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The Durrells In Corfu Episode 1 Recap

The Durrells starts in Bournemouth in 1935. We’re quickly introduced to Louisa Durrell (Keeley Hawes). Louisa is called down to the school, where he son Gerald (Milo Parker) has gotten into trouble. Once she arrives, she discovers that the headmaster (Andrew Bicknell) has caned Gerald. The headmaster gets a tongue lashing. Louisa breaks the man’s cane on her way out. That night, Louisa speaks with her daughter Margo (Daisy Waterstone) and son Leslie (Callum Woodhouse). Her eldest son, Lawrence (Josh O’Connor), enters and complains about his job. He expresses his desire to stop selling homes, so he can focus solely on his writing.

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Gerald joins the family seconds later. Them, Lawrence makes a recommendation that the family go to Corfu. The next day, Louisa speaks with a neighbor. The man flirts with her and offers to take her on as his wife. She is forced to refuse his offer. The next night, Lawrence speaks with his mother. Louisa expresses concern that she is not a good mother. Lawrence also forces his mother to admit that they’re in financial trouble. They share a drink, before Louisa reveals she plans to take the family to Corfu. Moments later, the family boards a boat and heads for their destination. As the family drags their luggage along the dusty road, they’re saved by the arrival of Spiros (Alexis Gergoulis). The man agrees to drive them to their guest house. Of course, he passes it up and insists it is too expensive. Instead, he helps them find a rundown dwelling for a much cheaper price.

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The family quickly finds out that the house will need quite a few renovations. It is also revealed that Leslie managed to get his guns through customs. After a quick nap, Gerald heads into the nearby wilderness in hunt of wild animals. Margo gets dressed and prepares to go sunbathing. Her mother disagrees with her wardrobe choices, but can’t stop her from running along anyway. Leslie also leaves the house. During Gerald’s hunt, he runs into a new friend, Theo (Yorgos Karamihos). The pair looks at birds together. Meanwhile, Margo gets run off by a local monk. Louisa works to clean up the house. Spiros arrives moments later with a servant, Lugaretzia (Anna Savva). The woman, who is unable to speak English, agrees to help around the house. Unfortunately, Leslie nearly kills the woman, while practicing his shooting skills.

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Lugar lashes out at the family and leaves. Gerald returns with a jar full of bugs. As expected, the jar hits the ground and the bugs go everywhere. Margo freaks out, while the boys stomp the bugs to death. Louisa finally gets matters under control, before expressing his disappointment in his family. She leaves the house. Meanwhile, her children quickly come up with a plan to find Louisa a man. At that time, Theo Stephanides arrives at the door. He is invited in and given a drink. Theo tells Margo about the local customs and recommends that she sunbathes elsewhere. When Louisa returns home, the house is cleaned and Theo is already gone. The kids quickly try to make things right with their mother. The next day, Lawrence heads into town and meets a new friend, Captain Creech (James Cosmo).

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The jolly man speaks about his time at sea and his love for women. Margo tries sunbathing once again. She pulls out a book, but it doesn’t help. The monk, who has a cigarette, continues harassing the girl, until she storms off. Lawrence returns home and tells his siblings about the Captain and his intention to introduce him to their mother. Leslie admits that is going to go horribly wrong. Margo visits town and purchases a pack of cigarettes and a box of matches. Louisa buys furniture for the house. Lawrence tells his mother about the friend he intends to bring over for dinner. He boasts that the man is close to his mother’s age. The next day, Margo does sunbathing again. This time, she deflects the monk with the cigarettes. Later, it is revealed that Leslie has given up his guns. He heads into town to chat with the locals. Margo and Louisa remains suspicious of the boy’s behavior.

margo and louisa the durrells

At this time, Captain Creech arrives at the house. It doesn’t take long before Creech becomes a nuisance. He is vulgar and quickly upsets Louisa. Nonetheless, Creech spends the night. Leslie leaves in the morning and Margo follows him. She finds him cuddling up with a local woman. Back at home, Captain Creech tries to make his move on Louisa. While Louisa tries to ward off Creech, Lugaretzia returns to work. Louisa teaches her a naughty word to use for Creech. Creech finally agrees to leave, as long as he gets lunch. Louisa agrees, but quickly becomes upset and pulls a gun on the man. She forces him to leave. She ridicules Lawrence and tells him to never try anything like that ever again. Margo tells her mother about Leslie and his new girlfriend. At this time, Spiros and Gerald returns. Gerald has brought a pelican along.

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Louisa reads Lawrence’s short story. She admits it is brilliant, but she doesn’t like the portrayal of the mother. Lawrence and Louisa spy on Margo with binoculars. Theodore arrives and interrupts their spying. Theo finally introduces himself to Louisa, before helping Spiros and Gerald build a cage for the pelican. Louisa asks Leslie about his friend. He admits her name is Alexia. He is also told to give Lawrence his typewriter’s letter X back. Lawrence emerges from the house and pulls a string. All of Leslie’s guns fall from the tree and form the letter X. Lugaretzia smacks Lawrence. Seconds later, Lawrence’s friends, Donald (Ben Hall) and Max (Maximilian Befort), arrive. Margo seems impressed by the sight.


The Durrells In Corfu Review

I enjoyed every minute of The Durrells. Sure, the show is a little bit unrealistic and maybe Louisa isn’t the perfect mother, but it doesn’t matter. From start to finish, I found myself laughing. The show is very upbeat and funny, yet slightly depressing as well. Some will be upset by the differences between the show and the books, but I have never read the books. I do not mind in the least. In fact, The Durrells is one of the best shows I have watched in quite some time. The opening episode was great. A 9 out of 10 is deserved.

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