the disappearance episode 1 recap

The Disappearance Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the episode begins, we join a group of students in class. A young girl takes the floor and speaks about her presentation. After the girl finishes, Anthony Sullivan (Michael Riendeau) takes over. He pins up a map of his neighborhood and begins posting pictures of its inhabitants. The pictures clearly invade their privacy. The teacher puts a stop to Anthony’s presentation pretty quickly. Anthony’s parents, Luke (Aden Young) and Helen (Camille Sullivan), receive a call from the school. However, it is Anthony’s grandpa, Henry (Peter Coyote), who arrives first. After the intro, Henry tries to get a rundown of events from Anthony. Seconds later, the teacher, Lisa Cooke, interrupts. She shows Henry his grandson’s scrapbook. Henry tries to defend the boy, but Cooke doesn’t agree with his assessment of the situation.

the disappearance episode 1 recapLuke arrives. He explains that he was stuck in the studio with a pesky producer and just received the message. Luke takes his son home. He explains the situation to Helen on the way home. Henry returns home and runs Cookie out of his flowers. Catherine (Joanne Kelly) meets up with him seconds later. Luke enters with Anthony and sends him to his room. Catherine wants to know more. Luke enters Anthony’s room. It has photographs everywhere. Luke gives Anthony a stern talking to. He explains that he cannot spy on people. In a flashback, we see Anthony enters an abandoned house of sorts. He finds a mattress on the ground, before someone enters. He hides downstairs. During dinner, Helen takes her turn ridiculing Anthony. Eventually, it turns into an argument between Luke and Henry.

anthony and henry the disappearanceEventually, the family finds the picture of the mattress on the floor. Anthony lies about being inside someone’s home. Anthony grabs his scrapbook and heads upstairs. In a flashback, he escapes the abandoned house through a window. It appears that he is watched through a window as he rides away on his bike. That night, Anthony becomes weirded out when the dog barks at something in the yard. Henry insists it is probably nothing. Helen and Luke speak about Anthony outside. Luke agrees to let Helen have Anthony a little longer for his birthday. They agree that the boy has been through a lot with their separation and Luke’s mother passing. Inside, Henry plays around with Anthony. Henry gives Anthony a picture of his grandmother.

marie curie the disappearanceIn a flashback, a young Henry (Andre Simoneau) meets with Margaret Cain, who has recently been raped. Henry is working as a prosecutor. He speaks with Margaret in private. In the present, Anthony is told that there are some rules you just have to follow. That night, Anthony hangs a cat drawing on his wall. In the morning, Anthony gets up and eats. He prepares for his big birthday celebration. Henry begins preparing a treasure hunt for Anthony. He gives the first clue to Anthony, before the boy leaves for school. Then, Henry heads to the local store and gives Said one of the clues. He finishes laying out the others. We see that Helen has a new boyfriend. Catherine is introduced to Mr. Cameron briefly at work. One of Henry’s clues is placed on Margaret Sullivan’s gravestone.

henry the disappearance tv seriesIn a flashback, young Henry speaks with Margaret and learns that she is pregnant. She insists she isn’t willing to give up the baby. Anthony rushes out of class and jumps on a computer to analyze the first clue. His research leads him to a picture of Marie Curie. He leaves the school on his bike moments later. Luke and Helen meet up and sign the divorce papers. Helen returns home to discover that Anthony isn’t there. She heads into the garage and learns that Henry is going to give Anthony some encyclopedias for his birthday. Henry ridicules Helen and Luke for giving up on their relationship. In a flashback, Henry learns that Margaret has given birth to a child. Next, the family gathers for Anthony’s birthday party. Luke is introduced to Helen’s new boyfriend, Frank. Luke becomes concerned. He calls the teacher and learns that Anthony did leave the school.

aden young the disappearance episode 1The family goes on the hunt. It is discovered that Anthony never made it to the church or the local store. He did make it to the grave though. The police are called in moments later. Henry angrily gives a cop a rundown of the treasure hunt. Later, Henry pleads with the detectives to bring in Susan Bowden (Micheline Lanctot). Then, Anthony’s bike is found in the park. His camera is found nearby. The family is transported to the park, where they meet with Susan. Missing posters are quickly distributed. The story hits the television a short time later.


The Disappearance Review

The acting in the Canadian television shows are slightly awkward to me. I am not sure if it is the accents or the dialogue, but it took me a little bit to settle into The Disappearance. Also, I missed a great deal during the initial viewing. The second watch through for this recap made things far more interesting. The Disappearance definitely has a lot of potential to develop into something good. Aden Young was great as always. Camille Sullivan and Peter Coyote helped too.

So, it appears that someone in the empty home was spying on Anthony as he left. Then, it seems he was afraid that someone was after him that night. What exactly did Anthony find in the house and who was inside? I am very interested in seeing how things play out. The opener was very good. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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