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The Code S2 Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Gary Hunter (Guy Edmonds) rushes to prepare for his meeting with Jan Roth, while simultaneously preparing to shop Callum to HeBeLove. Callum McCray (Otis Pavlovic) is shown crying in his room, before the intro begins. Hani (Adele Perovic), Remsey (Greg Kapernick) and the others are escorted to the border office and questioned. It is revealed that Rems has a warrant for his arrest. While the others are allowed to depart, he is escorted elsewhere. Ned (Dan Spielman) receives a message informing him that the search for Jesse has returned nothing of interest. His father, David (Geoff Morrell), arrives outside moments later. David whips out a bottle of wine and invites himself inside. Eventually, Ned agrees to drown their worries together. Jan (Anthony LaPaglia) and Jesse (Ashley Zukerman) finally arrive on land.

Guy Edmonds The Code

Jan speaks with Jesse about his brother and father. They agree to rest before moving onward. Will (Nathan Lovejoy) gives Marina (Robyn Malcolm) an update on the case. Marina contemplates what would happen should they send Rems back. She seems genuinely interested in keeping the man safe. Gary speaks with Callum and tells him he is leaving. He convinces the boy to take a bottle of water and then departs. Ned wakes up and becomes concerned when he is unable to find his telephone. His father manages to call him down, before giving him coffee. Ned learns his father intends to give half of the proceeds from the sale of the house to him and Jesse. Jesse and Jan walk through the woods, while discussing Hani. They finally make it to a road. A car approaches. Jan manages to convince Jesse to remain quiet, while he speaks with the driver.

Otis Pavlovic The Code

Gary becomes frightened on the plane, when he spots several newspaper articles about Callum. Jan and Jesse make their way to a pay phone. Jesse is given a choice between his father and his lover. Seconds later, he places a call to Hani’s house. Hani’s mother, Alilah (Victoria Haralabidou), answers. Hani arrives outside and takes the phone. Jesse explains he is okay, while also instructing Hani to tell Ned about his condition. After the call ends, Jan manages to get ahold of Gary. He is instructed to pick them up and given directions. They arrive at a warehouse and Jan explains he grew up there. Jan looks through the items Gary brought. He finds money and a gun. Finally, the conversation turns to what Gary has been doing behind Jan’s back. He admits to make changes to the way the system admin runs.

Jesse Banks The Code S2

When Jan steps away, Gary tries to get information from Jesse. Jan returns and forces Gary to sit down and orders Jesse to bring up the hidden files. At this point, Jesse begins to freak out. Jan tries to convince him that they’re doing the right thing. Jesse eventually relents and brings up the files. Gary is tossed to the ground, while Jesse makes an exit. Gary is choked by Jan’s shoe. With Gary seemingly dead, Jesse makes a run for it. He makes it to the road and tries to flag down a vehicle, but is unsuccessful. Jan shows up seconds later and tries to convince Jesse to return. He ridicules Jan’s actions and insists they’ll never be able to find Callum with Gary dead. Jesse manages to stop and approaching vehicle. He jumps inside and leaves Jan. Meanwhile, Ned hangs out with Hani. Hani explains that Jan has encrypted files and that his two dead friends were trying to decrypt them.

gary dead the code

He admits Jan wanted Jesse to decrypt the files. However, she has no idea what the files could be. Their conversation is interrupted, when Ned receives a phone call from someone, who is apparently inside of his home. He rushes home and discovers Meg Flynn (Ella Scott Lynch). She tells him about Marcus and shows him pictures of the man’s body. Meg explains the connection to Rems and insists they need to get the pictures to Marina. She also intends to obtain evidence that Marina actually saw the pictures. Meanwhile, Marina spends time with her daughter, Alyse (Brenna Harding). We see that Alyse has scars all over her back. Ned and Meg speak about Marina’s daughter, who was caught in a bombing in Bali in 2005. According to Ned, Marina’s connection to the bombings helped her push some vital laws through. Ned meets up with Erin Jennings (Stephanie King) and manages to obtain a press pass.

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Ned meets with Marina moments later. She is shown the photographs, while Meg snaps pictures from a distance. Will eventually steps in and escorts Marina out. Marina tells Will she wants copies of the pictures, while Will instructs someone on the phone to obtain information into Ned and Meg. Marina is also told that the meeting has been rescheduled. This makes it impossible her to take Alyse to her 2:00 meeting. She meets up with Neil (Andrew McFarlane) and Lara (Sigrid Thornton) seconds later. Marina explains that they still lack evidence and that she is writing letters to the parents of the boys. Neil makes it clear that he doesn’t like her plan. One the meeting ends, Marina steps outside and speaks with Lara.

meg flynn the code season 2

Lara agrees to look into the pictures for her friend. Ned receives a phone call and is informed Jesse has been found. He rushes to the headquarters with Hani. Once they arrive, Ned speaks with Lara. He accuses her of using such situations as a way to steal privacy away from Australians. Lara comments that Hani looks very familiar. Jesse enters with Nolan Daniels (Ben Oxenbould). Nolan admits he will need to question Jesse a little more. They all head up to the cyber operations center and begin looking for properties in Gary’s name. During this time, Jesse makes it clear that Roth knew about nothing. Jesse looks at some of the last log files from Gary and discovers someone was given the address and told where the key was hidden. They need to quickly identify the suspect and the address, so they can get to Callum, before he is taken.

Actress Sigrid Thornton The Code

Meanwhile, we see Roth dispose of Gary’s body. He uses Gary’s cellphone to send a message to Jesse. The name used is Dale Anderson. Jesse instructs the others to begin looking for a suspect with that name. Moments later, he recalls a message between HeBeLove and Gary. The message suggests HeBeLove had a diesel truck. Therefore, they narrow down their search and pinpoint a potential suspect. Everyone begins to cheer Jesse, as it is discovered Dale Anderson (Andrew Henry) will be arriving on a plan soon. Callum’s parents also celebrate. During this time, one of Lara’s team members, Anton (Benjamin Hoetjes) tells her hello. She rushes off, without saying anything. Jesse and the others watch as Dale is captured at the airport. He is holding a piece of paper with an address scrawled on it. Nolan quickly rushes to the address.

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The police rush inside and return with Callum in tow. The boy is reunited with his parents and Jesse is hailed as a hero. Jesse returns home with Hani and finally gets a little respect from her father, Nasim (Michael Denkha). They celebrate, while Ned drinks with Meg. She tells him how she managed to get a job at the mine. Ned receives a message from Erin, but he ignores it. Meg offers to leave, but Ned admits he prefers she stick around. Meanwhile, Hani apologizes for ever questioning Jesse’s abilities. Next, the immigration authorities storm Hani’s home and take her father. His visa has been canceled and he will be transported to the detection center. Ned calls Jesse and explains they need to meet with Nolan about the extradition orders.

callum rescued the code series 2

When they meet with Nolan, they’re informed that the extradition requests still stand. The agreement was never about Callum and was instead about getting Roth’s hard drive. Nolan tells Ned to call his lawyer and file a bail application. He insists that should give them 30 days to fight the extradition. That night, Jesse contemplates going back to Papua to try and crack Roth’s file. Meg agrees to help smuggle the brothers in, despite the risks involved. During this time, Jesse discovers that Roth used to work with the Offensive Cyber Ops out of America. Meanwhile, Roth continues trying to break the code. He speaks with his daughter, while Nasim is transported to the immigration center. Rems and his family are also put on a plane. Hani breaks into Jesse’s house only to discover he has already fled. She finds a hidden message, which informs her of Jesse’s plans to use the files to save her father.


The Code Review

The third episode started off a tad bit slow, but it picked up midway through. Halfway through the episode, we were presented with Jesse the hero. This moment was very uplifting. The Jesse character is very complex and truly multi-dimensional. It was nice to see Jesse finally achieve something of importance and actually be rewarded for his efforts. Nonetheless, it was all for naught. While Jesse did manage to save Callum, he set off a time bomb and that time bomb impacted his girlfriend, her family, and himself.

While Nolan obviously cared about saving Callum, Lara was simply using the boy as a stepping stone. This further proves that Roth’s files are of paramount importance. His connection with the Offensive Cyber Ops also makes this clear. What exactly has Roth stolen and how is it connected to the mine? Another great episode. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Code right now!

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