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The Fall Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, nurses care for Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan), while Stella (Gillian Anderson) enjoys a swim. Stella leaves her hotel room and is approached by ACC Burns (John Lynch). Since they’re headed to the same location, they decide to travel together. During the commute, Burns questions Stella about her relationship with DS Anderson (Colin Morgan). Burns also informs Stella that he plans to release Paul’s name to the public. He also admits they only have the upper hand, because they have Paul and Rose. Meanwhile, Katie Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi) pierces her own nose before heading to school. Katie’s mother, Lisa (Lacy Moore), is not happy with her daughter. Nonetheless, she has no choice but to let her leave. Stella also learns that the Music Man Task Force has been moved to make way for a terrorist investigation.

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Stella and Burns arrive at their destination. On the way upstairs, Stella runs into PC Ferrington (Niamh McGrady). Stella invites Ferrington to rejoin their task force. Burns speaks with the board and tells them about the Music Man investigation, while Stella meets with Kinkead (Genevieve O’Reilly). Burns tells the others about James Tyler, while Stella defends herself and Ferrington to Kinkead. During this time, Rose Stagg (Valene Kane) spots Spector, when they move him to the operating theater. She immediately begins to freak out and insists she wants to go home. Paul’s operation is finished and Stella wraps up her interview with Kinkead. Afterwards, Burns heads outside and releases Paul’s name to the public.

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The doctor orders his nurse to begin decreasing Paul’s dosages. While at school, Olivia (Sarah Beattie) reads about Paul’s case on the Internet. She makes a call to Katie and asks her about her father. Katie, who is now at the hospital, also learns that her friend Daisy (Tara Lee) had once met Paul. After the phone call ends, Katie searches the Internet and learns about Daisy speaking with the media and providing them with information about Paul. Meanwhile, Stella and the others move into their new headquarters. At the hospital, Paul begins to come through. He freaks out and grabs the nurse’s arm. She is forced to call for help, while Paul attempts to pull the tube out of his throat. Paul is eventually subdued. Rose overhears the commotion and again tries to leave the hospital. Meanwhile, Katie is spotted by a guard, who gives chase. Katie manages to escape.

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Sally (Bronagh Waugh) heads to the school to pick up her kids. While she is there, she learns about their phone call. She is also told that other parents are worried about their children. It is recommended that Sally keep Liam and Olivia at home for a few days. Stella gives her team a prep talk. She tells them that mistakes cannot be tolerated, if they’re going to put Paul away. She learns that Rose’s vehicle will be dusted for prints the following day. It is also revealed that a man came forward and provided the police with information about Paul’s storage unit. Stella orders her team to get a warrant to search the building. Meanwhile, Nurse Kiera attempts to speak with Paul. It is clear he is responsive and has regained control over both of his arms and hands. Katie heads to the store and purchases a bottle of lemon juice.

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Back at the hospital, the tube is removed from Paul’s mouth. Stella receives an update about his status, while Kiera begins changing Paul’s dressing. The nurse tells Paul about his current situation and whereabouts. He cannot recall the shooting. That night, Sally speaks with her solicitor, Steve Jennings (Paul Kennedy). The man contemplates getting Paul a lawyer. The man insists there is only one lawyer who can handle such a case. The solicitor also asks Sally whether or not she intends to visit Paul. He suggests taking Olivia. Next, the Lyon and Healy law firm receives a phone call. At the hospital, the doctor speaks with Paul. Spector believes he was in an automobile accident. He also manages to recall his past life and his daughter Olivia. However, his memory is off a few years.

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Rose gets a visit from Tom (Jonjo O’Neill) and Nancy. Rose is happy to finally see her daughter. During this time, Healy (Aidan McArdle) tells his assistance about their new case. He tells her to obtain information about the Belfast Stranger. The doctor refuses to provide Paul with anymore information. He tells him to consult with his solicitor when he gets stronger. Stella learns about Sean Healy agreeing to represent Paul. Eastwood (Stuart Graham) tells Stella that Healy is a winner. Rose is finally allowed to leave the hospital. That night, Olivia and Sally speak in the vehicle, before heading to the hospital to see Paul. Katie also gets in touch with Daisy. She sprays the juice in her eyes and rushes off. Paul seems dumbfounded by the fact that his daughter is so big. They hug, while the nurse watches from a distance.

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Meanwhile, Stella and her team investigates Paul’s lockup. They find his vehicle and belongings from a bunch of women. During this time, the solicitor scours through information regarding Paul. She heads a bang and becomes startled. At the hospital, Paul tells Kiera that he has fragments of memories and feels like he has lost his mind. The nurse comforts Paul and insists they’re just memories. Back at the lockup, Stella discover Paul’s notebook full of warped drawings. She seems seriously disturbed by the images.


The Fall Review

Sadly, this episode was very similar to the previous. It was mostly uneventful and slightly boring. I could forgive the opener, since it had to account for the second season’s ending. However, this episode felt like a drag. At times, I was hoping the series would just take an unrealistic turn, Paul would yank the tube out of his mouth and make an escape. Nonetheless, the episode wasn’t a total disaster. Katie’s bizarre behavior is still a little interesting and Jamie Dornan’s acting was great for the short duration it was present.

Nonetheless, Stella’s antics aren’t interesting enough to carry the series. This episode made that very clear. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Fall right now!

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