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The Code S2 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, we see Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) emerge from a building and surrender to police. After the intro scene, Jesse is contacted on the phone. Lara Dixon (Sigrid Thornton) is on the other end. Jesse begins listing is demands, but Lara informs him that Nasim (Michael Denkha) has already fled. A flashback shows Hani and her mother crying and screaming, as Nasim is escorted away by officers. The conversation is interrupted by Jan Roth (Anthony LaPaglia) yelling for Jesse nearby. They rendezvous moments later and a funeral is held from Kiki (Emele Ugavule). Ned (Dan Spielman) and Meg (Ella Scott Lynch) also manage to reconnect with the group. After the funeral, Jesse speaks with Roth and learns a little about his childhood. It is also revealed that Roth once had a child, who died of pneumonia, because the nearby hospital didn’t have sufficient supplies.

the code series 2 finale

Roth sits down and speaks with Tahila (Annabelle Malaika Suess). He explains that he will be going away for a little while. Ned makes contact with Marina Baxter (Robyn Malcolm) and tells her they need to get things sorted out. Marina explains she has been unable to act, since everyone is watching her, due to the forum coming up. Ned admits he is going to release his information to the press with or without her. Ned returns to the others and announces his plans for returning to Australia. Jesse remains adamant he intends to remain. Ned eventually accepts his brother’s wish and allows him to stay. Once Ned and Meg have left, Jesse tells Roth the truth about obtaining the hard drive. He confesses he wanted to trade it for Hani’s father. Roth attempts to convince him that things need to be right and that Ned’s newspaper article isn’t going to cut it.

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Roth gives him a pep talk, before the couple shuts down the mine and forces everyone inside to evacuate. Will (Nathan Lovejoy), Neil (Andrew McFarlane) and the others gather for a security briefing. They also watch a recorded video of Roth. Jan lays out their demands. Neil insists the best course of action is to keep everything out of the press and get the mine lease signed as quickly as possible. Marina instantly ridicules his decision and insists they have an obligation to make the current situation known. Marina storms off, after being given her orders once more. She rushes back to the office and makes copies of crucial files. Will enters and Marina makes it clear she intends to go home, before heading to the forum. She returns home and hides the files, before speaking with Alyse (Brenna Harding).

Robyn Malcolm The Code

She tells her daughter the truth about the scholarship, before departing. Meanwhile, Roth and Jesse arrive in Australia. Jesse makes it clear he wants to speak with Ned, but Roth orders him to hurry up and put their names on the guest list for the upcoming meeting. They arrive at the forum and speak with Jacinta (Haiha Le). She looks over the guest list and eventually discovers their names. Roth reveals he is wearing a bomb vest, before forcing Jacinta to help him secure the building. Marina and Will are the last two to arrive. Jacinta follows Roth’s orders. She lets the pair in and runs for it. During this time, Ned and Meg meet with Hani (Adele Perovic). Ned begins speaking with his contacts and arranging for the article to be published. Ned confirms to Hani that he doesn’t know what Jesse has up his sleeve. A horde of well armed officers surround the forum building. Jesse sets up the computer, while Roth begins smashing the security cameras.

Actress Haiha Le

Buzby (Gig Clarke) is ordered to tap into the audio feed for the cameras. This gives Lara the chance to speak with Roth. Roth admits shutting down the mine is just the beginning. He also explains why he didn’t use the mine as a base of operations. During their conversation, Jesse text messages Lara and asks if she still wants the Kaspion program. She admits she does and quickly learns Jesse wants 200k in a DepositBox account. She agrees to the deal, before Roth asks about the attack on the mine road. She admits some new information came to light about Burrows being involved in the shooting. This shocks Marina. She lashes out at Lara and insists she and Neil knew what happened all along. She is adamant she will not let Lara wash her hands of the deed. She also reveals she copied the files. Roth shuts off the camera. Marina tells Roth about her daughter and explains she knows how he feels about Kiki. She also makes it clear she has no intention of signing the lease.

Robin Malcolm The Code

She confirms she will be sacked, but also makes it clear she will not go down quietly. She offers to help Roth, but he doesn’t seem interested. At this time, one of the hostages begins having an asthma attack. Jesse rushes out and agrees to get her some medication. He heads to the front door and finds the place surrounded by police. He contacts Hani, who is also outside. He tells them about the asthma attack and makes an arrangement for Hani to deliver the medication. She is eventually allowed to do so. The medication exchanges hands and Jesse is given the chance to hug Hani. During the embrace, he tells her she needs to do something for him. After the conversation ends, Jesse returns and gives the woman the inhaler. He also discovers that Roth has gotten rough with some of the hostages. Jesse complains about Roth’s treatment of the hostages. Then, Roth begins to step things up a notch.

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He returns to the computer and shuts down the 000 emergency system. Jesse tries to explain that Marina can help, but Roth doesn’t listen. At this time, Ned arrives outside of Marina’s home. He pleads with her daughter to let him inside. Eventually, she does and they discover the copied files together. Ned explains that many people will show their true colors today and that includes Marina. Meanwhile, Anton (Benjamin Hoetjes) transfers the money over to Jesse’s account. Once he is finished, Hani takes over the computer and tells him to lock the door. She transfers Vertex files and publishes the source code of her spyware. Lara setups the 000 call system to play inside of the forum building. Jesse and Roth listen as a mother calls about her baby. Hani notifies Jesse of the transaction, while Ned makes him away of Marina’s security files. Jesse returns to the hostages and begins escorting them out. He notifies one of the officers that the bomb is fake.

the code s2 bomb

Jesse returns to Roth and confesses he is going to walk outside with his hands up. He pleads with Roth to do the same. Jesse heads outside and constantly tells the police that Roth is unarmed. He is arrested, before gunshots ring out from inside. Next, Marina speaks with the press and makes it clear she intends to investigate the behavior of Australian businesses overseas. Ned and Meg begin preparing their article. Lara is confronted by Nolan Daniels (Ben Oxenbould). We see that Remsey (Greg Kapernick) has been released and has assumed the responsibility of taking care of Tahila. Jesse gets dressed and puts on a clearance badge. He speaks with Hani, before leaving. He jumps into his vehicle and electronics begin tracking his every move. A flashback shows Jesse speaking with Nolan. Nolan explains that Jesse can cooperate with him or go to prison. Jesse agrees to take over the UndaCounta, while helping the authorities capture those that use the site for illegal purposes.

Nolan Daniels the code s2 finale

During this time, we see Ned purchase a vehicle with David (Geoff Morrell). David agrees to put the car in his name. Ned and Hani take the vehicle and meet up with Jesse. Hani forces Jesse to raise his pants and expose his ankle bracelet. She hacks into the system and puts Jesse’s tracker on someone else. Then, she makes demands to be taken to Spain after they get some money. Jesse agrees. Ned gives Jesse some supplies, before they huge a few times. He also gives Jesse money from the sale of their mother’s house. Ned agrees to drive the government car around, while Jesse and Hani disappear in the new car. Once they drive away, Jesse notifies UndaCounta users that the site is now controlled by the police. He also informs them to be on the look out for a new site, which will be made available soon.


The Code Review

The Code’s finale managed to wrap up all storylines in a satisfying manner. Lara was finally brought down and Jan Roth met his end. David seemed to inject himself back into Ned’s life and Ned finally agreed to give his father a chance. He also allowed Jesse to spread his wings and that surprisingly didn’t turn into a master disaster. Nonetheless, Jesse didn’t get off free. He was forced to work for the government to bring down users of the UndaCounta website.

Instead, Jesse and Hani decided to ride off into the sunset with the intention of launching a new underground site in the future. Is Jesse doomed to run for the rest of his life? Or will a 3rd season gives us insight into Jesse’s new life? I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd season and would most certainly watch a 3rd. However, should things end here, I would agree that the ending was fitting. The finale scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The Code now!

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