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The Kettering Incident Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, Fergus and Dutch examine Chloe’s body and evidence is collected from the crime scene. Adam arrives moments later and attempts to approach the body. He stopped by his fellow loggers, before learning about Chloe’s death. He is comforted by Craig, while Max watches on. Fergus and Dutch consult with Barb and Max moments later. They chat about the party on the night of Chloe’s disappearance. Dutch confirms they’ll need to interview everyone once again. Barb speaks with a crying Eliza and tries to convince her to head home. On the way out, Dutch and Fergus consider Adam as a suspect, but Fergus admits it is hard to fathom. They speaks with Eliza, as she leaves. Eliza tells them about an altercation between Anna and Chloe at the party. She refuses to accept a ride from the officers, before heading on her way.

the kettering incident recap episode 4

At home, Dane (Dylan Young) and his father learn about Chloe’s death from the news. Dane seems legitimately disturbed by Chloe’s death. Next, the police pick up Anna (Elizabeth Debicki), as she strolls down the road. She is taken to the station and question about the party. She admits to the officers that Chloe had drugs at the party and he believes they were ecstasy. She also tells them she believes Chloe was selling the drugs for somebody else, but she isn’t sure who exactly. Roy interrupts moments later and attempts to end the conversation. He is escorted out by Fergus, while insists Anna needs a lawyer. Dutch gets flirty with Anna, while Fergus is out of the room. Fergus returns and Anna is asked about the fight. She insists there was no fighter. She is also asked about Gillian, who Dutch believes is her half-sister.

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Anna is allowed to leave. She is followed by Fergus (Henry Nixon), who attempts to clarify her timeline. He also learns that Anna and Gillian were indeed sisters, due to her father’s affair with Renae. Fergus gives Anna permission to spend the night at his house, since she doesn’t want to stay with her father. Before they go their separate ways, Anna admits Chloe was the only one who wanted her to stay in Kettering. Eliza heads to the club and speaks with Lofty (Nathan Spencer). A news report regarding Chloe’s murder is shown on the television. Renae seems upset by the news and heads to comfort her sister, Barb. Eliza has a conversation with her father, Craig (Ben Oxenbould), and her mother. Dane gets a visit from Fergus, who asks about his drug dealing. He eventually admits Chloe got the stuff from Hobart and that they hadn’t been dealing for long.

eliza the kettering incident

Dane insists he has no idea where Chloe went or who she might have been around of. He does admit he helped Dutch secure his boat, before Fergus departs. Back at home, Max (Damien Garvey) comforts his wife and puts her into the shower. Dutch and Fergus meet up with at the morgue and learn about the state of Chloe’s body. It is believed she died around 3AM and was either moved or moved herself. Fergus finds awkward marks on Chloe’s arm. Max confronts Adam outside and tells him he will be questioned by cops again. Max attempts to comfort his son, but Adam leaves hastily. Sandra (Katie Robertson) arrives at Fergus’ place to find Anna on the couch. Sandra admits Fergus allows her to shower at his place. Meanwhile, Dutch and Fergus share a drink, while discussing the possibilities.

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They discuss the size of the logs and contemplate how Chloe ended up underneath them. They also chat about Roy’s affair and Anna’s relationship with Gillian. Next, Eliza asks her father, if she can move in with him. He refuses and admits he will be outside of the home most of the day. Renae (Suzi Dougherty) and Barb chat about their situations and their injustices. Barb insists knowing is worse than not knowing. Anna listens to a video of tape of her and Gillian as youngsters. She also hears her mother talking about Renae and her dislike for the woman. Eliza attempts to return home to her mother, but is shunned. She is forced to sleep in the car, due to her mother’s belligerent behavior. Dane receives a phone call from Dutch, but ignores it. Fergus returns home and is bombarded by Anna with questions. She asks about Chloe and the state of her body.

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Anna looks through the case files and sees the weird marks on Chloe’s arms. She quickly tells Fergus about the boy at the clinic and his markings. Fergus angrily enters his room and seemingly has a panic attack. In the morning, Fergus visits the spot where his father disappeared and observes something out of the ordinary near the rocks. Anna confronts Sandra at the clinic and manages to get the boy’s address. Anna rides up the mountain and confronts the boy and his mother, Denise Fisher (Bryony Geeves). Anna gets the boy, Kade (Thomas Readman), alone and takes a sample of his blood. During this time, Fergus and Dutch tell Max and Barb about Chloe’s murder. Adam (Brad Kannegiesser) learns about their inquiries and grows angry. He insists the police should be speaking with the greenies or someone else, before storming off.

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Max finally tells everyone about the threatening letters. Jens Jorgensson (Damon Gameau) is shown in his treehouse watching the mountain. Adam speeds through the mountain, as if on a mission to find the culprit. Anna descends the mountain at the same time. She is stopped when an awkward broadcast, which sounds like an aircraft, is emitted from her radio. The broadcast says something about a military aircraft. Adam sees balls of light in the sky, before wrecking and getting his vehicle stuck. He gets out with his chainsaw and attempts to remove the branches to get his truck back on the road. Anna freaks out and gets out of her vehicle. A piece of wood hits Adam in the eye and he winds up slicing his leg. While on the ground, he observes a hooded figure standing over him. Anna overhears his calls and attempts to rescue him. On the way down the mountain, we see a puddle on the ground bubbling up.

anna macy the kettering incident

Anna sees Gillian running through the woods, before making it to Adam. She ties up his leg with her shirt and tries to lift him to no avail. Jens appears behind her and transports the pair to the hospital. Before Jens departs, he tells Anna she may have a reason for returning to the town after all. Inside the clinic, Barb speaks with Anna. Barb finally admits she founds bloodstains on Chloe’s pillow and she may have suffered from nose bleeds. Anna is shown in private looking at Kade’s blood sample. Max and Barb check in on Adam and Barb asks what Max has done to curse his family. While Barb kisses Adam, a holy figurine on a nearby stand flickers. Next, Anna heads to the Blue Angel District Car Psychiatric Wing to visit her mother. Max pays a visit to Roy and tells him about the threatening letters.

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Max contemplates if Grayson could be the problem, since he is the only one who knows about their exploits. Anna learns her mother can’t see or hear and hasn’t moved in years. Nonetheless, she speaks with her mother and finds a handmade card nearby. Anna quickly admits she didn’t make the card and wonders where he mother might’ve gotten it. During the conversation, Anna hears someone outside, but finds nobody. When she approaches the door, she hears her mother call her name. As she looks outside, her mother moves her head and eyes.


The Kettering Incident Review

The 4th episode of The Kettering Incident was very good and pulled back the covers ever so slightly. We learned about Anna’s relationship with Gillian, while Max finally told the truth about his threatening letters. All the while, Eliza is shuffled from home to home and eventually pushed out into the streets by her mother and father. At one time, it seemed like Eliza was attempting to consume Chloe’s old life.

Who is at fault? Or, is something more sinister at work in the town of Kettering? A good episode. 8 out of 10 is deserved. Check out previous recaps of The Kettering Incident while you’re at it!

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