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The Durrells In Corfu S2 Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode begins, Lawrence (Josh O’Connor) reminds everyone that his book has been published in England. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem anyone remembers or cares in the least. Larry suggests the family should celebrate. However, Louisa (Keeley Hawes) and the others are simply too busy to bother. After the intro, Spiros (Alexis Georgoulis) transports Pavlos (Nick Orestis Chaniotakis) to the Durrell house. Pavlos meets with Margo (Daisy Waterstone) for her nun lessons. Gerald (Milo Parker) emerges from the house and exclaims he is hunting for a female otter. Then, Louisa (Keeley Hawes) is transported into town to sell her goodies. Lawrence tries to get the locals interested in his books. He is completely ignored. However, he does spot a fight between Vasilia (Errika Bigiou) and Hugh (Daniel Lapaine).

pavlos the durrells in corfu s2 e2

Margo speaks with Pavlos about god and the bible. It is clear she is more interested in Pavlos and his life at the monastery. Leslie (Callum Woodhouse) overhears Pavlos explaining how the monks make liquor. An ideal quickly enters his mind. Hugh speaks with Louisa and confirms he told Vasilia that he is no longer interested in her. He also invites Louisa to supper once again. Louisa explains she doesn’t want to rush into another relationship, after the mishap with Sven. Leslie returns home with the items needed to make liquor. He quickly recruits Larry to join his new business venture. Theo (Yorgos Karamihos) tells Lawrence that he loved his novel. Louisa suggests switching to writing rhymes for greeting cards, since it would pay more.

the durrells louisa s2 e2

Louisa joins Hugh at his place that night. Hugh instructs his musician to play from a hidden cupboard. Louisa explains that Sven’s accordion put a strain on their relationship. Hugh quickly stops the music. Louisa returns home. When Larry enters, Louisa tells him she has been thinking about his writing. Larry sees a ray of hope. It evaporates when Louisa suggests he could get a job from Hugh in the event nobody likes his novel. In the morning, Leslie tells his mother that she has been insensitive to Larry. Then, the family freaks out when they discover Gerald has gone missing. They panic and search the property. Gerald strolls through the door seconds later. He seems surprised by their concern.

the durrells in corfu s2 e2

Gerald expresses his excitement at finally capturing a female otter. At this point, Louisa tries to get strict with her son. She insists he needs to have some boundaries. Then, she tries to make things right with Larry. She promises to help with his writing career, but she isn’t sure how just yet. The family gets together and Louisa sets plans for a new future. She gives Lugaretzia (Anna Savva) the duty of being Gerald’s bodyguard. She also orders Leslie and Margo to read Larry’s novel. That night, Louisa speaks with Larry alone. She finally admits she doesn’t like reading his provocative writings, because he is her son. In the morning, Louisa visits Theo. She asks him to become Gerald’s tutor. He adamantly refuses.

the durrells series 2 episode 2

He admits Gerald has told him he isn’t his parent. Theo makes it clear he would rather remain Gerald’s friend. However, he agrees to help put together a book reading for Larry. Louisa tells Leslie about the event. He isn’t impressed and doesn’t understand the appeal. Leslie returns home to continue his new liquor hobby. Vasilia confronts Louisa and insists Hugh will only be interested in her for a short time. She also suggests Hugh will come running back to her soon enough. Louisa finally gets angry. She claims she wasn’t interested in Hugh, but she might take him up on the offer now. Back at home, Leslie and Larry work on their business plan. Theo arrives and tells Larry about the booking reading idea.

theo the durrells s2 e2

Larry quickly begins to prepare. Larry heads into town and begins hanging out invitations. Florence (Lucy Black) is one of his first. Louisa invites Hugh. In the midst of the chaos, Louisa admits to Florence that Larry isn’t resilient at all. She worries he will hate her, if the event isn’t successful. Spiros and Leslie try out the family’s liquor. Margo does as well. It is clear the alcohol is entirely too strong. Nevertheless, Margo chugs it down like a champion. Spiros visits Gerald, who has been unable to get the otters to mate. Seconds later, Louisa convinces Spiros to become Gerald’s tutor. It quickly goes awry. Louisa overhears Spiros being too harsh on her son. In the classroom, Spiros goes a little too far and Gerald sheds a tear. Spiros apologizes and learns about Gerald’s teachers back home.

margo liquor the durrells

Next, the family prepares for Larry’s book reading. Theo tries to convince the family that the event will be a success, despite the venue being empty. Leslie is forced to keep the only attendee entertained, while Margo is sent outside to find more. Only two attendees show. Larry takes to the podium and admits he has been run over by his dream. Theo returns from the post office. He admits he thought it was strange that the family had no mail, so he investigated. Apparently, the postman was arrive of Gerald dog, so he never delivered the family’s mail. Theo hands over several letters. Larry rips them open and finds out that people are praising his work. Louisa visits and scolds Hugh for not attending. Meanwhile, Larry returns home and celebrates with the others.

keeley hawes the durrells s2 e2

Lugaretzia celebrates with Larry and the others. Spiros arrives with a present for Gerald. It turns out to be magpies. Louisa is surprised to find her family singing and dancing when she arrives home. Larry wonders where his mother was during his big event. At this time, the magpies fly out of Larry’s room with his new novel. Pavlos arrives with a prayer book for Margo. In the morning, Louisa belittles her family for drinking all night. Larry lashes out at everyone and suggests he should move out. This time, Louisa doesn’t put up any resistance. In town, Florence speaks with Louisa and tries to apologize for missing Larry’s event. Louisa makes a few snarky comments and sends her away in a hurry. Back at home, Louisa finds Spiros giving Gerald lessons about women.

margo and louisa the durrells

Louisa officially ends the lessons for good. Outside, Gerald finds out that his otters are ready to mate. Leslie tries to talk Larry into another business plan, before he prepares to move out. They say their goodbyes, before Spiros drives Larry and his belongings away from home. Leslie visits the monks and tries to sell them the rest of the liquor. They mistake it for a donation and take it with nothing in return. Hugh tracks down Louisa. She expresses her sorrow that Larry has moved out. Hugh makes it clear that he will come to his sense soon enough. Hugh takes her to a quiet location and makes her a steak. The next day, Louisa is the one who is hungover. Theo and Gerald try to determine whether or not the female otter is pregnant.

the durrells gerald otters

Seconds later, Mr. Kralefsky (Vernon Dobtcheff) is invited inside. Louisa reveals that Kralefsky has agreed to be Gerald’s tutor. He gives Gerald a whole stack of reading materials. Florence pays Louisa a visit and explains she couldn’t make it to Larry’s book reading, because she was sick. She reveals the sickness is related to her pregnancy. Meanwhile, we see that Larry’s new place is a total disaster. He heads outside. Vasilia asks him to buy her a drink.


The Durrells In Corfu Review

This episode of Durrells In Corfu was fun. Some of Louisa’s comments about her abilities as a mother felt like they were directed towards the viewer. Louisa might not be the most attentive mother, but it is clear that she does indeed care. That was evident this episode when Larry decided to move out. Also, Louisa attempted to find Gerald a decent tutor. Spiros was terrible and needed to be replaced. How will Mr. Kralefsky fare? Finally, it appears the relationship between Hugh Jarvis and Louisa is beginning to strengthen.

That could lead to a future showdown between Louisa and Vasilia. The episode was enjoyable from start to finish. It scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The Durrells in Corfu now!

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