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Aden Young The Code

As the second episode of ABC1’s The Code begins, we immediately discover who has kidnapped Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman). It is Malcolm Coover (Steve Rodgers) the head of the CCU, Cyber Crime Unit. The scene is very brutal. Jesse is stripped naked and the CCU blare music into his room, mainly Starship’s We Built This City. The team wants to find out what Jesse knows and what he stole from Physanto. Of course, Jesse reverts back into a childlike state and clams up.

Meanwhile, Lyndon Joyce (Dan Wyllie, Puberty Blues, Underbelly: Squizzy), an agent with AFP, is given the task of hunting down Andy King (Paul Tassone, Underbelly), who happens to be the head of security for Physanto.

While Jesse is confined, Ned (Dan Spielman) finally arrives in Lindara and makes contact with Alex Wisham (Lucy Lawless) and Clarence Boyd (Aaron L. McGrath). Clarence is now sleeping at Alex’s home. An unknown intruder sneaks up on the property and attempts to enter the window leading to Alex’s room. However, he is scared away by Clarence, Alex and Ned.

Meanwhile, Lyndon pays a visit to Jesse. Unlike the other agents, Lyndon is much more friendly and inviting. He actually helps Jesse get his undies back on. Of course, it is all a ploy to get information out of the unstable boy. Jesse seemingly doesn’t reveal anything meaningful though.

Back in Lindara, Clarence has gone missing. Alex and Ned rush out to find him. With Ned’s help, the boy is found floating in water. Clarence has a wound on his head and was possibly attacked. Thanks to Ned’s quick response, Clarence survives. Of course, the possible attacker, Andy, has flown the coop.

Things are beginning to sour between Randall Keats (Aden Young) and Sophie Walsh (Chelsie Preston Crayford). It is fairly obvious that Randall has only been using her. Meanwhile, Lyndon shows up in Lindara and demands the phone from Ned. He also suggests Ned should return home and check on his brother. Since Ned cannot catch a flight, he calls Sophie to check on Jesse. Despite reluctance, Sophie agrees.

At this point, Jesse has been released and Sophie discovers him in the backyard. In an attempt to get rid of any transmitters, Jesse has torched all of his belongings. Ned makes a desperate attempt to reach his brother, when he purchased a vehicle from one of the Wisham’s neighbors. After arriving home, Jesse will not answer any of Ned’s questions.

Meanwhile, Sophie questions Keats about his involvement and the Lindara note that was passed along to Ned. Keats basically blows her off and places the blame squarely on her. Meanwhile, Hani (Adele Perovic) comes to visit Jesse. She is able to calm Jesse down and get him to sleep. Ned makes a visit to Keats. After an argument, Ned head butts him pretty good and is escorted out by security. She also shows Ned where the data that Jesse stole was hidden. They’re unable to decrypt the files, without Jesse.

Next, Andy pays a visit to Trina Daniels, who happens to work at Physanto. She provides him with information regarding the data breach and informs him the firm has upgraded their security. She suggests they sell their information and make an escape. Of course, Andy comforts her, before cal my strangling her to death in a very awkward manner.

Afterwards, Hani leaves and pays a visit to Lyndon. It is revealed that Hani is working with the Cyber Crime Unit and receives the task of brining them Jesse’s USB drive. After the visit, Lyndon returns home to discover that Andy has been at his house.


This was a very strong episode that continued what the pilot started. In this hacker thriller, you will not find any filler moments thus far. Ashley Zuckerman continues to impress as the socially awkward, possibly autistic Jesse Banks. Of course, Aden Young is beginning to show off his acting skills, as the care-free Randall Keats. Of course, it is likely that the character will become a central villain for the Banks brothers.

The mystery continues to deepen, as Andy King is added to the plot. It will be interesting to see how Hani handles her new task. How deeply has she fallen for Jesse? Overall, I could watch Jesse Banks for an entire hour in that interrogation room. It was nice to experience the American torture tactics, albeit in an Australian film. Great episode that deserves a 9 out of 10.

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