The Flash Finale Recap

The Flash Season 1 Finale

The episode begins with Harrison Wells being interrogated by Barry. Wells reveals that neither was able to defeat the other, until he discovered Barry’s identity and traveled back to kill him. He reveals that Barry traveled back and saved his young self. He finally admits to killing Barry’s mother, since he figured it would weaken Barry and prevent him from becoming The Flash. He reveals that he created The Flash, since he needed him to return home. He suggests Barry go back and save his mother and father, but Barry threatens to kill Wells right now.

The Flash Finale Recap

He offers Barry a chance to reverse all of his evil antics, but Barry leaves without giving an answer. He returns to Caitlin and crew to contemplate his options. Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) tells Barry about all of the potential problems associated with time travel. He tells Barry that the future will be uncertain, if he goes back. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) tells Barry that he should go for it. Barry pays a visit to his father, Henry (John Wesley Shipp). Henry suggests that the idea is insane. He tells Barry not to do it. He insists that Nora Allen (Michelle Harrison) wouldn’t want Barry to change the past.

Henry Allan Flash

Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) tells Caitlin he has decided to stick around. They kiss and agree to get married. Iris West (Candice Patton) finds Barry on the rooftop and speaks to him. They contemplate Barry’s big dilemma a little more. She eventually tells him to do what he needs to do for himself, before he returns to Eobard Thawne, who is ready to return to the past. He reveals that they’ll need to use the particle accelerator to travel back. He tells Barry his speed is capable of punching a hole in reality and sending them back into time, but failing could lead to death.

The Flash Finale Review

Everyone evaluates the risks of the decision, before Cisco (Carlos Valdes) speaks to Harrison. Cisco insists it’ll explode, before Harrison quickly gives him the solution to the problem. Cisco questions Harrison about killing him. He tells Cisco that he was also impacted by the explosion. He explains that Cisco’s gift was given out of love, before Cisco rushes out. Stein continues running tests, in order to determine the safeness of the plan. Finally, Wells steps in and tells them about his rigorous experiments and guarantees its success.

Caitlin Ronnie Wedding The Flash

Barry rushes off and contemplates the decision again. This time Joe tells him he doesn’t know what to think. They share a nice father and son moment and Joe guarantees Barry will never lose him. Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) visits Iris. He tells her about a previous date, which got cancelled and the first time he met Iris. He speaks about coincidences and admits he has a destiny too and suggests it is Iris. They share a kiss, before Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) prepares to marry Ronnie. After the ceremony, Barry says goodbye to everyone, as he prepares to travel back in time.

The Flash Time Travel

Stein tells Barry he will only have a a minute or so to save his mother. Harrison gives him a little motivation, before he begins running and building up speed. Harrison walks him through the process, while he runs. Barry hits the wormhole and disappears into the past. He watches the events revolving around Nora’s death. He watches Reverse Flash stab her, before approaching and speaking to his mother. They give each other their goodbyes, before Nora passes away. Harrison prepares to go back in time. He thanks Cisco, before entering his pod, but Barry arrives and destroys it. Barry reveals that he already has everything he ever wanted, before they begin to fight.

Nora Allen The Flash Finale

The others work to close the wormhole, while the two fight. The Reverse Flash prepares to kill Barry, before Eddie shoots himself. Due to their relationship, Eddie’s death prevents Eobard’s birth. Iris comforts Eddie, as he reveals that he is a hero and dies. Eobard questions how Barry will get along, without him, before he evaporates into nothing. Despite the closing of the wormhole, it begins to reopen. Barry rushes everyone out, while the wormhole sucks up Eddie’s body and everything from the streets.

Eddie Thawne Suicide The Flash

Barry insists he must try to use his speed to stop the vortex. He runs around and jumps into the wormhole, before the episode ends.

The Flash Finale Eobard Thawne


Truthfully, the finale succeeded on some levels and failed on others. The first 25-30 minutes felt like repetitive rubbish. The wedding, romance and discussions got stale very quickly. By the time Barry finally went through the wormhole, I was annoyed with the entire episode. Finally, the finale got much better, once he finally went back into time. The ending was interesting and allowed Eddie to potentially go out on top. The whole wormhole vacuuming up mankind was enough to warrant a second season. This was a decent finale, once it finally got moving. A 7 out of 10 is reasonable. I do feel the season would have been better, if there were fewer episodes. I’ll watch a second season though.

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