The Flash: Tricksters Review

Nora Allen The Flash

The episode opens with a flashback to the night Nora Allen (Michelle Harrison) was killed. In the present, Joe and Barry attempt to research and study Wells’s background. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) suggests Harrison has been waiting for 15 years to get what he needs from Barry. Outside, some red umbrellas begin dropping bombs from the sky. After Barry saves a boy named Henry, the group watch a video broadcast from The Trickster (Devon Graye), who taunts them. Joe tells them about a previous Trickster, James Jesse (Mark Hamill), who got caught and sentenced to several life terms.

The Flash Tv Show

Wells questions about Barry’s cranky attitude, before we see another flashback of The Flash and Reverse Flash battling. After he learns that he isn’t going to be able to return to his own time, the Reverse Flash removes his mask. In the present, Barry and Joe head to see James Jesse. After he learns about the copycat, James grows angry. He insists the copycat must’ve found his lair. Afterwards, Iris (Candice Patton) tells Eddie (Rick Cosnett) about her concern for Mason. Eddie agrees to look into it, when he gets the chance.

The Flash Edobard Thawne

Barry and Joe investigate James’s old hiding place. A booby trapped door nearly blows them up, before they discover that the copycat took everything. Back at the prison, Barry speaks to his dad, Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp), and tells him he is close to getting the real killer. The pair return to James and tell him that his stuff has been stolen. He reveals he was keeping a massive bomb inside his vault. Cisco delivers the pair another video from the new Trickster. Wells pulls Barry aside and insists he knows what is going on with him. Wells suggests the prison visit has messed with Barry’s mind. Barry plays along, before he receives a message and disappears.

Axel Walker The Flash

A flashback shows a young Harrison Wells hanging out with Tess Morgan (Bre Blair). He shows her a drawing of his proposed labs. She suggests the name STAR Labs and he agrees. However, the pair is being watched. The Flash meets with Iris and learns about Mason. He agrees to look into Mason’s disappearance. After a message form Cisco, Flash borrows Iris’s laptop and watches another video from Trickster. Flash is forced to track down a bomb. Wells insists the Trickster is playing games with them and the bomb is likely hidden elsewhere. Flash finds the box, which turns out to be a distraction.

The Flash Mark Hamill

The Trickster blows a hole in the bottom of the prison, in order to help James Jesse escape. Henry Allen is taken, as a hostage. At their hideout, James Jesse and Alex Walker get on the same level, before James tells Alex that he is his father! At the lab, Joe is able to discover Axel’s identity and Barry tells Harrison he should’ve listened to him. A flashback shows Tess and Harrison driving down a road at night. They hit some spike strips and the vehicle ends up upside down. Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) approaches and tells Harrison that Tess has been dead for centuries.

Mark Hamill Flash

Joe attempts to comfort Barry, by insisting his father is still alive. The pair discuss Harrison’s motives. Next, Iris heads to a classy event to support the re-election of Mayor Anthony Bellows (Vito D’Ambrosio). Of course, the Tricksters are already there. James takes to the stage, with Axel, and attempts to rob everyone. He reveals the champagne has been poisoned and everyone only has an hour to get the antidote. Iris manages to notify Joe. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Harrison begin working on a cure for the poison, while Cisco and Joe try to pinpoint their location.

Barry rushes in and traps James, but gets a trap slapped on his wrist, which forces him to run at 600 miles per hour, or the bomb will explode. Harrison tells Barry to run through a wall, which will allow him to leave the bomb behind. Barry runs through a truck and removes the bomb, while James’s bank account continues to soar. Barry rushes in and gives everyone an antidote, before confronting James.

The Flash Reverse Flash

The Flash rushes in and saves Henry, before revealing his identity. Henry is taken to the lab, where he receives a lot of love. Henry thanks Dr. Wells, before Joe takes him back to the prison. In another flashback, Wells pulls himself from the vehicle, before he is confronted by Eobard, who tells him about the accelerator and insists it must happen much sooner. Eobard steals Harrison’s face. Afterwards, Joe speaks to Eddie and insists they can’t allow Iris to look into Mason’s disappearance. Barry shows up and reveals his identity to Eddie.

The Flash Henry Allen

Eddie tells Iris that Mason traveled to Brazil for a woman. Afterwards, Joe, Eddie and Barry discuss their next move regarding Wells. Barry insists that Wells is the Reverse Flash. In another flashback, the police arrive and help Eobard, who insists he is Harrison Wells.


Tricksters was definitely one of the most likable episodes of the season. Not only were The Tricksters and Mark Hamill awesome, but the interaction between Barry and his father was great. Add that to Barry revealing his identity to Eddie and Henry and this was one of the best episodes yet. We’re getting closer to the ultimate showdown between Barry and Wells or Eobard, which should be terrific. Overall, a great episode that deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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