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The Durrells In Corfu Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

As the episode begins, Spiros (Alexis Georgoulis) criticizes Louisa’s (Keeley Hawes) choice of men. He also complains that the British make everything too complicated. Louisa is forced to scare Spiros away, after he steals a gingerbread man cookie. Vasilia (Errika Bigiou) flirts with Lawrence (Josh O’Connor). She does her best to get him away from the typewriter and into bed. Then, their conversation turns to marriage. Vasilia doesn’t shy away from the fact that she wants Lawrence to propose to her right away. Meanwhile, Gerald (Milo Parker) is forced to stop a bird from eating his otter. Donald (Ben Hall) belittles Gerald for ignoring his education once again. The situation only worsens, when Donald discovers Gerald has been using his briefcase to house his pets.

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Hugh (Daniel Lapaine) takes Louisa for a ride. Along the way, Hugh reveals what is hiding under his trousers, swimming trunks. Lawrence arrives at the lake and finds his family has already jumped in. Louisa remains on the pier. Louisa learns about Lawrence’s troubles, before offering to end the relationship for him. Lawrence refuses the help while suggesting Vasilia would kill Louisa. Gerald speaks with his mother about the difficulties of love. After watching his family’s love troubles, it seems Gerald would rather remain celibate. After the swimming ends, Spiros arrives at the Durrell house. Louisa quickly interferes between Hugh and Spiros. She demands that the two remain cordial.

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The two men eventually agree to arrange a cricket game between the Greek and the British. Louisa is fine with the idea, as long it remains joyful. It is clear immediately that the game will be anything, but joyful. Before leaving, Spiros speaks with Louisa in private about cricket. Both are unsure how many players are needed. Despite his lack of knowledge, Spiros seems confident in his team’s ability to win. Meanwhile, Hugh and Leslie (Callum Woodhouse) begin putting together their team. They both agree to enlist help from Sven and his male friend. During their conversation, Hugh lets it slip that he intends to win for Louisa. Lawrence tries to end his relationship with Vasilia. He fails horribly and winds up sleeping with her once again.

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Margo (Daisy Waterstone) visits Countess Mavrodaki (Leslie Caron). She asks the Countess to buy and award the trophy to the winner. The Countess agrees, as long she can be the umpire. Gerald tries to give Donald advice for winning over Margo. The advice is more relatable to animals than humans. Nevertheless, Donald naively accepts it. Margo admits to Lawrence that Donald is in love with her. Then, she gives Lawrence advice for escaping Vasilia’s clutches. Back at home, the family argues about the Countess becoming the umpire. They suggest getting Theo (Yorgos Karamihos) to help the Greek. However, he is currently away. Also, Gerald tells his family that Donald is originally from Brazil, in hopes of enticing Margo. Donald admits he is pretty good at cricket and has a workable googly.

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Lawrence follows Margo’s advice, but it falls short. Vasilia is simply too smart for his antics. Leslie and Margo go swimming once again. Louisa remains on the shore nearby. She ridicules the kids’ costumes and insists they’re too racy for her. Again, Donald follows Gerald’s advice. Sadly, it winds up making him look like a total dork in front of Margo. The dangerous bird flies above head once again. Gerald finds it perched on a ledge. He feeds it and realizes the bird didn’t want to kill anything after all. Leslie and Lugaretzia (Anna Savva) try to give Spiros a few pointers. Florence (Lucy Black) speaks with Louisa about the baby. After an interruption by Spiros, Florence suggests the game is nothing more than an old-fashioned jousting match. Louisa decides to send a telegram to Theo immediately.

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Meanwhile, Louisa visits Hugh. She finds him coaching his men. She speaks with Sven about his friend, Viggo (Martin Laer). Sven admits there are rumors that Viggo has two women elsewhere. Louisa apologizes that Sven is forced to hide his relationship from the others. Louisa watches as Hugh becomes deeper entranced with winning the cricket game. Donald receives further advice from Gerald. This time, he is told to get a tan. Gerald puts on his mother’s oven mitt and heads outside. He uses a piece of food to lure the bird to his hand. The bird takes the food and rests on Gerald’s hand. Louisa sneaks around and spies on the Greek cricket team. They are horrible. Louisa once again tries to convince Spiros to call off the match. Then, Theo arrives and saves the day. In the morning, we see that Donald has gotten a sun burn.

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Then, the cricket game gets underway. Vasilia once again sets her sights on Hugh. Spiros and his men start off strong. The Countess is forced to make a difficult ruling. This causes outrage among Spiros’ men. The Countess becomes upset and leaves. Louisa is forced to take over as umpire. Gerald feeds the bird once again. Spiros gets ready to bat. Hugh takes the ball and accidentally hits him in the head. This causes the game to end prematurely. It also creates more animosity between the two teams. Everyone sits down for food, after Spiros gets his head bandaged. At this time, Vasilia breaks off her relationship with Lawrence. He seems surprisingly disheartened by her decision. She also kisses Hugh, stirring up trouble between the two groups. Louisa tries to calm things down. She fails.

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In the morning, Louisa visits Hugh and tries to let him down gently. Hugh invites Louisa to return to England to live with him. Next, Louisa returns home and hides a swimming costume under her robe. Margo tells her that Donald looks handsome with his new tan. Margo tells Donald and he becomes enraged by her shallowness. Spiros joins the family, as Louisa unveils her antique swimming suit and plunges into the water. Afterwards, Margo and Donald play cricket. Spiros speaks with Louisa about the cricket game. He admits they’re all in this world together, regardless of nationality. He also confirms that Louisa is very special to him. One Spiros departs, Lawrence steps outside and suggests Spiro may love Louisa.


The Durrells In Corfu Review

The fifth episode of the second series didn’t do a great deal in terms of moving the story forward. Nevertheless, the episode was still very fun and humorous. The battle between Spiros and Hugh came to a head when the two arranged a cricket game. It is unclear which team won, but Hugh certainly didn’t do himself any favors with Louisa. Vasilia used the game to try and ensnare Hugh in her web once again. Her actions could’ve potentially put an end to the relationship between Hugh and Louisa.

At the end of the episode, Spiros was either showing his true feelings or the symptoms of a brain injury. It has felt like Spiro and Louisa could end up together, but it seems unlikely. Hopefully the finale doesn’t leave too many questions unanswered. The episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Durrells in Corfu now!

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