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The Disappearance Season 1 Finale Recap

As the finale gets started, we jump two years in the past. Anthony (Michael Riendeau) follows Stephen Price (Sean Devine) into the woods. Anthony watches as Price decapitates a cat. Then, he follows Price back home. When Price leaves, Anthony breaks inside. Fred Cameron (Neil Napier) watches at Anthony leaves. He follows him into the woods and pretends to be a detective. Anthony tells Fred that Stephen needs to be investigated. Fred tells Anthony he will not arrest him for breaking and entering, as long as he remains quiet about what he has seen. They stumble across the tree and Anthony grabs the leave. Anthony also tells Fred about the treasure hunt. Fred returns home and attacks Stephen. He complains that Stephen is messing everything up for a cat. Fred tells Stephen to get rid of the tree. Later, Fred follows Anthony home. He manages to break inside and look at the clues to the treasure hunt.

anthony the disappearance finaleThen, he steps outside and snaps a picture of Luke (Aden Young) and the family. Susan (Micheline Lanctot) learns that the doctors are now struggling to keep Fred alive. Henry (Peter Coyote) wakes up and removes the wires and tubes. He tries to leave. Catherine (Joanne Jelly) is asked about her relationship with Fred. Susan interrupts and asks where Fred went when he left the hospital. She agrees to led them to the house. Susan speaks with Luke and Helen (Camille Sullivan). They demand that Fred be woken up, so he can give them answers. They discuss the letter to Henry. Luke and Helen visit Henry’s room, but he is already gone. They return home and find him there. An argument ensues, before the phone rings. It is Anthony, who is with Stephen.

fred and stephen the disappearanceThey’re told to come to the place where David was left. Henry promises that they’ll find Anthony alive. They decide to take Cheng’s car and travel to the cottage. Susan and her team go on the hunt for Stephen as well. Anthony speaks with Stephen. Price promises that everyone will be over soon enough. Stephen heads outside and tinkers with a boat. Henry and the others arrive at the cabin. They find nothing. At this point, Henry tells them the truth. He admits that he told David that Margaret was dead. He promised to take him home, but left him with Andrea’s corpse. Catherine and the police search Fred’s other house. They find Anthony’s scrapbook in the piano. Henry and the others visit the orphanage. They’re taken to David’s room. Inside, they find a jar containing Jason’s privates.

luke and helen the disappearanceThe group leaves. They decide to check Dodd’s house next. Luke gets in touch with Cheng and instructs him to get the files out of his car. At this time, Fred passes away. In a flashback, we see Anthony playing chess with a sick Fred. Fred tells the boy that it’ll all be over soon enough. Fred thanks Anthony for his help. Then, he admits he thought about kidnapping Henry and keeping him there, so he would never see his family again. He explains that he wanted to deprive Henry of love like he did to him. Then, Fred speaks with Stephen. He asks Stephen if he can go through with the plan. Stephen promises that he will. Susan and the others learn about Dodd’s house. They head that way, as Henry and the others arrive. Luke and Helen approach the house, while Henry looks at the boat. Stephen fires a shot through the wall.

stephen price the disappearanceHenry finds a gun and a note. He reads the note. In it, Fred demands that Henry end his own life in exchange for Anthony’s. Henry tells Luke to try to forgive. He also yells at Anthony and tells him that he loves him. Luke and Helen watch was Henry shoots himself in the head. The police arrive outside and pull Luke and Helen back. They rush inside and shoot Stephen dead. Anthony is freed. He heads outside and spots Henry’s body. Catherine arrives and joins the family beside of Henry’s body. We jump forward in time. We see Luke, Helen and Anthony preparing for Henry’s funeral. Henry is laid to rest. We also see that Fred’s body was buried recently. Anthony looks awkwardly at Fred’s gravestone, before continuing onward.


The Disappearance Review

The Disappearance wasn’t perfect, but it wound up being pretty good in the end. The series definitely did a good job wrapping up the story in a convenient package. All of the previous episodes came together in the end and all of the puzzle pieces fit together. I didn’t notice any gapping holes anywhere in the plot. That speaks volumes to the quality of writing of the show. Despite a few awkward moments in the past, the series was well worth my time.

Plus, you cannot lose with Aden Young. I also thought Camille Sullivan and Michael Riendeau did great. Neil Napier was good, but it was likely Sean Devine who stole the show. I enjoyed the series and would like to see how Anthony recovers from his traumatic experience. The finale scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Disappearance now!

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