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The Durrells In Corfu S2 E3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, we learn that Louisa’s (Keeley Hawes) birthday is quickly approaching. Margo (Daisy Waterstone) asks what she would like. Louisa is cryptic and doesn’t give a straight answer. Gerald (Milo Parker) has taken to caring for a hedgehog. Leslie (Callum Woodhouse) promises to give his mother a fabulous birthday. What could possibly go wrong? In the morning, Gerald continues caring for his otters. It is unclear whether or not the female has gotten pregnant. Leslie and Margo mock their mother for dressing up for Hugh. Before she leaves, Louisa makes sure Gerald gets cleaned up for his session with Mr. Kralefsky (Vernon Dobtcheff). Moments later, Louisa wakes up Lawrence (Josh O’Connor).

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Louisa gives Larry some Battenberg cake and he still finds a reason to complain. She discovers that Larry has taken up boxing. Louisa pleads with her son to brush his teeth, before admitting she misses their intelligent conversation. Hugh Jarvis (Daniel Lapaine) arrives seconds later in his fancy sports car. Spiros (Alexis Georgoulis) watches as Hugh’s car flies by. He explains that the engine sounds sick and follows. Hugh stops the car near an ancient old tree. Sure enough, the vehicle doesn’t start. Spiros is right there to save the day. He gives the couple a ride back into town. Meanwhile, Margo heads into town and shows off her wares for the local boys. Gerald makes it clear he liked his sister a lot better when she wanted to be a nun. Then, they turn their attention to their mother’s birthday. Leslie suggests the best gift would be a visit from Larry.

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Theo (Yorgos Karamihos) arrives seconds later and tells Gerald about his latest wildlife pictures. Leslie takes note and decides to give photography a chance. Theo invites him over for lessons, before Gerald heads to his tutor’s house. While Gerald gets to know his tutor, Theo teaches Leslie to produce film. Gerald is unable to impress his teacher. Midway through their session, Mr. Kralefsky leaves to check on Mother. Vasilia (Errika Bigiou) visits Lawrence and asks him to write her a love poem. Florence (Lucy Black) and Louisa eat together. Louisa admits she is jealous of Florence, who is on the verge of starting a new life. The couple spots Sven (Ulric von der Esch). Florence reveals that Sven has found a new girlfriend. Louisa becomes jealous by the news.

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Next, the family gets together for Louisa’s birthday. Margo kills gnats, while Gerald cares for his hedgehog. Lugaretzia (Anna Savva) makes sure everyone is aware of Lawrence’s absence. Gerald tells the others about his tutor seeing his mother. They convince him that Kralefsky is simply going to the bathroom. Leslie unveils his new camera. Everything goes downhill when the group learns they’re sitting on an anthill. It only gets worse when everyone tries to guess Louisa’s age. When Larry finally arrives, Louisa complains that he is too late and dashes off with haste. Louisa tells Margo what she wants to do with her birthday money, while Leslie prepares his camera. When Margo poses for Leslie, he reveals she has spots. She looks in the mirror and freaks out. With pimples, she will never be able to get a man.

leslie camera the durrells in corfu

The next day, Louisa pays a visit to Sven. She doesn’t beat around the bush about her motives. She quickly asks Sven about his new girlfriend. Sven doesn’t give a clear answer. During this time, Margo visits with her brother. They agree that Louisa uses food to maintain power over her kids. Margo freaks out, because he has several new spots on her face. Larry tells his sister about Vasilia’s visit. Margo urges her brother to do the right thing and stay away from her. Louisa tries to change her attitude. She stands up in Spiros’ car and lets the wind blow through her hair. Once Louisa arrives in town, she spots Sven with his new lady friend. Gerald enjoys another tutoring session. He wisely changes the subject and asks Mr. Kralefsky to tell him more about himself. Hugh visits the shop only to find Leslie.

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During their conversation, Leslie spills the beans about Sven’s love life. And, Hugh agrees to allow Leslie to photograph him. Gerald tells his tutor he would like to go and see Mother. Surprisingly, Mr. Kralefsky leads him into a room, where he meets Mother Kralefsky (Eve Pearce). That night, Louisa shows off her more youthful wardrobe, while Margo tries to hide her spots. Vasilia visits Larry again. He is unable to resist and winds up sleeping with his mother’s nemesis. In the morning, Margo gives her mother a birthday dress, which she absolutely hates. Nevertheless, she agrees to wear it out in public. Mr. Kralefsky tells Gerald about his younger days and wrestling another guy for a woman. He tries to demonstrate his moves and Gerald winds up flooring him.

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Kralefsky injures his back. Hugh arrives at the Durrell’s place for his photoshoot. He speaks briefly with Louisa, who is wearing her new dress. Then, Leslie snaps his picture seconds later. After the shoot ends, Hugh speaks with Louisa about Sven. He tells her that he knows about Sven’s sexuality. Margo arrives, receives a compliment from Hugh and asks her mother about the dress. Louisa rushes into town. She winds up splitting the back of the dress, before finding Lawrence in bed with Vasilia. This leads to an instant argument. Vasilia makes sure Louisa is aware of her split dress. Next, Gerald tells his mother about Kralefsky’s injury. Visilia visits. She offers Louisa a deal. She agrees to stop seeing Larry as long as Louisa gives up on Hugh.

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Louisa also pays the month’s rent. Louisa visits Sven and finds him with a man and a woman. Sven chases her down. He confirms Rosalint is an old friend from Sweden. He also reveals that the guy’s name is Viggo. Sven admits he loves him and will no longer hide it. Meanwhile, Vasilia begins talking to Larry about marriage. Louisa seeks advice from Spiros. Mr. Kralefsky visits Louisa and gives her an update about Gerald’s studies. That night, Leslie shows off his photographs to his mother. She isn’t impressed. She blames herself and admits she looks ghastly. Nevertheless, Leslie continues plowing forward with his hobby. The next day, Hugh brings Louisa flowers and apologizes for delving into her history with Sven.

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At this time, Hugh learns about Vasilia’s offer. He pleads with Louisa to ignore it. Leslie enters and tells his mother they’re going to give the birthday picnic another go. Donald (Ben Hall) returns. He immediately asks about Margo. Louisa agrees to let Donald stay, until Larry returns. Donald learns about Margo’s spot. He also agrees to become Gerald’s tutor. Later, the group sings and dances for Louisa’s birthday. She tells Hugh that she has won, since Vasilia took a younger man to feel better about herself. After things calm down, Leslie gets everyone together for a group photo. Before the picture is taken, Larry reveals he plans to marry Vasilia.


The Durrells In Corfu Review

The 3rd episode of The Durrells intensified the showdown between Vasilia and Louisa. Since Vasilia couldn’t control Hugh, she decided to target Louisa using Lawrence. It is highly unlikely that Larry and Vasilia will get married. Nevertheless, Vasilia will definitely use the possibility of a marriage to her advantage. Also, Sven succumbed to his feelings and has decided to dedicate himself to his lover. I am glad he isn’t going to get together with Louisa.

As for Gerald, he has lost yet another tutor. The return of Donald could potentially solve two problems. It gives Gerald another tutor, while also fulfilling Margo’s desire for a boyfriend. The episode was slightly aimless, but fun nevertheless. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Durrells in Corfu now!

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