The Flash: Rogue Time Review

Dante Ramon Flash

When the show opens, The Flash is urged by Cisco to hurry up and return to the morgue, despite already being there earlier. Again, they repeat the same events and investigate the coroners death once again. At the lab, Wells questions Barry about his time lapse. He suggests any change could result in a major problem and he insists Barry follow his exact footsteps. Afterwards, Wells visits Gideon and asks to see into the future. After a quick run in with Joe, Barry quickly captures Mardon and imprisons him at STAR Labs. Wells ridicules Barry’s actions and insists the adverted crisis will be much worse.

Gideon The Flash

Afterwards Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) and Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) speak with Frank Santini (Joey Arseco), before they eliminate Frank and his comrades. Snart insists he is the new Godfather. Next, Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabker) and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) head to Dante’s (Nicholas Gonzalez) birthday party. Meanwhile, Barry continues running in hopes of recreating the time jump. Joe enters and questions Barry about Mardon. Barry receives a call from Linda and runs out to join her.

Linda Park The Flash

At the party, Dante belittles Cisco, while trying to flirt with Caitlin. After too many insults, Cisco and Caitlin leave. Next, Barry meets up with Linda and breaks off their relationship. Barry interrupts Mason and Iris’s conversation regarding Stag and pulls Iris aside and asks her out for coffee. On his way out, Barry tells Mason he is wrong about Harrison. Cisco and Barry meet up at a bar and Barry insists he is on the verge of finding someone special. Cisco gets an admirer, Lisa, who reveals she is in town and visiting Mercury Labs. Of course, Cisco is lured back to a house, where Lisa reveals herself to be Lisa Snart (Peyton List). He is also confronted by Leonard.

STAR Labs The Flash

It is revealed that Dante has been taken captive and Snart plans on using him, in order to force Cisco to create him some weapons. Lisa forces Cisco to make her a weapon, with gold. Iris meets up with Barry and he reveals his true feelings to her. This time, Iris refuses his advances. After a call from Joe, Barry learns about Snart’s return. The Snart duo attack Santini casino. The Flash shows up and takes Lisa hostage, with her own golden gun. When he learns about Cisco’s predicament, Barry is forced to let the Snarts go free.

The Flash Lisa Snart

Afterwards, Joe learns about that situation, before Eddie punches Barry and tells him to stay away from Iris. At the lab, Barry finally admits to being wrong, before confiding in Wells and telling him about future events. Wells insists Iris’s feelings will remain hidden, because the disaster with Joe didn’t jar them loose. Barry contemplates going back and saving his mother, but Wells convinces him it would risk more lives. Dante reveals to Cisco he has always been jealous of him. He insists he’s never fought for anything in his life, before he attempts to attack Mick. However, they’re both beaten up, before the Snarts return. Leonard insists he’ll let his bother go, if Cisco tells him who the Flash is.

The Flash Rogue Time Review

Cisco finally makes it back to STAR Labs. Cisco reveals he was forced to tell who the Flash really was. Barry takes the blame and apologizes. Cisco makes his departure and insists he doesn’t want to put Barry in jeopardy. Joe visits Iris and questions her about her feelings. He suggests she figure it out and convince Eddie she loves him, if she truly does. Next, Wells visits Cisco, who is busy packing his belongings. Wells convinces Cisco to stay, before they discover the casino wasn’t the target.

Harrison Wells Reverse Flash

They discover that Snart is after the casino’s money. They attempt to take the truck, which is hauling the money, before Barry arrives and separates Leonard. Barry attempts to convince Leonard to quit or leave, but he refuses. Instead, Barry challenges Leonard to thieve, without killing. He also convinces him to stay away from his friends and family. Snart plays along and agrees to keep Barry’s secret. Afterwards, Barry returns to the coffee shop and discovers Caitlin has covered for his weird behavior.

Mason Bridge Dead Flash

Next, Mason is attacked and killed by The Reverse Flash, who steals all of the information regarding Wells. At the lab, Wells tells Barry he did what he thought was right, before Barry catches a new story regarding the disappearance of Mason Bridge. Afterwards, Barry speaks to Joe and tells him he might’ve been right about Wells.


The episode wasn’t necessarily bad, but it didn’t live up to the previous episode. The entire reversal felt like a cheap move to undo everything impactful from the former episode. Still, it wasn’t bad and actually had some good moments. Barry having his identity revealed will likely play a significant role in the future. It’ll be intriguing to see how Snart is able to capitalize on the situation. A 7 out of 10 is reasonable here.

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