The Flash Review: Plastique

The show opens with a speech about Barry Allen and his belief regarding friendships. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) turns up the speed and downs numerous shots of whiskey in a single second. The alcohol has no effect on our hero.

A traumatic event takes place downtown, as the friends continue partying and drinking.  Iris West (Candice Patton) takes her lead. Meanwhile, Barry transforms into the Flash and heads downtown. An explosion has rocked a building. Now, The Flash must save a window washer. Is he going to build a trampoline out of mattresses? No! There isn’t enough time! Instead, he runs straight up the side of the building and saves the worker!

Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), Det. Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and Barry investigate the crime scene. Before they are able to get anywhere, the scene is overrun by the army. Captain David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) and General Wade Eiling (Clancy Brown) request the team’s case files. Barry is suspicious of the situation.

Joe is worried about Iris, who is turning into a modern day stalker. She has been visiting all of the crime scenes to get an up-close view of “The Streak”. Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) admits to knowing Eiling and gives the team a little history lesson.

The Flash rushes around town to get in contact with Bette Sans Souci (Kelly Frye). Upon his arrival, she notices something is wrong with his suit. IT’S GOING TO BLOW!! After escaping to a safe distance, Barry removes the suit and it explodes. He is exposed in his black undies. Has Souci discovered the Flash’s true identity? Ruh Roh!

As the team begin contemplating labeling Barry as AWOL, he shows up partially naked. Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) sheds a tear for his suit. Oh, and supposedly Souci can plant bombs with her hands, which is what happened to Barry’s suit. Eiling is attempting to hide the US army’s secret weapon.

The show focuses on the big stink created, because Iris spotted The Streak. Meanwhile, Cisco is crushing over Bette Sans Souci, who is headed to her doctor, Dr. Hadley (Jan Bos). As the army rushes in to capture Bette, The Flash flashes her out of the building!

Bette explains she was sent to Afghanistan, where she got blown up by a roadside bomb. Obviously, she recovered and became a bomb herself. Looks pretty good, despite being blown to bits, huh? Bette was grazed in the arm with a bullet, which placed a tracking device in her arm! Rut Roh! Army incoming!

Bette plays bomb frisbee. Barry explains he was given his speed for a reason and plans to use it for good. Bette seems interested in getting rid of her abilities altogether. Iris could potentially be in danger, since she has blogged about The Streak. Therefore, Barry pays her a visit, as The Streak.

The Streak plays a fun game of chase, with Iris, before insisting she stop writing about him. Iris questions The Flash’s motives and begins discussing Barry’s childhood story. Iris requests help from The Steak to save Barry.

Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) reveals bad news for Bette. The team will be unable to remove her deformity. She breaks down sobbing and runs off. STAR questions enlisting Bette into their group. Would her skills be useful? Meanwhile, Joe has been investigation cold case files, but mainly Barry’s mom’s case. Barry suggests telling Iris the truth about The Flash. Joe confesses he knows Barry’s true feelings for his daughter.

Harrison and Bette have a conversation and discuss Bette’s future. Harrison insists Bette take out Eiling to protect people with conditions like her. Bette is gone and nobody knows where she has gone, aside from Harrison, who isn’t giving up any clues.

Bette is surrounded by the army and Wade. The Flash insists she isn’t going to turn herself in and rushes out of the room. Bette throws bombs and kills all the soldiers. The Flash shows up and attempts to save her, but it is already over. Wade awakes and shoots Bette. After a few seconds, Bette’s body begins to glow, as if she is going to blow! Ha! Now, The Flash has to get her body away from innocent people. He runs over water and drops her body in the ocean, where it explodes. Thanks to his amazing speed, Flash is able to outrun the explosive waves.

Eiling is seen on television sugarcoating the situation and the explosion out on the ocean. Iris is working on her blog, probably typing up a story on The Flash, when Barry enters and wants to discuss something with her. Barry begs Iris to stop writing stories about the super hero. She questions why he isn’t interested in the super hero. Barry insists he finally put everything involving his family behind him. Iris insists she will not stop, until the rest of the world believe in the Streak. Barry then recommends the pair not see one another for awhile.

Barry goes to the bar and drowns his sorrows with club soda. Thankfully, Caitlin shows up with some special alcohol specifically made for Barry. Of course, it nearly knocks him off his feet. He’s already hooked. On the next episode, we get to see how fast The Flash can move, when experiencing DTs.

Barry delivers a narration about friendship. He mentions that friends come and go, but the pain felt remains.

Eiling confronts Harrison and insists that they work together. Harrison isn’t interested in the idea and threatens to end the General’s career, if he continues. The General leaves and claims the press will catch on, before too long. The show flashes back 5 year ago and we see the General and Harrison working together. It seems Eiling wants to push the test subject too far and Harrison was having none of it. Turns out it was a dog named Grodd.


Each episode of CW’s The Flash has been good. However, this episode took a leap forward. The episode plot with Bette Sans Souci and her bombing abilities was fun and helped to drive the episode forward. However, it was the interaction between Barry/Flash/Streak and Iris that pushed the episode ahead of the rest. The narration near the end was rather bleak. The ending with the appearance of Grodd was fun as well. Harrison is beginning to develop into an interesting side story too.

Overall, this episode helped to expand the show’s core. For that, the episode deserves a 9 out of 10.

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