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The Fall Season 3 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the final episode, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) speaks with his lawyers about his time in London. He admits to living with Alvarez and being present during the time of the murder. Healy (Aidan McArdle) painfully confirms Paul cannot stop answering questions at this point. He tells Paul to answer carefully. Moments later, they return to Stella (Gillian Anderson) and Anderson (Colin Morgan). Paul tells the investigators that he returned home with Alvarez and Susan Harper. After Alvarez was finished with Susan, Paul convinced her to try something new. He admits that she suffocated to death, but claims it was an accident.

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Paul is questioned why Alvarez would take the fall. At first, he insists that was Alvarez’s choice. Eventually, he confirms Alvarez probably felt it was the right things to do. Stella finally speaks up and mentions Alvarez felt protected by Paul as a child. Stella brings up the abuse at the orphanage and also mentions Paul’s nickname. Stella attempts to convince Paul to drop the charade and own his confession. Healy chimes in and insist the interview was veered too far off course. At this time, Paul admits he didn’t think much about Susan or Alvarez once he became Paul Spector. He also reveals he has become intrigued by the thought of Paul Spector and how he could’ve transformed into such a monster.

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He also confirms he wants to know the real Paul. Stella pleads with Paul to remove the mask and own the truth. He quickly responds that everyone is wearing a mask especially Stella. He mentions the day of his shooting and Stella calling out for help. Stella tells Paul that Rose was right about him. She insists Paul wanted to be the center of attention. She tells him it is time to grow up and accept responsibility for his actions. Eventually, the conversation ends. Paul attacks as Anderson and Stella prepare to leave. Stella is bashed several times before Anderson can get involved.

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Unfortunately, Anderson is no match for Paul. His arm is broke and is sent crashing to the ground. Stella is kicked several times in the stomach, before guards rush in an carry Paul out. As Paul is ushered out, Burns (John Lynch) tries to get involved. He is quickly called out for smelling like alcohol and sent away. Afterwards, Wallace tells Healy that they can now drop the case and move on. However, Healy has other ideals. He insists this is exactly what they needed, since it shows some type of connection between Stella and Paul. Wallace admits she wants out and tells Healy he will be forced to continue on alone. Paul is escorted back to the hospital. He watches as Larson (Krister Henriksson) stashes his belongings in the locker.

the fall paul and larson

Meanwhile, Stella is rushed to the hospital, where she is treated by Dr. O’Donnell (Richard Coyle). The doctor encourages her to spend the night. She eventually agrees to do so. Next, Katie Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi) is shown eating alone. She hides a piece of food in her jacket. That night, the doctor returns to Stella and admits he doesn’t want to return home to his five children. Instead, he spends time asking her questions about various subjects. Doctor Larson and Nurse Ritchie (Chris Patrick-Simpson) speak with Paul’s psychiatrist at the hospital. The woman tells them she believes Paul is faking his memory loss.

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Paul receives a visit from the nurse. He insists his body no longer feels like his. The following day, DC McNally (Bronagh Taggart) speaks with Stella. She tells her that Katie has been self harming with a piece of bone. Paul speaks with his doctor. He admits he used to feel he had a black hole in his heart. However, that hole was filled by the presence of his daughter. Paul gives a crazy explanation for his attack on Stella and Anderson, before asking whether or not he is treatable and curable. Larson insists he is treatable, but he is hesitant to say whether or not Paul is curable. Then, they speak about Larson as a father. Olivia (Sarah Beattie) speaks with two women about her father.

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Olivia speaks about her bad dreams. She also admits she loves her father, but likely won’t visit him for a long time. Stella meets with Katie and speaks with her about the self-harming. During this time, Paul approaches Bailey (Conor MacNeill). Paul recites a poem, before asking Bailey for assistance with something. Stella continues yapping to Katie about Paul and her cutting. She also admits she used to cut herself. She tells Katie she needs to fight for herself, because she is in danger. Back at the hospital, Bailey causes a scene, because he doesn’t like the chocolate he was given.

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Bailey goes nuts, lashes out at the staff and hops on top of the pool table. Paul uses the opportunity to escape. He finds Larson in the locker area and gives him a good bashing. Paul steals Larson’s belongings, before heading back to the cells. Stella tells Katie about Paul’s attack on her. She also tells Katie that Paul doesn’t care and cannot remember her. Paul hides in Bailey’s cell. Bailey is thrown inside and the door is quickly shut. Paul sneaks up behind Bailey and strangles him to death with Larson’s belt. He puts Bailey in the bed to avoid suspicion, before turning his attention to himself. He puts a plastic bag over his head and ties it securely with Larson’s belt.

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Paul throws one end of the belt over the door and shuts it. He begins to choke. The nurses discover Larson and panic. They search for Paul. Ritchie checks the security footage and discovers that Paul entered Bailey’s cell. They rush in to find Paul unconscious. He is placed on the ground and the bag is removed. Stella receives a call and is informed. She tells Katie nothing. She arrives at the hospital and apologizes to Larson, before heading inside. Stella is not happy with what she sees. The following day, Burns steps down from his post. Paul’s body is inspected at the morgue, while Burns speaks about his death. Stella returns to the office and speaks with PC Ferrington (Niamh McGrady), before they say their goodbyes.

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Rose (Valene Kane) reads a bedtime story to her daughter Nancy (Sofia Smyth Fuentes). We see Stella return home and pick her mail off of the ground. She changes the fairytale and tells her daughter than the frog was thrown against the wall. Of course, the frog was actually a prince. Stella grabs a bottle of wine and looks at something. She puts the note Paul threw outside of the hospital on her refrigerator. And the episode ends with Stella drinking wine.


The Fall Review

Well, The Fall is finally over or at least Paul Spector’s reign has come to an end. The third and possibly final season was a little bit of a disappointment. The previous 5 episodes were slow and uneventful. That forced the finale into hyper drive. Nonetheless, the finale was unexpected and satisfying.

I am glad Stella didn’t get her way. By the 4 or 5 episode, her character had transformed into an annoyance. Paul Spector ended things his way. Some have speculated about a potential fourth season. The 3rd season wasn’t a necessity and a 4th one definitely isn’t either. The 3rd season proved to me that Paul Spector largely carried the show. Stella’s scenes were boring and slightly annoying.

I simply do not see a 4th season being worthwhile, without a villain that can excel Spector. That is unlikely. The finale scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up previous recaps of The Fall right now.

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