The Flash: The Flash is Born Review

In the latest episode of CW’s The Flash, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) becomes obsessed with people knowing exactly who the Flash is. Of course, he wasn’t expecting the consequences that his actions bring.

The show opens with Iris West (Candice Patton) writing a post on her blog, which thanks The Streak for his actions. Within seconds, The Flash flashes in and requests the Iris stop writing her blog. Barry tells Iris he doesn’t want to be called the Streak. With police sirens in the background, The Flash heeds his calling and makes his exit.

Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) show up at the crime scene. It is a roadblock for a stolen, yellow hummer. The Flash saves a young boy from getting run over. The huge man gets out of the vehicle and Barry punches him. The man’s body turns to steel, which breaks Barry’s hand. The man smacks Barry around a little, before Barry escapes back to the lab, where he is treated for his injuries.

We learn the perp’s name, Tony Woodward (Greg Finley), who happened to bully Barry, during his childhood. Eddie mentions firing dozens of rounds at Tony, only for them to be reflected. Eddie seems a little suspicious of Iris and Barry’s relationship. Meanwhile, Detective West attempts to recruit Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) to help him investigate the murder of Barry’s mom.

Back at the lab, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) suggests he can train Barry to take down his target. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) doesn’t seem too impressed with the plan, but helps anyway. Barry practices fighting a steel robot. Afterwards, Eddie calls to tell Barry they found the yellow hummer. Before he leaves, Caitlin questions Barry about his recent visit to Iris.

At the crime scene, Barry and Eddie chat about Iris. Then, Barry reminiscences about trying to learn to fight as a youngster. Of course, he gets totally humiliated by Iris. Meanwhile, Joe discusses the cold case, with Harrison. He questions whether someone with Barry’s abilities committed the murder fourteen years ago. Was there another Flash in the past? Harrison seems to doubt it.

Eddie and Barry investigate a brewery, which is linked to Tony. One of the perps attempts to run. With Barry’s amazing speed, they chase the man down. The man talks about Keystone Iron Works. He says Tony fell into some molten steel and die. Much to his surprise, Eddie tells him Tony is alive and well. Meanwhile, Iris is at the pub and gets a visit from Tony.

Tony questions Iris about her blog. He mentions The Streak getting beat up and running off. He questions her about the Streak’s real identity. Tony’s mugshot is broadcast on television. He crushes Iris’ phone and gives her a big wad of cash, before leaving. Meanwhile, Iris writes to the Flash using her blog. Iris tells Barry about Tony’s West Keystone hideout. The Flash escapes and heads toward Tony’s place, despite warnings from Cisco and Caitlin.

Barry finds Tony’s place, but is immediately ambushed. After the break, Cisco and Caitlin rescue a bad damaged Barry, who is beginning to doubt his powers. Can he really overcome his childhood bully? Cisco suggests Barry can damage Tony, if he hits him at the right angle. Of course, he also needs to be traveling 800+ miles per hour! Of course, if he doesn’t pull it off right, he’ll break all of his bones.

It seems Tony has stolen a car and fled town. To blow off steam, Eddie and Barry visit a punching bag. Eddie does most of the punching. He also discusses his own childhood bullies. With a little egging on, Barry hits the bag and busts it. Joe and Harrison share a drink. Joe suggests there must have been another particle accelerator. Harrison denies it and doesn’t seem to want to help Joe. It is revealed Harrison opened the lab a month after the murder.

Tony brazenly breaking into Iris’ place and kidnaps her. Meanwhile, Eddie continues training Barry. They learn about Iris’ kidnapping. Cisco has been working to develop a plan of attack for Barry. The crew works together to help Barry find Iris. Tony tells Iris that he killed the Streak and she should start writing about him. She pulls the fire alarm and attempts to run, but is captured.

Barry travels to his old elementary school, where Iris and Tony are. Tony transforms into steel, while Barry slides under his legs. This time, Barry is putting up a good fight. Tony slings Barry around a little, before he sees a flashback to Joe telling him to be smart. Barry runs away. He stops miles away from the building and begins running full speed towards the building. He’s breaking car windows, with his speed. Barry lands the blow and Iris finishes up with a punch of her own.

Tony is locked inside of S.T.A.R. Labs, as Barry reveals his true identity to Tony. Cisco suggests taking out his childhood bully next. Joe apologizes to Harrison. It is revealed a tragedy put Harrison’s work on hold. Meanwhile, Barry pays Iris a visit. Iris explains other super heroes like The Flash. With Barry’s help, she develops a new name for her hero, The Flash.

That night, Joe is busy working on the case of Barry’s mother, when a streak visits. He is threatened to drop the investigation.


The Flash has been consistently good and this episode was no different. This episode was a fun take on bullies. Finally, the little guy got revenge on his childhood bully. Iris finally got around to calling Barry the Flash. We’re finally getting somewhere with the investigation into the murder of Barry’s mother. Who or what exactly is trying to prevent the truth from being revealed? While some of the dialogue is a little cheesy at times, we can deal with it. The episode was good and deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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