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The Fall Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of The Fall’s 4th episode, Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) has a dream of Paul Spector. She imagines Paul massaging her hand, before trying to drown her in the bathtub. She has another dream of her father, before finally returning to reality. Paul (Jamie Dornan) is given an MRI. Stella and her team scour over the evidence in the Susan Harper case. They reveal she likely took cocaine shortly before her death. Nonetheless, the team hasn’t been able to connect Paul Spector to Peter Baldwin. Stella informs her team that Spector will be moved to the psychiatric hospital the following day. Meanwhile, Wallace (Ruth Bradley) and Healy (Aidan McArdle) go over their evidence. Wallace tells her partner she believes they can get the confession thrown out by insisting Stella seduced it from Paul.

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Despite skepticism, Healy agrees to go along with the plan, as long as Wallace can back it up. They listen to Paul’s phone call to Stella, while he is escorted back to his hospital room. Meanwhile, Stella is given the opportunity to look through more of Paul’s books. While she does, Katie Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi) writes a letter to Paul. Stella is interrupted by DC McNally (Bronagh Taggart). Together, they watch a new report about Sally (Bronagh Waugh) and her suicide attempt. After the report concludes, Stella argues with ACC Burns (John Lynch) because he wanted to pursue the charges against Sally. Burns defends himself and insists he only wanted to protect the children.

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Wallace and Healy learn about the situation on their way to the hospital. Burns heads into the bathroom and swallows a small bottle of liquid. Stella heads to the hospital and speaks with Dr. O’Donnell (Richard Coyle). She is given permission to speak with Olivia (Sarah Beattie). Olivia confirms she remembers Stella. They share a hug. While Nurse Sheridan (Aisling Bea) helps Paul, his lawyers learn about his MRI. Meanwhile, Stella and her team try to figure out what to tell the press. She tells Matt to show a human face for the media. Paul’s lawyers ask him about the scissors and also allow him to listen to his confession. He denies knowing anything and forces Wallace to stop the tape. They also ask Paul about Katie. He denies having sex with her and insists he wouldn’t touch a child.

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Paul loses it and has to be calmed by Nurse Kiera. Katie meets with Paul’s lawyers and tries to convince them to pass along her letter. They refuse and she is chased away by an officer. Sally remains speechless, while she waits for a mental evaluation. Stella gets a visit from DC Turner (Richard Clements). He tells her that Paul’s lawyers want her dream diary to be disclosed. She doesn’t like the ideal, but agrees to pass it along as long as the PPS clears it. Paul speaks with his nurse about his family. He admits he always feels like he is on the outside looking in. He is asked whether or not he believes he committed the crimes. He admits if he did them, he wasn’t arrested. He was rescued. Stella meets with DS Anderson (Colin Morgan) and tells him he needs to head to London.

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Anderson agrees, but he is encouraged to take PC Ferrington (Niamh McGrady) along. Paul is given the opportunity to see his son. He needs assistance figuring out which one is his. He admits to Kieran that he doesn’t remember the boy. She confirms he looks like Paul a little. Before Paul is allowed to leave, Nurse Kieran passes him a note. Paul thanks Kieran, before he is escorted out of the hospital. During this time, Stella heads to the new hospital to speak with Dr. Larson (Krister Henriksson). Paul asks one of his guards if he has seen him somewhere before. The man clearly doesn’t believe Paul has lost his memory.

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Stella is given a tour of the facility, before being escorted to Larson’s office. She watches Paul arrive through a security camera, while Larson leaves. Paul looks at the note from his nurse. It reads “He that loves not abides in death”. He disposes of it on the way inside. Stella notices this from the camera view. Paul meets with Dr. Larson and is told about the facility. Larson introduces Paul to Nurse Ritchie (Chris Patrick-Simpson). Ritchie takes Paul to his room, before giving him water and a change of clothes. Larson returns to Stella and they have a conversation. Stella shows Larson Paul’s notebook. During this time, Paul takes a shower and changes his clothes. Stella continues to try and convince the doctor that Paul is very dangerous.

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Stella contemplates whether or not Paul might’ve breathed air into his victims to keep them alive longer. Stella eventually makes her exit. She recovers the note outside, while Paul is brought fruit. Back inside, Paul is introduced to Bailey (Conor MacNeill). The man seems a little off. When Stella returns to the office, she learns from McNally that Katie is back in custody and due in court the following day. The pair are also given the opportunity to speak with Rose Stagg (Valene Kane) once more. They speak about Rose’s time in captivity, before Rose request to speak with Stella alone. The tape is shut off and Rose finally opens up. She tells Stella that Paul strangled her in the past.

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Rose also describes Paul’s weird sex fantasies. She finally reveals how she returned to Tom, in order to escape Paul’s grasp. Stella also confirms she believes she might have been responsible for Paul attacking her. She admits she called him Peter and may have given away Rose’s identity. Back at the hospital, Paul gets another visit from Mark Bailey. He asks for Paul’s name. Paul tells Mark that people have told him he is the Belfast Strangler. Paul admits he doesn’t know whether or not he really is. Mark freaks out and makes a hasty retreat.


The Fall Review

The 4th episode of The Fall’s 3rd season was definitely one of the better episodes of the season. That should be credited to the fact that it focused mainly on Paul. Not too much of substance happened though. Nonetheless, Paul’s interactions with the other characters are very intriguing. His budding relationship with Nurse Kieran was a little warped and slightly depressing, but still one of the better aspects of the 3rd season. And, his conversation with Mark Bailey was a good way to end the episode.

Whether or not Paul has lost his memory, we can tell from his encounter with Bailey that he still feels superior. All in all, a better episode, but still nothing to write home about. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Fall right now!

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