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The Code S2 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, we see Ned (Dan Spielman) out on the streets surrounded by protestors and chaos. Two men on a motorbike arrive and open fire in Ned’s direction. After the intro scene, Ned, Jesse (Ashley Zukerman) and Meg (Ella Scott Lynch) arrive in Papua. Ned and Jesse speak about Meg’s potential relationship with the pilot momentarily. Meg finally catches up with them and informed the boys they’re going to meet with her friend Budi (Sri Sacdpraseuth). Meanwhile, Nolan (Ben Oxenbould) speaks with Lara Dixon (Sigrid Thornton). Nolan is told that his job is finished. They separate on rocky terms. Hani (Adele Perovic) and Alilah (Victoria Haralabidou) visit Nasim. Alilah attempts to convince her husband to stand up for himself and fight. Nonetheless, Nasim (Michael Denkha) is adamant he would rather allow the justice system to play out.

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Marina (Robyn Malcolm) spots an article about the killing of Marcus and her knowledge of it. She quickly contacts Will Sharp (Nathan Lovejoy) and asks for advice. Will insists everything will be fine, since the website is filled with rubbish. It is also revealed that no legitimate news outlets picked up the story. After the call ends, Marina visits the University and learns her daughter never showed up for the interview. She tries to convince them to reschedule, but they refuse. Meg takes photographs of Jesse, while he paces back and forth. She speaks with Ned about Jan Roth, before Budi finally arrives. Budi makes a plan to get past the roadblock and to Roth’s place. Jesse and Ned are hidden in the back, while Budi and Meg ride up front. They approach the roadblock and are stopped right away.

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Meg’s camera is checked and the mine is called. Nonetheless, the group is allowed to pass through. After Jesse recollects himself, they meet up with Jan Roth (Anthony LaPaglia), who is skeptical of Jesse’s reason for returning. Nonetheless, Jan lets the group inside. Ned explains that the extradition warrants were served and they decided to flee. He also asks about the original BitCoin offer for cracking the decryption. Roth gets the group food, before trying to gain more information from Jesse. Roth is shut up, when Jesse admits he cannot look at him, due to his past behavior. Eventually, they get down to business. Ned refuses to leave Jesse’s side. They head over to the server room and Jesse begins trying to crack the code. Jan sends Ned for beers, before attempting to get the truth from Jesse.

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Jan becomes upset when Ned returns with only two beers. Moments later, Jesse and Ned are given new passports and new names. Jesse seems a little disturbed that he and Ned were not made brothers. Nonetheless, Jan reveals he also made a passport for Hani, by using her Facebook picture. He tells Jesse he should marry the girl, but Ned doesn’t seem to like that ideal. Hani gets a visit from Anton (Benjamin Hoetjes). Her old flame attempts to convince her to work with Lara. He insists Jesse will be huge trouble, if he succeeds in helping Roth. Meanwhile, Meg and Roth learn they will be given the opportunity to meet with Remsey (Greg Kapernick). Meg and Ned meet with Budi and enter the jail. They discover that Rems has been beaten by the authorities. Rems passes along something he wants to get out to the public.

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Meg snaps a few pictures of Rems, before leaving. While Ned is away, Jesse and Jan play. Jan convinces Jesse to take a break and smoke a little weed. The party quickly gets serious, when Jan asks Jesse why he really came back. Their conversation is interrupted when Ned and Meg return. Jan is shown the pictures reluctantly, before Kiki (Emele Ugavule) arrives and demands to see them too. Kiki quickly plans for protests the following day. Ned conjures up a plan to get the pictures back to Australia. He learns about Jesse’s party, before we jump over to Marina. Alyse (Brenna Harding) tells her mother she has been given a scholarship at the University, despite not signing up for one. It is clear she was rewarded for the benefit of her mother.

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Their conversation is interrupted by a message from Ned to Marina. She accepts Ned’s invite and looks at the pictures. Marina then speaks with Ned and attempts to learn about his whereabouts. Ned returns to Jesse and comments about copying Jan’s files. They chat about friends and love, while Ned comforts his brother. That night, Hani discovers her mother sobbing and consoles her. In the morning, Kiki and Tahila (Annabelle Malaika Suess) prepare for the protests. Meanwhile, Jesse and Ned contemplate copying the file without Jan knowing. Moments later, Ned leaves with Kiki and the others. Jan tells Jesse it is time to stop playing games. He admits he wants to break into his old workplace and steal the decryption key.

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Jan is adamant that they’ll be able to succeed, since he helped build OCO’s protection. Before they get started, Jan punches Jesse in the face, so it’ll appear he was forced to obey his orders. Jan comes up with a plan. He sends one of the OCO workers a message about his cat and a feline medication recall. The worker takes the bait and clicks the embedded link. This gets Jesse inside the computer network. He is given 2 minutes to get the code. Just before the timer ends, Jesse successfully downloads the Kaspion Key. Marina returns to work and finds an email from Lara. She meets up with Lara and explains she never asked for Lara to be on her team. Nonetheless, Lara already knows about the pictures and requests more intel. Lara also mentions the scholarship.

the Kaspion Key the code

Meanwhile, the protests begin to heat up. Workers from the mine arrive and force their way through the barricade. Hani is forced to make a decision. She heads into the headquarters and speaks with Lara. Jan gets a phone call and is forced to head to the protest. He tells Jesse not to touch anything, until he returns. Nonetheless, Jesse opens the file. He discovers the OCO Kaspion Crawler. Hani learns that they got the keys and access to the crawler. It is revealed that the program can detect systems, which have vulnerabilities. We learn that the crawler could give anyone access to financial institutes, power grids, hospitals, and even weaponry at any time. According to Hani’s friend, the flaws are added in by the manufacturers.

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Jesse watches as the program discovers targets all around the world. The military arrives at the protest and begins trying to put a stop to it. A shot is fired into the crowd and everyone begins to run for it. A man near Ned is shot and killed. Jesse accesses the electric grid for Singapore and manipulates it. Lara tells Hani that remaining quiet is no longer helping Jesse. The Singapore power grid experiences a problem, which Jesse apparently fixes quickly. Jan arrives at the protest and watches as Kiki is shot.


The Code Series 2 Review

The 4th episode of The Code’s second season was excellent. While many will see the show as farfetched, many of the elements are very much real. And even the most drastic could easily pass for realistic today. Would anyone be surprised if the government could easily access and manipulate computer systems across the globe? While The Code delves into such crazy subject matter, it is based in reality and always seems plausible.

The episode was great by all accounts. Now Pandora’s box has been opened. How will Lara and her team react? How will Jan react to the shooting of Kiki? Hani is truly stuck between a rock and a hard place. Will she be responsible for the downfall of Jesse and Ned? Two more episodes hold the answers. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Code now!

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