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The Disappearance Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the 2nd episode begins, we jump forward two years. We see that Henry (Peter Coyote) and Luke (Aden Young) are still distraught over Anthony’s disappearance. During the middle of the night, Luke drinks while Henry chops down a tree in the yard. The neighbor, Horace, tries to stop Henry to no avail. Afterwards, the family gets together for a candlelight vigil. The following day, Helen (Camille Sullivan) meets with a woman and is shown an age progression photo of Anthony. She is taken aback by the picture. Henry meets with a doctor and tells her about Anthony’s leaf. He admits he scoured through the neighborhoods, but was unable to determine where it came from. He explains that the tree is very rare and grows exceptionally fast. The doctor tells Henry that his children claim his episodes have become more frequent.

the disappearance episode 2 vigilHenry gives the doctor a piece of his mind. Then, he steps outside and brushes past Luke. Catherine (Joanne Kelly) cares for Fred (Neil Napier). The man is sick and preparing for an upcoming surgery. He gives Catherine a bottle of wine as a thanks for caring for him over the past few years. Moments later, Henry and Luke appear outside. They get into an argument and Luke gets slapped across the face. Henry steps inside Fred’s room to calm down. Luke meets up with Helen at the gym. He tells Helen that Anthony is growing up without them. Maria takes the floor and tells the audience about their search for Anthony. The group is going to spread posters throughout the city. Helen and Luke speak to the audience briefly. Afterwards, Helen tells Luke that her and Frank are having problems. She admits that Frank finds her exhausting.

aden young the disappearanceHenry meets up with Horace at home. They clear up the mess from the night before together. Horace’s dog, Cookie, continues digging in the nearby flowers. Helen discovers that an old enemy of Henry has posted a sickening message online. The poster, Jim Chilton, was put in prison by Henry many years ago. Helen notifies Susan (Micheline Lanctot) right away. Meanwhile, a local shows Susan a discovery his crew found in the park. It is a small grave and a cat’s severed head. It is concluded that the body was buried roughly 24 hours ago. Later, Luke tells Helen that Jim was out of town when Anthony went missing. Plus, the man does not have a history of sexual offenses. Helen reveals she has stopped taking her sleeping pills. Catherine speaks with Fred. He suggests that Luke and Henry feel guilty, so they take it out on each other.

helen the disappearance episode 2Catherine admits they use it as a reason to get up in the morning. In the morning, Luke and Helen continue their journey. Catherine and Henry also go on a trip. Susan learns about Noreen Dunn, whose cat went missing. Catherine and Henry stop at Duke’s. It brings back a memory. Many years ago, Henry used to stop at the same place with his family. We see that a young woman bums money for Henry, while claiming they just moved into the neighborhood. He gives her a handful of cash. Luke and Helen stop at a restaurant as well. They ask the waitress to hang up one of posters. The woman takes it back to her co-workers and they quickly believe that they’ve seen Anthony. They explain that a young boy comes into the restaurant by himself frequently. Susan speaks with the woman whose cat was stolen.

the disappearance episode 2 susanThe woman admits she never notified the police, because her son said they wouldn’t care about a cat. Then, she explains that cats have been disappearing up and down the block. She claims that her neighbor, Sarah, even saw the cat thief. Helen contacts Susan and tells her about the potential sighting. Luke and Helen aren’t willing to wait for the local cops. They go on the hunt on their own. They head to the hotel and speak with the clerk, who admits he saw a young boy in there at least once. Henry and Catherine are notified seconds later. Sarah is given a chance to look at pictures of vehicles. She eventually spots one that looks similar to the one driven by the man who stole her cat. She also says that the thefts stopped on October 7, 2015. The detectives arrive and ask the clerk for the surveillance video. He agrees to call the owner. Luke and Helen check out the boy’s room. The detectives meet with them seconds later. They learn that the room is booked to Anne-Marie Duval (Patricia Summersett).

the disappearance episode 2 recapSusan gets a call from her comrade. She tells him that the cat had no human DNA on it. She suggests that the suspect might have moved on to bigger prey. The detective heads to a strip club and learns more about Anne-Marie. A dancer explains that Annie got a lot of strange calls and texts. Moments later, the surveillance video becomes available. Helen and Luke watch it. They believe it could be Anthony. The detective tells them that the boy has been discovered with Anne. He explains that the boy’s name is Shawn White. He explains that Anne said her ex tracked her down, so she fled town. Helen is allowed to see the boy. Anne walks past in cuffs. Then, Helen looks at the boy up close. The boy doesn’t seem to recognize Helen. He returns to his mommy seconds later.

helen and shawn white the disappearanceLuke comforts Helen. Henry and Catherine arrive. Henry insists it is not Anthony. Luke promises that they’ll find him. Luke meets with Jim the following day. Jim explains that he was just angry at Henry. He admits he isn’t the only one. There are tons of people in prison that would like to have a go at Henry. Luke threatens Jim and tells him to leave his family alone. Jim makes a threat as Luke leaves. Luke insists he is afraid of nothing anymore. Luke returns home and scours through Henry’s old case files. Helen reluctantly helps. Susan and her team work to track down the vehicle. Henry discovers something outside near the tree he cut down. Susan learns that several people have already been cleared. She gets a call from Henry. Henry tells Susan that the tree has been cut down. That is why he hasn’t been able to track down the source of the leaf.

micheline lanctot the disappearanceHenry insists he is going back to the park. Henry also learns about the cats. Luke has a nightmare. He goes berserk and begins looking for Anthony everywhere. The boy is nowhere to be found. Henry arrives and calms him down. While in Anthony’s room, Henry notices the cat drawing on the wall. The trio meets up with Horace and borrows his dog. They head into the woods together and try to track down the tree. The dog begins digging and a stump is discovered nearby. The tree is found as the episode ends.


The Disappearance Review

There is a possibility that this episode was nothing more than a runaround. Who knows what will come out of the Anne-Marie discovery? Nevertheless, the episode was enthralling from start to finish. The writers have done a good job creating a great mystery. I have lots of potential theories, but I am still not sure what has happened. I am not sure who is trustworthy and who is not. The series feels a lot like The Missing, but it is much different as well.

So far, I’ve enjoyed it. Both episodes have been fairly good. The 2nd scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Disappearance now!

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