The Game: S1.E2 Review

In the latest episode of BBC’s The Game, the committee is set to investigate Tom Mallory, who is a ruthless man currently locked in prison on assault charges.

Joe Lambe (Tom Hughes), Jim Fenchurch (Shaun Dooley) and Arkady (Marcel Lures) are together at the beginning of the episode. Joe goes to the meeting point. Arkady attempts to meet his target in the bathroom of the park to no avail. When Joe follows a man inside, it is a futile attempt.

Joe and Arkady don’t seem to care about the outcome of Operation Glass and the horrors it will bring to Britain. The men have their own ulterior motivations. After the show’s introduction, it is revealed everything in the meetings are recorded. The pair discover Jim’s mistrust for Daddy.

Back at the committee, the team discusses Thomas Mallory. The team is prepared to monitor Tom, after he is reawakened as a spy. Of course, it is revealed he is locked in prison for assaulting a prostitute. The team prepares to have Tom released, so they follow him and learn about Operation Glass.

Daddy (Brian Cox) explains he wishes to give Bobby Waterhouse (Paul Ritter) room to find himself and potentially a wife. He also questions where Bobby’s loyalty’s really lie.

Sarah Montag (Victoria Hamilton) discovers Joe’s true motivation for tracking down Operation Glass. She is concerned with his true objections.

A flashback shows Joe providing Yulia with information regarding her job, as the pair’s relationship begins to develop. As the show returns to present time, Joe has a chat with the girl and attempts to get her to drop the charges against Tom. The woman doesn’t seem interested in helping the country and admits she fears for her safety claiming that nobody is going to protect her.

Thomas is released and immediately setups a meeting to get reinitiated, as a spy. Joe and Alan share a conversation about Sarah, before listening in on Tom’s conversation.

Tom is in the room with the woman he attacked. Tom questions the woman, about the letter she wrote. She tells him to get out, before he begins attacking her violently. Tom continues asking about a letter of last resort. Tom is ready to step up his interrogation. He threaten’s Valerie’s nephew’s Mark and Adam, unless Valerie tells him what was in the letter. Finally, Joe is prepared to stop the violence.

As Joe enters the room, he reveals his position with MI5 and Valerie admits she told Tom everything contained in the letter. That was intense.

Daddy enjoys a little down time, as the team works to save Britain. A little Black Swan? Daddy enjoys the Ballerinas. Daddy is a bit of a creeper.

The team has lost Thomas Mallory, while learning Operation Glass is a preemptive nuclear strike on the United Kingdom. Despite Sarah’s concerns, Daddy suggests the team continue to focus on tracking down and stopping Mallory from delivering the information to Moscow.

Joe returns to the prostitute to attempt to find out Tom’s whereabouts. She gives Joe a pack of matches, which Joe left behind. Joe gives the prostitute the task of luring Tom to him.

The team seems obviously skeptical of Wendy Straw (Chloe Pirrir). Could she be the mole? Bobby attempts to reconcile his relationship with a female, but she is more interested in local gossip. As she hangs up, we get to see a public service announcement regarding a nuclear attack.

Arkady sets up an emergency meeting. Bobby insists on going himself, as he wants Joe interrogating Tom. Wendy and Bobby head to meet with Arkady, while Joe and Sarah prepare to rendezvous with Tom.

The prostitute takes matter into her own hands, as she attempts to stab Tom. Of course, Joe subdues the woman and Jim takes Tom into custody.

Bobby shows up at Wendy’s hotel room and tells her she has been promoted and will be working closer with Daddy. The scene is awkward and slightly funny, as Bobby seems to be developing an attraction for Wendy. Bobby makes his move, in a pathetic fashion, which appears to be more of a rape than consensual. Of course, Wendy turns him down and suggests she choose work over a relationship. Wendy discusses her reservations about rooming with Bobby. That was definitely awkward.

Once the show returns, Joe and Sarah interrogates Tom. She asks Tom about the letter of last resort. Tom says that Moscow has offered him a holiday in his name and women for his cooperation. After a little scare from Joe and Jim, Tom agrees to cooperate. He admits he hasn’t revealed the information regarding the Letter of Last Resort to anyone.

Tom reveals he has been working with Odin. Joe immediately remembers his times with Yulia. Tom explains his last assignment and how he was recruited. Joe insists on making Tom a better offer to get him back on their side. Sarah doesn’t seem too thrilled with the idea. She takes Joe outside and suggests Tom will reveal the letter’s secrets, if he makes contact with Moscow. Sarah begins questioning Joe’s agenda. Joe warns arresting Tom will alert Moscow to their acknowledgement of Operation Glass.

Joe explains his plan will stop Operation Glass and lead him to Odin. If Tom attempts to escape, Joe admits he knows exactly what he would have to do.

Joe and Alan monitor from a distance, as Tom is sent in to deliver Joe’s words to Moscow. We get a glimpse of old spyware. Tom betrays the team and tells the KGB spy that they know everything, as a chase ensues. Joe and Jim trap Tom and the KGB agent inside an abandoned building.

After a brief scuffle, Joe kills the spy. Tom is held at gunpoint and begins to admit his knowledge of Odin. Tom attempts to save his life and agrees to lead Joe directly to Odin the next time. He attempts to reassure Joe about the safety of the Letter of Last Resort. Joe seemingly accepts the offer and lowers the gun. Seconds later, Tom says, “Thats the ticket”. Joe raises the gun and kills Tom.

Joe returns to his flat and begins drinking. He has flashbacks of Yulia thanks to Tom’s knowledge of a woman being involved in Joe’s quest for Odin. And the episode ends.


A lot happened in this episode of The Game. We discovered the motivations of Moscow to deliver a preemptive strike on the UK. Tom and the prostitute offered an excellent backdrop for the episode. While the show continued to push Joe’s pursuit of Odin as a weakness, everything was thrown out the window, at the end of the episode. Joe Lambe is certainly smarter than he looks and his pursuit for revenge will not hinder his actions.

A solid episode, with exciting reveals and a few intense moments, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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