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The Good Karma Hospital Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, we see a mysterious man (Mish Boyko) walking along the beach at night. He is carrying something in his hand. He drops the necklace on the ground and stares into the night sky. In the morning, Greg (Neil Morrissey) meets with Vikran (Rakesh Srivastava). The man delivers alcohol to Greg. Seconds later, they find the mysterious man and drag him to the ambulance. Meanwhile, Lydia (Amanda Redman) tries to teach Ruby (Amrita Acharia) how to ride a motorcycle. After a rude comment by Varma (James Floyd), Ruby gets the hang of it. Seconds later, the ambulance arrives at the hospital. The man is perfectly fine. However, nobody knows who he is. Next, Varma and Ruby are dispatched to the school to examine and vaccinate the children.

ruby walker the good karma hostpialWhile they’re away, the mysterious man wakes up. He cannot remember anything. Varma and Ruby run into a snake. Ruby quickly passes it and continues onward. Ruby gets help from the teacher, while Varma gives the kids their vaccines. Afterwards, Ruby watches as Varma gives money to one of the children. Inspector Gomez (Narinder Samra) is brought in to investigate the mystery man’s past. Juan Gonzalez (Raj Zutshi) enters the hospital with a snake. He tells Mari (Nimmi Harasgama) that it bit him on the leg. She heads to the refrigerator to look for anti-venom. Unfortunately, the hospital is out. Varma is contacted and ordered to get more medicine right away. He leaves Ruby at the school and rides off on his motorcycle. Before Ruby can leave, she is asked to look at one of the students.

varma the good karma hospital series 1 episode 2It turns out to be Vijay (Niklesh Samarasekara), the one boy that Varma gave money to earlier. Meanwhile, Juan learns the bad news. He tells Mari to call his priest. Ruby learns that Vijay’s mother works at the local flea market. She takes blood without getting the mother’s authorization, since she is so far away. Maggie (Phyllis Logan) and Paul (Philip Jackson) shop at the market. They run into a young boy, who bums for money. Then, Vijay’s mother and buy an item from her. The school teacher invites Ruby out for a drink that night. She turns down the offer. On the way back to the hospital, Ruby runs into Vijay on the street. She drives him know and immediately runs into his angry mother. The woman is mad that Ruby didn’t ask her permission before taking blood. Ruby is forced outside and the door is shut in her face.

vijay and ruby good karma hospitalRuby returns to the hospital and complains to Lydia. Lydia isn’t interested. She is too busy with Gonzalo’s priest. She complains to the priest and sends him away. Varma arrives at the hospital and picks up the medicine. He gets into a wreck on the way back and most of the medicine gets destroyed. However, a few vials are saved. Ruby is asked to speak with the mystery man. She does so. The man speaks about starting a new life. He doesn’t seem interested in getting his memory back. Ruby tells Lydia that she is suspicious of the man. Varma finally makes it back to the hospital with the medicine. Juan is saved. Lydia heads to the beach and speaks with Greg. She is asked to check on Vikran. She does and notices his strange necklace. It turns out that the necklace belongs to the mystery man, Private Ben Silver.

ruby walker good karma hospitalRuby and Lydia learns that Silver was an Israeli soldier. He wanted to leave the army and start a new life. Lydia explains that his actions are selfish. She tells him to think about his mom and sister back in Tel Aviv. Moments later, Lydia and Ruby watch as Vijay’s mother returns Varma’s money. Juan turns out to be just fine. Maggie visits Varma. She explains that she doesn’t want to go back home. She wants to die in India. Despite some reluctance, Varma agrees to help her, if she stays. Maggie tries to explain to Paul later. Paul doesn’t seem to understand, but he tries to be supportive of his wife. She admits that she just wants it to be him and her. They stroll the beach together moments later. It seems that Paul is willing to fulfill his wife’s wishes. They prepare to move into a beachside hut.

maggie smart good karma hospitalAJ (Sagar Radia) delivers beers to Greg’s party. Lydia speaks with Ruby about Varma and Vijay. She explains that Varma misdiagnosed Vijay’s dad and he ended up passing away. Ruby speaks with Varma and explains that it was not his fault. Then, Ruby runs into the teacher again. In the morning, Varma and Ruby try to get over their hangovers. Ruby gets the blood results for Vijay. She rushes over to his place and speaks with the boy’s mom. Seconds later, she tells Varma that the boy is intolerant to gluten. Together, they fix Varma’s bike and get it up and running once again.


The Good Karma Hospital Review

The 2nd episode of Good Karma Hospital was okay. The series is very cliché and very predictable. I have a pretty good idea what is going to happen in the long run. The characters are fairly interesting and the acting is good enough to keep things interesting. I just wish it was a little more original. On a good note, the scenery is beautiful.

The episode was good, but not great. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Good Karma Hospital now!

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