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The Kettering Incident Recap Episode 5

At the beginning of the 5th episode, we relive a moment from Anna’s past within the Mother Sullivan’s Ridge home. Her father, Roy, lies awake, while recalling the night of Gillian’s disappearance. He approaches his dog, Gracie, and attempts to pet it. It snaps and bites his hand. In the morning, Anna pays a visit to Adam in the hospital. She also finds Jens there. They chat about Adam’s condition and everything seems to be in working order. Before she leaves, she checks with the receptionist about Kade’s blood test. Nothing is found in the hospital’s system about it. After the intro scene, Roy heads to work with a bandaged hand. He thanks Deb for covering for him, before they head to the back room for privacy. Deb admits she is going to get her test results next week just like the others.

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Deb (Alison Whyte) admits she thinks it is strange that 6 townsfolk all got cancer around the same time. At the hospital, Dr. Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) gets in touch with Tim and tells him about Kade. She also send him pictures of the boy and the marks on his skin. Brian Dutch (Matthew Le Nevez) interrupts moments later. Dutch tells Anna she should speak with Lofty, who was put in prison for the Kettering incident with Roy’s word. He also tells Anna in so many words to check her father’s files and see for herself. Anna is called down to her mother’s hospital, where her mother has completely wrecked her room and has been given a large dosage of drugs to no effect. Anna’s mother is checked by a doctor, while Anna attempts to get permission to see the CT scans. On the way out, Anna hears another strange transmission on her radio.

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The radio broadcast says something about a green object orbiting around the speaker. Meanwhile, Deb stocks the freezer. Inside, she discovers moss growing on the side of the wall. Anna heads to the police station and pops some pills, before scouring through the case files. She finds that those on Gillian’s case are missing. Sandra (Katie Robertson) enters moments later. Sandra escorts Anna back to the clinic, where several townsfolk have been bitten by their pets. Anna tells the doctor to give them tetanus shots, before we switch over the Jens (Damon Gameau), who seems to be conducting an experiment on a massive moth. Next, Fergus (Henry Nixon) heads to Dane’s house, but only finds Billy (Edwin Hodgeman). Billy admits the boy has been out all night. He also insists something is wrong, because the lights always bring trouble.

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Chloe’s autopsy photos are analyzed by Dutch. He admits she had an abnormal level of radiation in her body. He also confirms that a specific type of flower known as the King’s Lomacia was stuck to her clothing. It happens to be the same flower Anna brought with her to the town. Furgus reveals the flower is on the endangered list and only grows in certain areas. They admit the flower could be growing in Mother Sullivan’s Ridge. Dutch and Fergus give Barb and Max an update in the hospital. They tell them about the toxicology test and admit Chloe was bashed in the skull. They also confirm an investigation will be initiated. Once they leave, Dutch tells Fergus to speak with nobody, until he consults with him first. Next, Anna is confronted by Dominic Harrold (Neil Pigot). Dominic attempts to chat with Anna about the Kettering incident.

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Anna learns that Dominic is a geophysicist, who has been investigating Kettering. During their conversation, a military man exist the hospital and approaches Jens and Kade. Dominic asks Anna about hearing a humming noise, while the military man speaks with Jens. Anna refuses to speak with Dominic. When she turns to leave, the military man, Kade and Jens have all disappeared. Next, we see Anna’s mother staring at the mountaintop from her hospital room. Anna returns home and scours through her father’s files. She finds a file on herself. Meanwhile, Dutch speaks with one of the loggers, whose name kept popping up on Chloe’s computer. The man admits to nothing, besides being at the party. He is released moments later. Meanwhile, Anna learns about her testimony, which includes seeing a heavyset man in an orange van.

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The files insist Anna was able to recall Lofty being at the scene, but she couldn’t remember what happened to Gillian. And, the doctor recommended psychiatric care for Anna for a period of two weeks. Meanwhile, the locals prepare for a memorial to Roy. Deb contemplates calling the event off, when she learns about Chloe’s murder, but Roy talks her out of it. Craig (Ben Oxenbould) pays a visit to Max (Damien Garvey), but he isn’t home. Craig discovers moss all over Max’s workshop. Max arrives seconds later and attempts to fight with Craig, while blaming him for the murder. They fight back and forth for a moment, before Craig convinces Max he is innocent. They brainstorm and contemplate whether or not the Greenies could be involved. Max confirms he doesn’t care about his reputation and only wants to find out who killed Chloe. They agree to remain silent, if anything is found on the ridge. Max questions what in the heck they buried up there anyway.

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Anna pays a visit to Lewis ‘Lofty’ Sullivan (Nathan Spencer). He recognizes her immediately and tells her to leave. She doesn’t. Lofty quickly tells her that she accused him of hurting her and Chloe. Lofty tells her about that night. He says he found Anna at Mother Sullivan’s and carried her miles. Lofty insists Roy blames him, because he was afraid of Anna. Meanwhile, Dutch scours through the ridge. He steps into a bubbly puddle, before finding a few of the red flowers. He also discovers a military grade pair of night vision goggles. He puts them on and sees black figures standing all around the mountain. He freaks out and quickly takes them off only to discover he is completely alone. That night, Dane finally returns home. He tells his father he is fine, before going to sleep. In the morning, Eliza Dempsey (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) visits the police station and speaks with Fergus.

anna and lofty kettering incident

During their conversation, Eliza alludes to the fact that she was sexually assaulted by Travis (Kevin MacIsaac). Dutch enters moments later and is told to bring Travis in for questioning. Dutch also shows Fergus the goggles. When he puts them on, he sees nothing out of the ordinary. Outside, Eliza notices moss growing on her leg. Travis is questioned, but admits to nothing. He is left alone with Dutch and threatens to spill the beans, if he isn’t cleared. Fergus speaks with Roy outside and confirms his suspicion for Dutch. Roy admits he doesn’t believe Dutch would kill Chloe. Afterwards, Dutch heads to the pub and tells the loggers about the accusations against Travis. During this time, Fergus breaks into Dutch’s locker. He finds Chloe’s shirt and the envelope of drugs. Travis is tracked down by the loggers and carried up to the ridge. He is tied up and left.

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Dutch returns to the station and quickly discovers that Fergus has been inside of his locker. He pays a visit to Roy. Roy is asked about Gillian’s father. Dutch admits he has been thinking about Roy’s decision to send Anna away back in the day. He also insists young girls don’t like sharing their fathers. Dutch tells Roy to call off Fergus and he won’t spill the beans. Renae (Suzi Dougherty) prepares for the party, while simultaneously trying to get ahold of Travis. Instead, she gets a call from her daughter, who calls her mommy. Travis freaks out in the woods, when he observes lights in the distance. Of course, there is nothing he can do, but sit and wait. Roy gets prepared for the night’s event, before being confronted by Anna, who wants to know how long she was in the asylum. Roy admits about 10 days and that the doctors wanted to confirm she wasn’t insane. He also insists she couldn’t remember it, due to the drugs.

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Roy is asked why he sent Lofty to prison. He insists Lofty used to stalk Anna and Gillian. However, Anna doesn’t believe it. Roy admits he found Anna in Mother Sullivan’s house babbling about UFOs and covered in blood. Anna accuses Roy of using Lofty to cover for her. He admits he was afraid of losing them both. Anna attempts to end the conversation, by telling her father to head to the celebration. Meanwhile, the others await his arrival. Roy speaks with Fergus, who confirms he has nailed Dutch. Fergus intends to speak with Dutch that night, but Roy tells him not to. He insists there isn’t enough evidence yet. Roy finally joins the party. During the party, Anna runs into Dutch. They both question the other’s reasoning for missing the party. Anna is shown the goggles, but she never puts them on. Dutch confirms there is no murder weapon or scene. However he shows Anna the flower.

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A speech is given about Roy, while he watches on. At the hospital, the nurses rush to Anna’s mother’s room. They find the window smashed. Barb sits with Adam, while the holy status flickers on and off. She smashes it on the table, while Roy takes to the stage. Anna gets a call from the doctor, who tells her about Kade’s blood sample. She learns that the sample doesn’t appear to have come from a human. She sees an owl on top of a car nearby. She approaches and its eyes open.


The Kettering Incident

The 5th episode of The Kettering Incident was good. Fergus finally grew suspicious of his colleague and took steps to uncover his crimes. However, he is being held back by Roy, who continues trying to protect his daughter and his own reputation. Meanwhile, Travis finally got what was coming to him. What will his corpse look like when it is discovered in a future episode? And finally, what is up with Kade’s blood?

A good episode. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Look at our previous The Kettering Incident recaps now.

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