The Flash: Flash vs. Arrow Review

Arrow (Stephen Amell) is forced to commute to Central City, in order to investigate a number of murders involving a boomerang like weapon. Meanwhile, The Flash (Grant Gustin) is forced to confront a new metahuman, who is capable of controlling people’s emotions.

When the show opens, we see a montage of The Flash performing a bunch of good deeds. It becomes clear that he is in love with Iris West (Candice Patton). Next, we encounter a bank robbery, by Roy G. Bivolo (Paul Anthony). Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) reveals that half a million dollars was taken from the vault. It is revealed all of the people, within the bank, were fighting with one another, which made the thief’s job much easier.

Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) is beginning to grow jealous and suspicious of The Flash. He goes to the captain and suggests opening an investigation into the mysterious figure and insists he is a menace. When Iris discovers his actions, she is angry. Next, Harrison (Tom Cavanagh), Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panaker) discuss the possibility of a metahuman that is capable of making people angry. Despite Caitlin’s warnings, The Flash visits Iris. She warns him about Eddie’s suspicions, when The Flash receives an update about the money, which had a tracker in it.

The police track down and confront the thief, but he is too powerful and makes one of the officers go insane and fire at Joe. The Flash saves Joe and the Arrow shows up and puts the insane office down with a couple of arrows. Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and the Flash inform Barry about their current investigation. Barry suggests teaming up. While John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Arrow stay behind, Felicity goes with Barry.

Back at STAR Labs, Felicity shows Cisco the boomerang, which seems to vibrate. Also, Harrison Wells requests to see Barry. Joe and Harrison tells Barry that they do not trust Arrow and suggest he is a murderer. Using strong-arm tactics, Arrow, asks Oliver Queen, discovers the name of the bank robber, Roy G. Bivolo. Iris tells Barry she is excited to see Oliver in person. Felicity informs Oliver about Barry defending him to Harrison and Joe. Despite reluctance, Oliver agrees to help Barry.

Oliver suggests that Barry needs to train. Oliver wishes to see if he can hit Barry with an arrow. Although Barry catches Oliver’s arrow, two hidden bows hit him with two arrows, which is why Oliver insisted Barry needs to work more smartly and investigate each scene, before acting. Meanwhile, Joe still questions Arrow’s intentions. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Felicity discuss Roy’s use of color to control emotions. Afterwards, Wells speaks to Felicity about Arrow and his distrust for him. Wells asks Felicity about Arrow’s true identity, but Felicity refuses to budge. Wells adamantly says he’ll figure it out on his own.

Cisco receives a hit on Roy’s location. The Flash heads there on his own, despite Felicity suggesting Arrow should tag along. Chroma confronts the Flash and eventually turns him angry. Barry returns to STARS and tells everyone about his experience. Oliver tells Barry that he has been living this type of life for 8 years and insists he is trying to help. However, Barry insists Oliver is jealous of him. Barry rushes off, after an argument. Afterwards, he returns to the station and tells Captain David Signh (Patrick Sabongui) to back off. Next, Barry gets angry with Joe and his eyes flash red. The team has a problem, with Barry being under the influence of Chroma’s rage. Wells suggests using Arrow or Oliver Queen to capture The Flash.

As Iris and Eddie cruise down the road discussing The Flash, Flash shows up and slings Eddie out of the car, before asking him, if he has been looking for him. Wells, Felicity and crew begin formulating a plan of attack, while watching Flash attack Eddie. Iris attempts to calm Flash, but it is no good. However, Arrow shows up and the pair begin to fight. Meanwhile, Diggle and Cisco bet on the outcome. Arrow uses an arrow filled with horse tranquilizer to attempt to neutralize Barry, but it doesn’t work. After a long fight, Arrow grabs Flash, as Joe and Wells show up in a van and blast Barry with bright colors, which removes his anger. Cisco insists the fight was a tie.

Afterwards, Arrow and Flash suggest bringing down Roy together. Oliver and Barry transport Roy to the prison. Flash pleads with everyone to keep his identity a secret. Joe thanks him for his help. Caitlin agrees to help Felicity with DNA testing. Wells tells Oliver he met his father once and suggests he would be proud of Oliver.

Eddie confronts Iris and tells her that the captain agreed to open a task force to investigate The Flash. Barry apologizes to Oliver and admits to having bottled up feelings and having a lot to learn. Oliver tells Flash he needs to let Iris go, as it will never work out. He suggests guys like them don’t get the girl. Oliver runs into an old flame and the pair go their separate ways. The Flash confronts Iris and tries to explain last night’s encounter. Iris tells Flash to never contact her again. The episode ends with a man, who is engulfed and controlling flames.


The Flash/Arrow crossover worked perfectly, along with an interesting villain in Paul Anthony, as Chroma or Roy Bivolo. It was fun to see Barry go a little crazy, break down and break bad. On the other hand, I enjoyed watching Oliver Queen attempt to mentor Barry and improve his techniques, before shooting him with a few arrows. The episode was definitely fun and probably the best this season. A 9 out of 10 is well deserved.

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