The Flash: Who is Harrison Wells? Recap and Review

Nina The Flash

The episode begins with the group getting together and planning their next move against Wells. Joe suggests going back to the beginning, Starling City. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) is asked to cover for Cisco, while he is away. Meanwhile, Nina (Atlin Mitchell) is shown potentially stealing jewelry. She is interviewed by Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), as she insists it wasn’t her. After the interview, Eddie explains the situation to Barry (Grant Gustin), as they suggest a meta human might be controlling people’s minds.

Hannibal Bates The Flash

Iris West (Candice Patton) enters and argues with Eddie. A jeweler (Paul Moniz de Sa) is forced to call the authorities, when a man attempts to pawn off the stolen jewelry. At STAR Labs, Caitlin and Barry argue over Harrison, when he interrupts. Eddie calls and asks Barry for assistance capturing the jewelry man. Once The Flash arrives, he discovers that the man is capable of transforming into others. Caitlin and Harrison suggest the Everyman (Martin Novotny) might be able to transform into The Flash, if he gets his hands on him.

Laurel Lance The Flash

The trio track down cases similar to Nina’s. They discover a name Hannibal Bates. Joe and Cisco head to the Starling City police department, where they learn about Wells’ crash. While there, the pair run into Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy). Laurel speaks to Cisco privately, since he works at STAR Labs, with Barry. She reveals she knows about Barry being the Flash, before she reveals her hidden persona. She asks for help. Meanwhile, Caitlin explores reports regarding Wells. She knocks at Wells’s door, but Barry rushes her away.

Harrison Wells

The pair speak about Caitlin’s true feelings and Harrison constantly helping them. Barry pleads with Caitlin to keep things quiet, so he can get his dad out of prison. Eddie and Barry speak with Hannibal’s grandmother (Barbara Wallace). She disappears and transforms into another woman on the way out. Barry and Eddie are forced to run like regular people, in order to catch Hannibal. Hannibal transforms into Eddie and kills two police officers.

Barry Allen

Captain David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) and Cecille (Danielle Nicolet) disagree over Eddie’s fate. Iris arrives and questions Barry. And, it becomes Barry’s responsibility to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, Cisco and Joe investigate the crash scene. Cisco discovers signs of time travel. Barry discovers that no evidence shows Eddie touching the gun, but Cecille isn’t convinced. With that, Barry rushes Eddie out of the police station. After a pep talk, Barry returns Eddie, who convinces Barry to do it the right way.

Patrick Sabongui

Eddie shows up and attacks Barry at home. Hannibal transforms and becomes Barry. Caitlin arrives and insists she knows how to stop the shape shifter. Joe and Cisco discover a body. Joe convinces the captain to keep everything quiet. Meanwhile, Everyman learns about Caitlin’s serum. Hannibal winds up kissing Caitlin, before Iris arrives. Iris insists she hacked into her dad’s account and got the video of Eddie. They discover that Eddie is right handed. Wells arrives and tasers Hannibal. Caitlin and Iris decide to take Hannibal in to the police, in order to get Eddie cleared.

Danielle Panabaker

Hannibal turns into a little girl and some construction workers set her free. Caitlin discovers Barry and wakes him up with a slap. Joe gives his farewells to Quentin, while Cisco gives Laurel the Canary Cry. She gives him a fan picture in return. Barry returns to STAR Labs and learns about the serum. They discover that Hannibal is at the airport, as Barry rushes there. Barry is able to corner Bates, who turns into Caitlin and pepper sprays him. Bates transforms into Iris and Eddie, before he eventually turns into The Flash, but Barry still beats him up and injects him with the serum.

Cisco The Flash Black Canary

Back at the police station, Captain Singh and Cecille watch the footage of Hannibal transforming, before Barry gives Cecille a list of the crimes associated with Hannibal. Eddie and Iris reunite. Eddie tells Iris that he has been working with The Flash. Meanwhile, at Star Labs, the trio sit outside and speak to Bates, who insists he cannot remember who he is. Caitlin is shown the real body of Harrison Wells. Afterwards, Joe greets Wells at the police station.

Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis

Wells questions, if Joe enjoyed his time in Starling City. The pair discuss Harrison’s history and Joe’s wife. Wells insists they should share a drink, before he rides off. Cisco runs a test, in order to discover what caused the explosion at STAR Labs. They discover a hidden room and Harrison’s Reverse Flash suit. Barry sees the news report, which suggests The Flash has gone missing, with the date of April the 25th!


Definitely a much improved episode compared to the previous. The Everyman villain was actually different and interesting. At the same time, this episode moved the entire story ahead dramatically. The discovery of the real body of Harrison Wells was surprisingly sad. Still, the Iris character is hanging on by a thread and the newly acquired “hacking” skill was laughable. Too many shows are attempting to throw in hackers one way or another and it is starting to get stale. Still, this was an excellent episode, which deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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