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The Durrells In Corfu Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, Louisa (Keeley Hawes) tells her children about Sven’s proposal. Leslie is downright devastated by the fact his mother has said yes. The other kids are happy with the arrangement. After the intro, Lugaretzia and Gerald (Milo Parker) speak about family. Gerald comes up with a plan to invite others to come and enjoy his pets. Meanwhile, Margo (Daisy Waterstone) speaks with her mother about the upcoming wedding. The couple also speaks about the Countess and her troubles. Louisa confirms she is still interested in getting married. Later, Sven (Ulric von der Esch) sits down and is quizzed by the Durrell kids. He manages to answer their questions in a satisfactory manner.


Moments later, Lawrence (Josh O’Connor) argues with his girlfriend, Nancy (Lizzy Watts). Nancy complains about her boyfriend’s family. Louisa gets approval from Leslie and Margo. However, they admit they’re concerned with the man’s age and looks. Later, Louisa hangs out with Sven. Despite some hesitancy from Louisa, the couple agrees to get married in two weeks. Theo (Yorgos Karamihos) and Gerald prepare for visitors to their zoo. Margo asks Theo why the countess refuses to leave her villa. She learns that the woman has a fear of open spaces. She is also given advice for curing the woman. After dinner, Lawrence tells his mother that he is thinking about moving out with his girlfriend. Louisa quickly becomes concerned and advises him not to leave.

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In the morning, Louisa makes her move. She speaks with Nancy in private and tells the girl that Lawrence isn’t ready for a single woman. Sven gives Gerald a goat and tortoise. Lawrence speaks with Sven and confesses to drink his alcohol. They also briefly discuss Sven’s previous love life. Lawrence becomes concerned and tells the others that Sven might be a homosexual. Margo visits Countess Mavrodaki (Leslie Caron) and invites her to the wedding. Louisa gives Leslie permission to plan the wedding in hopes of getting him involved. A few guests finally arrive at the zoo. To prepare for the wedding, the countess finally leaves her home. As soon as Spiros pulls the car out of the driveway, the woman screams frantically and is returned home.

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During the zoo visit, Leslie gets stung by a scorpion. Meanwhile, Louisa visits Sven for dinner. While Sven is out, Louisa goes through his belongings. She finds pictures of Sven kissing another man. She immediately freaks out and makes an excuse to return home. Margo and Theo try to fix Leslie’s hand. Louisa returns home and speaks with Leslie. She asks him whether or not Sven might be gay. In the morning, Lawrence learns that his girlfriend wants to return home. Also, Gerald speaks with Theo and admits he wants to return his animals to the wild during the wedding. Louisa speaks with Lawrence about cancelling the weeding. He tells her to speak with Sven about the situation.

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Louisa pays a visit to Sven and breaks off the wedding. They still agree to have the party anyway. In the morning, Lawrence is notified that the publisher now wants to publish his novel. He tries to get advice from Leslie. His brother tells him that girlfriends will come and go, but family is forever. Nancy appears seconds later and requests to speak with Lawrence in private. Nancy tells him that she wants him to return home to England. And, she doesn’t give him any time to make a decision. She plans on leaving before the wedding. Louisa is forced to tell Lawrence about her earlier conversation with Nancy. When he returns to his room, Nancy is already gone. Lawrence rushes out of his room, while the wedding guests begin to arrive.

the durrells in corfu finale

Much to everyone’s surprise, Countess Mavrodaki arrives for the wedding. Also, Donald (Ben Hall) and Max (Maximilian Befort) arrive. Margo quickly reconnects with Max. Lawrence heads to the pier and boards the boat with Nancy. Gerald makes a speech and prepares to set his animals free. He orders everyone to stop and admits he needs to be with them just a little longer. Theo commends the boy’s decision in private. Lawrence finally returns home. He sits with his mother as the others enjoy the party.


The Durrells In Corfu Review

The finale of The Durrells In Corfu was very unexpected. It was clear that Sven was hiding something all along, but I wasn’t expecting that he would be a homosexual. Nonetheless, I am glad that Louisa didn’t get married. The family is already big and dysfunctional enough. The finale managed to bring the emotions, especially with Mavrodaki joining the wedding and Lawrence returning home.

All in all, I’ve sincerely enjoyed the first series of The Durrells In Corfu and can’t wait for the second series. The finale deserves an 9 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Durrells In Corfu now!

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