The Game: S1.E4 Review

In this episode of BBC America’s The Game, Joe Lambe (Tom Hughes) discovers the Reds are one step ahead of them, which influences him to attempt to convince the team to pull a dangerous scheme involving a double agent. Of course, this causes the other members of the team to grow anxious. In the meantime, Alan Montag’s (Jonathan Aris) discovery of Sarah’s (Victoria Hamilton) birth control pills causes him to question his marriage.

The team is beginning to grow suspicious of Arkady’s (Marcel Iures) motivations and true intentions. Joe suggests bringing him and using him, but Daddy (Brian Cox) insists on investigating his apartment first. Sarah (Victoria Hamilton) and Joe stake out Arkady’s apartment. When he leaves, they make their move. It is discovered Arkady has been receiving mail at a private mailbox. The team was unable to find anything at Arkady’s flat.

Sarah suggests imitating the KGB and placing an advert in the paper. The plot would allow the team to convince Arkady he is working with a KGB agent, which could persuade him to reveal some beneficial information. Sarah dresses up as the make believe KGB agent, Annabelle Reed. Alan listens in as Sarah makes contact with Arkady. Sarah attempts to draw him in. Arkady suggests the operation is progressing as planned, everything will change soon and all of the agents will be rewarded.

Joe speaks with Arkady outside and questions the long wait, which Arkady blows off. Meanwhile, Bobby Waterhouse (Paul Ritter) meets with Andrew and tells him to prepare to have a group of officers ready to move at a moments notice. Afterwards, Joe meets with Jim Frenchurch (Shaun Dooley) and tells him he believes whatever is going to happen is going to happen soon.

Joe attempts to access Arkady’s private mailbox. When the man doesn’t cooperate, Joe spikes his drink, which gives him time to pick the mailbox. Inside, he discovers a letter. By using the heat from a teapot to open the letter, without leaving behind evidence. Inside, he finds a card, with a small printed code. Meanwhile, Daddy and Bobby meet. Andrew tells them about a man, who fits Bobby’s description, that has been going around bragging about his work. Daddy seems to be eager to use the allegations against Bobby.

Joe and Alan examine the cards, which were found in Arkady’s flat. He also reveals the new card had a French postmark and was sent five days before. By using the information, the art on the cards seem to reveal a countdown to something. Arkady has picked up the last card. While Bobby suggests bringing him in, Daddy orders the team to follow him.

Wendy (Chloe Pirrie) and Bobby believe Arkady is headed for the air field. After notifying the team, they rendezvous at the airport and attempt to track down Arkady. After checking the passenger list, it is revealed Arkady isn’t flying out, but is meeting someone. A small girl runs into Arkady’s arms, as he notices Joe and realizes the team is questionable of his actions.

Sarah interviews Arkady and suggests he has lied about his father. She also insists that Operation Glass, which Arkady led them to, was a distraction and nothing more. Arkady continues to deny any wrong doing and contemplates Moscow knowing he was going to turn from the very beginning. Afterwards, Arkady is allowed to say goodbye to his wife and kids, before they leave and are moved to a safe house. Joe requests beneficial information, before Arkady is allowed to see his family.

Arkady mentions Odin (Yevgeni Sitokhin), who all of the men are scared of. He also gives Joe a tip to find a man, who can give him information on Odin. Bobby and Wendy decide to go out to dinner. Daddy questions whether they can trust Arkady. The team setup a plan to make Arkady setup an old friend to become a double agent.

When the show returns, Ozzy Osborune is blaring, as Arkady makes contact with his old friend, Bogdan (Goran Navojec). We get T-Rex “Bang a Gong”, as Arkady and Joe attempt to convince the man to turn. Joe suggests he get all of the information he can get on Odin. Joe requests phone numbers Odin was using and has been calling. Despite his reluctance, the man seems willing to help. In the meantime, Bobby parades Wendy around and pretends she is his wife. Of course, it backfires and he ends up humiliated. When he returns home, he is kicked out by his mother.

Bogdan has made contact and has setup a meeting with Arkady. Bobby blasts Andrew and demands the police be setup at the meeting point. Joe tries to convince Arkady that he’ll be safe. Joe insists Arkady be allowed to see his family, before he is sent to the meeting point. Once everyone is in place, the team prepare for the meeting. In the surveillance van, Alan is clearly upset with Sarah.

Arkady is clearly nervous, as he reaches the meeting point and everyone gathers in place. Arkady is approached by another man, before Bogdan finally arrives. Bogdan insists he tried, but couldn’t get any information on Arkady, before putting or pulling something from Arkady’s wrist. Despite some tense moments, Joe gets him out alive. It is revealed Arkady was given a note, which simply says, “Phoenix”.

Joe negotiates Arkady’s safe passage to London, but Bogdan isn’t so lucky. Daddy insists the team attempt to turn him officially. However, he is already dead. Afterwards, Hester Waterhouse (Judy Parfitt) makes contact with Andrew and brings up some not so nice things about his parent’s past. It must be payback for her son Bobby.

Arkady reveals that Bob told him something else. He says that Phoenix is one of the members of MI5. He tells Joe that they have a mole, within their ranks. Bobby confronts Daddy and says he will not be forced out by false rumors. Daddy tells Bobby that the accusations have been dropped. Joe takes Arkady to the safe house and offers him tea. When he goes to get it, Odin shoots Arkady several times. He tells Joe that he’ll see him soon, before he makes his escape. And Arkady as dead, as his wife and daughter are whisked away. Joe suggests someone is passing intel to Odin.


Wow! This was, without a doubt, the best and most intriguing episode of the series. There were some very intense moments, with Arkady. On the other hand, it was difficult not to feel sorry for the somewhat socially awkward Bobby Waterhouse. We finally learned that Arkady was indeed a truthful agent, but it was simply too late. The episode seemed like a slow, heartbreaking buildup to his impending death. With the frightening meeting over, it seemed like Arkady would survive, but Odin came out of the woodwork to put the final nail in the coffin.

The episode left one big glaring question. Who is giving information to Odin? This was the best episode yet and should be scored as such. For that, this episode gets a 9 out of 10.

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