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The Fall Series 3 Episode 5 Recap

During the beginning of the 5th episode, Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) lounges on her balcony and stares into the city. Moments later, she receives a phone call from Dr. Larson (Krister Henriksson). The doctor asks Stella about her dream book. She admits she uses the dreams to aid her investigations. Afterwards, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) imagines himself jumping from the top of a building. He wakes up as he begins to lean over. He can hear the other patients scurrying around outside of his room. While Paul gets himself together, Dr. Larson speaks with his team about Paul and his health status.

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Larson tells his colleagues to remain skeptical of Paul’s memory loss. Paul is escorted through the facility by Nurse Ritchie (Chris Patrick-Simpson). During this time, Stella checks the news online and discovers her own picture. DC Turner (Richard Clements) brings her the letter she requested. It happens to be the letter from Katie Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi) to Paul. In the letter, Katie expresses her love for Paul, while giving the middle finger to the outside world. While Stella reads the letter, we switch over to Katie, who is now in court. Katie’s mother, Lisa (Lacy Moore), is also in the courtroom. Katie’s solicitor tries to protect her, but Katie isn’t having it. She lashes out at the judge using a few choice words.

jamie dornan the fall series 3

Meanwhile, DS Anderson (Colin Morgan) and PC Ferrington (Niamh McGrady) scan through the casefiles for the Alvarez case. Anderson quickly determines that the investigator led Alvarez and fed him answers. Healy (Aidan McArdle) tells Wallace (Ruth Bradley) to compile a list of mistakes made by the police. Healy also mentions Stella’s past relationship with Burns (John Lynch). The pair agree to investigate other liaisons she may have had. Healy also believes Paul might’ve known about Stella’s relationship with Burns. Healy contemplates whether or not Stella refused to protect Paul in the woods, due to his knowledge of her relationship. During breakfast, Paul speaks with Bailey (Conor MacNeill) once again.

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Bailey tells Paul about his freedom at the hospital. Later, Paul speaks with the doctor. Spector admits he is aware of his charges and his possible punishment. The doctor tries to throw out a trick question, but Paul dodges it skillfully. Ferrington and Anderson watch surveillance footage from Alvarez’s crime. A man, who closely resembles Paul, is spotted in the background. Meanwhile, Stella learns about Paul’s whereabouts before the Harper murder. It is revealed that Spector was working at a club and became hostile with a customer. Later, Paul receives another visit from Bailey. Wallace tells Healy that police after additional evidence to Spector and wish to interview him once more.

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Healy learns about the lockup. He is upset and orders Wallace to make contact with Paul’s doctor to see whether or not he is ready for an interview. That night, Stella speaks with Anderson and learns about the evidence against Alvarez. Stella informs Anderson that he will be meeting with Alvarez the following day. Paul learns about Bailey’s history. The man tells Spector that he got a new haircut, which make him look feminine. He admits his sister made fun of him, so he broker he arm. He also tells Paul about hearing voices. Eventually, nurse Ritchie steps in and escorts Paul back to his room. Ritchie tells Paul that Bailey broke his sister’s arm and raped her. Paul also learns that she was very young at the time.

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Later, Burns contacts Anderson and tells him about the orphanage where Paul and Alvarez stayed as children. He tells Anderson how the boys at Gortnacull were abused and molested. The next day, Stella learns that Sean Healy has filed a complaint against her. It is revealed that an abuse of process application was also filed. Next, Anderson and Ferrington sit down with Alvarez and his attorney. Alvarez (Martin McCann) sees a picture of Paul and recognizes him as Peter Baldwin. While Alvarez is interviewed, Paul speaks with Doctor Larson once again. Paul and Alvarez both speak about their time at the orphanage and the abuse they suffered at the hands of Jensen. Paul tells the doctor about sneaking into people’s homes and how that made him feel.

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Anderson and Ferrington learn that Alvarez and Paul shared a flat in Brixton. He is shown the surveillance video. Eventually, Alvarez admits he didn’t tell the police about Paul. He tells them how Spector saved him from further abuse at the hands of Jensen as a children. He also reveals that Paul was Jensen’s favorite boy for an entire year and endured a great deal of abuse during that time. Paul tells the doctor about his mother and how she took her own life. He admits he was the one, who discovered her body. He also reveals he believed other people were saying she went to a better place, because she got away from him. Anderson contacts Stella and tells her about the outcome of the interview. He also admits he will be returning the following day.

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Later, Paul is escorted out of the hospital and taken to the police station to be interviewed. Burns watches the interview via a computer. Paul is asked a few basic questions, before Alvarez’s name is mentioned. Paul is also asked about the murder of Susan Harper. He is forced to admit to knowing Alvarez. Healy quickly interrupts and ends the interview. Paul speaks with his lawyers in a private room. He tells them the police have been clever. He confirms they have obtained evidence before his memory loss.


The Fall Review

The 5th episode of the Fall’s 3rd season was definitely the best thus far. The interactions with Paul and Bailey are very interesting. Learning about Paul’s past with the help of Alvarez was great and helped to delve deeper into Paul’s mindset. Nonetheless, the Stella character has been a major disappointment this season. Her attitude in the interview room was a little cheesy. How will it all end? Only time will tell.

A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Fall right now!

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