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When the episode opens, we see Hani Parande (Adele Perovic) in the back of Andy King’s truck. It appears she is being held within a torture room. Next, she is placed in a chair and a plastic bag is placed over her head. Next, Ned Banks (Dan Spielman) and Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) are sitting around their house. Ned is upset and is beginning to blame Jesse for their current predicament. Ned receives his press pass back, while Jesse promises to get his job back and do something worthwhile.

In the meantime, we see Andy King (Paul Tassone), who receives a call from Niko Gaelle (Erik Thomson). After ignoring the call, he approaches the Pakistani embassy, where he makes contact with embassy employee, Salim Malik. He suggests Salim work with him directly and bypass Niko. Meanwhile Malcolm Coover (Steve Rodgers) and Mason Cole (Andy Rodoreda) watch the encounter using security footage. Cole, who is working for the United States, believes Malik may be working for another country, such as North Korea or Iran.

Sophie Walsh (Chelsie Preston Crayford) finally confronts Randall Keats (Aden Young) about the placement of the Lindara note. Sophie suggests Randall was specifically setting her up to take the fall. Meanwhile, Ned shows up to the press conference, where Ian Bradley (David Wenham) is speaking. Ned asks a question, which he was forced to ask by the government. Due to Ned’s cooperation, he is scheduled to attend a meeting with the team later.

Ned finally calls Alex Wisham (Lucy Lawless) back. He regrettably tells her that he is going to have to stop working the case for awhile. He also tells her about the UF6, or the partially enriched uranium, which is damaging the kid’s lungs. When Alex attempts to notify Clarence’s mother, Kitty Boyd (Ursula Yovich), a Physanto lawyer is putting the final touches on a deal, which would reward Clarence a big lump sum for remaining silent.

Afterwards, Jesse attempts to get his job back. While approaching his old workplace, he runs into Hani, who tells him that she needs the files and that Andy is coming after her. Using techniques he learned from his mother and brother, Jesse believes she is lying and proceeds inside the roach coach to ask for his job back.

Meanwhile Alex uses the Internet to find information regarding the uranium hexaflouride. She traces the accident and finds the chemical still on the road. Afterwards, she goes to swimming hole and finds dead fish lining the top of the water along with a strange green substance. She immediately pulls her daughter, Missy (Ritzi Ruhlmann) out of the water, with the other kids.

Next, Hani returns home and finds music blaring on the radio. She shuts it off, before being confronted by Andy. She grabs a pair of scissors and stabs him in the stomach. Despite the wound, he is able to overcome and subdue Hani. When Hani’s parents return home, they discover Andy submerging Hani’s head underwater repeatedly. They beg him to stop, but he continues requesting the Physanto files. It is no use, as nobody within the house has the files. Instead, Hani agrees to help Andy get the files from Jesse.

Andy drives to the cemetery to see the grave of his former wife, Sharon, who passed away recently. After arriving, he is contacted by Lyndon Joyce (Dan Wyllie). It appears the someone confronts Andy, as he kneels over Sharon’s tombstone. When Lyndon arrives, he finds Andy dead on the ground, with a plastic bag on his head. All attempts to resuscitated Andy fail. Lyndon checks Andy’s phone and noticed a phone number, which has been called frequently. He calls the AFP office to have the number traced. It turns out that it is Niko’s number.

Meanwhile, Niko has taken Hani to a hideout, where he questions her about the Physanto files. He believes she can help convince Jesse turn over the files. He places a bag over her head and snaps a video on her phone, which is sent to Jesse. When Jesse sees the video, he is livid and contacts Ned. He immediately leaves work and heads home to rendezvous with his brother.

The brothers agree to help Hani. They head to their mother’s place, after Jesse reveals that he sent her a copy of the files, when they were in Lindara. After a frantic search at the nursing facility, Jesse finds the USB stick. Afterwards, Ned contacts Niko to setup a meeting.

Meanwhile, Alex confronts Tim Simons (Aaron Pedersen) about the uranium and the potential coverup. She also mentions that Tim should speak with Carl, about his attack on Jesse. Despite some reservations, it appears Tim is going to cooperate with her demands.

Once they arrive at the meeting, Lyndon also shows up. Ned approaches and begins the deal. Meanwhile, Lyndon gets out of his vehicle and approaches Jesse, who is still inside the car. When Jesse spots Lyndon approaching, he freaks and attempts to drive off. Lyndon hangs on to the side of the car and eventually falls to the ground. Jesse jumps out and grabs Lyndon’s gun. Meanwhile, Ned and Niko broker a deal, but Niko’s man cannot decrypt the file, without Jesse.

Ned makes contact with Jesse. Despite Ned arguing against it, Jesse tells Niko the secret to decrypting the files. Afterwards, Niko tells the brothers that Hani is in Andy’s truck. After Niko drives off, Jesse and Ned check the truck, but Hani is nowhere to be seen. Instead, Hani is seen with the plastic bag still on her head. It looks like she is possibly dead.


Ashley Zukerman played brilliantly in this episode. It was almost difficult to watch him struggle with his emotions. This man deserves an award for his performance in The Code. Meanwhile, the plot continues to unravel perfectly. With six episodes this season, there isn’t any unnecessary filler and this definitely helps the show. It was sad to see Paul Tassone’s character die. He was a fun watch, while he lasted.

This episode was effective in setting up the finale. Is Hani really dead? How is Jesse going to handle the situation? What will happen now that Niko has his hands on the Physanto files? Another great episode! 9 out of 10.

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