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The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

As the episode begins, Stephen Price (Sean Devine) drives the police car to a parking garage. He opens the trunk and we see Cooper’s body inside. Stephen shuts off his phone and cleans up his fingerprints. Susan (Micheline Lanctot) checks out the cemetery once again. She tells Capolla that she will be in charge until Cooper returns. After the intro, Henry (Peter Coyote) discusses the case with Luke (Aden Young) and Helen. They desperately try to figure out the 88 clue. Susan gets a call from a concerned Erin Cooper (Meghan Gabruch). Susan tries to calm the woman. After the call ends, Susan instructs Capolla to put an APB out on Charles’ vehicle. Then, Susan speaks with Helen (Camille Sullivan) and the others. She tells them that nothing was found at the cemetery.

aden young the disappearanceHenry explains that lots of people knew about the treasure hunt over the years. He suggests that Stephen may have known as well. The family is told to focus on the 88 clue. The conversation quickly turns into an argument between Luke and Henry. Susan calms them down before leaving. Henry leaves on his own. Catherine (Joanne Kelly) receives a note about Fred (Neil Napier) becoming sicker. Henry visits the sites of his treasure hunt and looks for clues. He is unable to find anything of interest. Then, he heads to the hospital and speaks with Fred. At home, Helen and Luke try to come up with ideas as well. Fred’s comments leave Henry believing that something might be hidden in Margaret’s coffin. Seconds later, Luke informs Helen that Henry wants to exhume his mother’s body. Helen agrees to speak with Debbie Smith to see what she has to say about David.

henry the disappearance episode 5Cooper’s body is discovered. Debbie tells Helen that she doesn’t know where David is or even if he is still alive. The detectives raid Price’s house. A pool of blood is found in the basement. The crew begins exhuming Margaret’s coffin. Debbie explains that Margaret would die, if the child ever tried to contact her. She insists that Henry was just trying to protect his wife. Helen also learns that Margaret visits Debbie several years ago. Helen is shown a picture. She finds a cryptic code on the back and this gives her an idea. Debbie admits that the man came after Margaret died. She calls him a nutcase. Helen finds out that the code actually refers to arsenic. She notifies Luke and he stops the exhumation. Luke explains that they need to be digging up Andrea’s grave. Henry has a panic attack and drops to the ground. The police are put on Stephen’s trail. A hidden room is found in Stephen’s house. The detectives believe that Anthony has been kept there.

catherine henry the disappearanceLuke learns that the police have put out an Amber Alert for Anthony. Susan tells them about the situation afterwards. They’re convinced that Stephen is not David Smith. They learn that Andrea’s grave was disturbed recently. A picture of Margaret is found inside of the hidden room in Price’s house. Luke learns about the picture. The police want to identify the man, who is with Margaret in the picture. Catherine tells Luke about Henry’s house, but he doesn’t care. A case is found in Andrea’s coffin. Father John (Vlasta Vrana) tells Susan about David and Stephen. He eventually admits that he suspects they killed the bully together. He also confirms that David was brilliant. Susan is given the paper that was found in the box. Meanwhile, Catherine speaks with Fred. He comforts her. Luke and Helen look at the picture. It is Margaret with Fred.

helen the disappearance episode 5Once Catherine leaves, Fred fills a syringe with a dark liquid. Then, he visits Henry. Henry opens up. He tells Fred about selling the cabin. When he went there alone, he was approached by David. David handed him a letter asking to move in with Henry and his family. Henry refused and took him to Andrea’s house instead. She was already dead at the time. Susan reads the letter that Henry received from David. Fred confirms that he is David. Fred admits to taking Anthony as well. Fred tells Henry to be at home tomorrow morning at 8. Then, he injects the medicine and leaves. Police arrive to check Fred’s room. Catherine follows them. Fred stumbles into the hallway and collapses to the floor. Henry follows behind him. Catherine gives Fred CPR. He is rushed to an emergency room. Henry is calmed with medicine as well. In a flashback, we see that David receives a letter from Margaret. He meets her at the hospital before she dies.

david smith the disappearanceWhen he returns to Margaret’s room again, she is already dead. Her family surrounds her. We also see that Fred is the one who picked up Stephen. Fred’s house is raided by police. A picture of Fred and Margaret is shown on the wall.


The Disappearance Review

The 5th episode of The Disappearance was very good. The episode brought everything together and unraveled the mystery to some degree. It wasn’t completely unpredictable, but the reveal was good nevertheless. It was clear that the writers had thought everything through from early on. Despite having plenty of flaws here and there, The Disappearance has still been well worth the time. I am very interested in finding out what happens now.

Will Anthony be returned home? Only time will tell. This episode scores a solid 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Disappearance now!

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