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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Movie Review

The “Divergent” series started as the story of a dystopian Chicago that was divided into factions and was designated for each individual’s personal virtues. It comprised of the Erudite for the smart people, Amity for peace lovers, and so on.

allegiant movie review

Leadership skills

This appeared as an intriguing social experiment, here the ‘divergent’ was Shailene Woodley, the most talented playing a person with a brain that is not easily controlled by the Orweliian drama masses. Over the time, she realized her leadership skills and power in the first film, but somehow it diminished in ‘insurgent’ her second film with ‘Allegiant’ it hardly has anything to tell.


Female characters vanishing in air

The film series that introduced strong female characters charmed the audiences, but with ‘Allegiant’ there was nothing to say. The Allegiant features the dumbest women this year.

Tris is wishy-washy in making decisions and blind to the greedy/political machinations of multiple leaders who are lying to her face. In the audience the deceptions were apparent and very clear that people did not appreciate all the dishonesty and pretexts.

actor theo james allegiant movie


However, Tris maintained her stand and stayed bright as ever, continuing with past good traits. Naomi Watts as Evelyn was the worse, a promising leader once, had a power-grab feel. There is Johanna (Octavia Spencer) a peace-keeper is ready to wage war and gives an instant action. None but for Johanna reveals any characterization depth.

The two hour running time had multiple moments focusing interaction between Tris and Jeff Daniels who played as new manipulator. How air it was also far from being impressive.


The withdrawn effect

It appeared as though all the male characters were diverse and interested in this women-powered series, and so the results of the scripts written for the past two pictures by all-men teams were not worth. The men did not know much about women.

The movie was such a bad show that Robert Schwentke, the director who helmed ‘Allegiant and Insurgent’, now dropped out of directing the conclusion in 2017 ‘Ascendant’.

That’s an ironic title making audiences feel it is another sequel fatigue. Referring to the plot, Chicago is in the chaos of the street and Tris wishes to go to her only home that is beyond the wall surrounding the city. She is accompanied by Theo James, the freedom-fighter four, along with Ansel Elgort, a traitourous brother and loathsome acquaintance Miles Teler as Peter and tough minded Zoe Kravitz as Christina. They go to find things that appear out of their reach and believe life exists outside the city borders. They resemble our modern politicians and leaders as they see people who are as divisive as the people inside Chicago, resembling history and the now political season.


Pros: The special effects were good, the computer virtual reality systems was the best

Cons: Action scenes are boring, it is embarrassing



Allegiant can be seen for it power spaceships effects, even the romance is not catchy. “The Divergent Series” is embarrassing and nothing much to give credit. Sadly, the movie is a tremendous disappointment. A 4 out of 10 is deserved.

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