to call in the information, before Anna spots something running through the woods and gives chase. Anna chases the figure back into the home only to discover it is her mother, Wendy (Sarah Wood). Wendy recites a poem, but makes very little sense otherwise. Fergus enters and questions how Wendy got there, before they prepare to leave. Dutch arrives just in time.

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Dutch learns about the situation, before giving Anna keys to his vehicle. Anna takes her mother back to the hospital, while Fergus shows Dutch around the scene. Dutch is given privacy, when searching Chloe’s truck. He finds a message from Max Holloway to Jack Steadman and a packet of drugs, which he pockets. The note mentions Max’s intention to begin harvesting the southern end of the forest on Monday. Afterwards, Dutch and Fergus agree to collect tire marks. Anna makes it to the hospital and Doctor McKenzie (Kris McQuade) on the scene. She consults with the doctor and learns that she volunteers at the facility from time to time. She admits to visiting Wendy frequently. Anna attempts to get info into why McKenzie had her admitted to the hospital, but the doctor refuses to crack. Anna returns to her mother’s room and argues with the doctor about her mother’s blood type. She insists her mother is type O, while the doctor attempts to give her mother AB blood. He agrees to check one more.

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Next, Barb (Sacha Horler) pays a visit to Renae (Suzi Dougherty) and asks about Travis. Renae admits she doesn’t know where he is and that Travis never talked about Chloe. They eventually argue about their situations. Renae insists Barb never liked seeing her happy, which is why she doesn’t like Travis. They embrace. Eliza (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) and Dane (Dylan Young) stroll down the railroad tracks, while talking about the twin moons. Dane insists it is just a trick, before both admit to missing Chloe. Dane departs with haste, so he can make it to work in time. Eliza asks for a hug, so she won’t disappear. Dane obliges. Back at the hospital, the doctor admits his tests have confirmed her mother’s blood to be AB. Roy catches Anna leaving and they chat briefly. Max (Damien Garvey) and Barb are brought into the police station. They’re updated about the case.

ezlia and dane kettering incidentBarb admits Chloe used to go up there from time to time with the UFO group. They learn that it was Chloe, who was tipping off the Greenies. Barb insists Lofty (Nathan Spencer) wouldn’t hurt Chloe, while Max is forced to defend himself. Renae heads to her dancing studio only to find her students are nowhere to be found. However, she does find a strange big on her piano. Renae heads to the club and speaks with Deb Russell (Alison Whyte), who admits she won’t let the kids out, until the murderer is caught. Next, Sandra Hull (Katie Robertson) heads to the police station and finds graffiti on the wall. It claims the police are protecting the murderer. She speaks with Fergus, who denies it. Sandra seems to believe Fergus has been messing around with Anna. She leaves moments later. Anna visits McKenzie’s lab and finds out she has been conducting experiments on animals.

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McKenzie agrees to run tests on Wendy’s blood. Anna insists her blood type changes from O to AB. That night, a little girl is shown making prank calls to Renae. She laughs hysterically, after emerging from the telephone booth. Deb speaks with Eliza’s mother about the ruined oysters. The woman insists she doesn’t know what washed down from the mountain and destroyed the catch. Next, Anna makes contact with Tim and asks him about blood changes. He admits he has never witnessed such. During their conversation, Anna spots Jens (Damon Gameau) a mysterious red haired woman (Maeve Mhairi MacGreggor). She attempts to go after the woman, but she gets away. Anna heads to one of Dominic Harrold’s (Neil Pigot) speeches. He talks about religion and science. Meanwhile, we see Doctor McKenzie shooting herself up with something.

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Once the speech ends, Anna speaks with Dominic about the humming he spoke about previously. He admits scientists were sent out, but one of them went insane and killed the others. Their bodies were never discovered. He admits the signal makes people go crazy and he has found the same signal in Kettering. He believes it could be linked to Gillian. Anna gets a message from the doctor, who admits whatever was in Wendy’s blood completely changed the structure of hers as well. She next insists she needs to check Kade’s blood. Anna leaves and attempts to get ahold of the doctor, but fails to do so. Fergus and Dutch look over the tire tracks, before agreeing to bring Lofty in. On the road, Fergus stops and speaks with Eliza. This time, she admits to lying about Travis. Fergus drops Eliza off nearby and she attempts to give him a kiss. Fergus stops her and sends her on her way.

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Next, Lofty is tracked down and brought back to the station for questioning. Dutch searches through his stuff and finds a picture of Chloe and Lofty together. He also finds blood in the back of Lofty’s Ute. At the station, Lofty insists he was helping a wounded sea animal. Fergus confirms Lofty has been known to do such. Lofty is given a break. While he is gone, Dutch ridicules Fergus for taking up for criminals and also refers to him as a worthless cop. Fergus heads to the Four Leaf Clover and speaks with Dane. He gets Dane to admit it was Dutch, who was involved with the drugs. Dane agrees to give a statement against Dutch, before Roy enters. Fergus leaves, while Roy stays to have a coffee with Dane. Anna returns to the hospital and discovers her mother is back to her unconscious state. Anna admits the doctor was right and that her mother is dying, but she doesn’t know why. The doctor insists sometimes people just die, because they die. Roy enters and they spend the night with Wendy.

kettering incident wendy anna and roy

That night, Doctor McKenzie drives down the road. She sees weird lights behind her and swerves off of the road. She smashes into a tree. At the hospital, Roy tells Anna that he mother always felt like an outsider and didn’t have much to do with the other women in town. That night, Roy weeps in his vehicle. Barb scours through Chloe’s belongings and finds a bundle of drugs. Doctor McKenzie’s vehicle remains unfound. Eliza gets into the back of the vehicle and prepares to sleep, while Jens injects himself with drugs. In the morning, Anna is brought to the station and her fingerprints are taken.


The Kettering Incident Review Ep 6

By all means, the 6th episode of The Kettering Incident was a good one. A little more was revealed about each character and we discover that nobody in Kettering is perfect. Travis remains missing, while Eliza lashes out for attention. Jens turns to drugs, while Dane agrees to give up information on Dutch. And, Anna is brought into the station at the end of the episode. Will Fergus and Dutch focus on her as a suspect in the Chloe’s death? Only time will tell.

A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to read other recaps for The Kettering Incident right now!


    IS Jens a narcotic addict ? Why / what is the strange globe connection with same pattern as the rash found on several people ? What did the Mill / loggers do they whispered ,” They’ll find out what we did .” Also they were baffled by pond ( of waste?) in forest . Then said ,” It was supposed to be mild .” Why hide Travis body? Was there mention of using walrus blood to give to humans or did I misunderstand ? What are the yellow — look like ping-pong balls significance? WHY DID ‘GRACE’ THE DOG BITE ANNAS FATHER and then was not rabid or anything ? Never even explained … like everything else —– STOOOPID RED HERRINGS . There should be a law against this meaningless , just mess with people’s minds film makers . SERIOUSLY , THE WRITERS DONT KNOW THE STORY THEMSELVES . SHAMEFUL WASTE OF MONEY MAKING A WORTHLESS FILM . WRITERS COMMITED FRAUD BY STEALING OUR TIME AND TRUST AND ENERGY . It is a pity .

    • ReelMockery says:

      Hehe, I definitely see where you’re coming from. There was definitely a lot that was left unexplained. I am not sure a second season would cover it all either. Nonetheless, I thought the show was fairly decent. I would definitely continue watching, as long as it doesn’t get too outlandish.

  2. Katie says:

    Okay so I was in and out watching the last few episodes but I was wondering if anyone saw the conclusion of what Anna and Tim were talking about on the phone? He said it was something about her last patient but I never found out what it was?

    • ReelMockery says:

      Hey Katie. Was this in episode 6? I cannot remember at the time, but I do not think it was mentioned. I could go back and check, if you can tell me which episode it was though.

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