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Aden Young The Code

When the show starts, we are right back where we left off in the last episode. The brothers and Lyndon Joyce (Dan Wyllie) are still at the meeting point. Lyndon suggests the brothers should run, before the cops arrive. Despite Jesse’s (Ashley Zukerman) pleas, nobody seems interested in helping him find the location and condition of Hani (Adele Pervoic).

Ned (Dan Spielman) uses his investigative skills to track Niko’s computer man, Farid (Arka Dak), by using the boy’s parking permit. Ned puts a beatdown on Farid and nearly kills him, before finally recovering the information he needs. While they are unable to get the files back, they discover Hani’s location and what Niko Gaelle (Eric Thomson) plans to do with the files. Ned contacts Password and passes the information along to one of his colleagues. Afterwards, the brothers proceed to Hani’s supposed location and watch as an ambulance hauls her away.

Afterwards, Jess and Ned argue and come to blows. After the fight, the bloody brothers separate and go their own ways, with Ned heading to Password’s headquarters and Jesse going to the hospital. When he arrives at the hospital, Jesse notices a strong police presence, which prevents him from entering. Instead, he sends a nurse inside, with a phone for Hani. The pair make contact, before Jesse makes his departure, once Hani’s parents arrive. Lyndon, who has rescued the parents, attempts to get information from Hani regarding Niko.

The next morning, the federal police prepare to arrest Niko at the Pakistani embassy, after he makes the drop. Once the man enters the embassy, the team rush in and begin arresting everyone. Of course, Gaelle is nowhere in sight. We catch a glimpse of Gaelle driving down the road, with a smile on his face and Jesse’s USB stick in his hand.

Meanwhile, Jesse successfully hitchhikes to Lindara, where he makes contact with Alex Wishman (Lucy Lawless). The pair make a visit to Carl Smith (Tim McCunn). Meanwhile, Randall Keats (Aden Young) finally reveals his true intentions to Sophie Walsh (Chelsie Preston Crayford). He reveals that Ian Bradley (David Wenham) sent out the information on Graeme Poulson, in order to stir up the media and keep them occupied, while they covered up the Lindara incident.

Jesse and Carl come to terms with the situation. Carl tells Jesse how the police convinced him that Jesse and Ned were going to publish harmful stories about Sheyna, which caused Carl to attack Jesse and get him put into jail. At the same time, Ned checks out Gaelle’s warehouse. He gets a quick glance at the emails on the computer, before agents begin rushing in and hiding all of the evidence. As Ned hides, Gaelle is brought in and placed in a chair. In a brutal fashion, Gaelle is gagged, his shoe and sock is pulled off and he is injected with a heart stopping drug.

After making contact with Poulson, Sophie discovers that Physanto was not transporting the uranium, but instead intended on burying it within Lindara. She returns to her office, where she encounters Randall. At this point, Randall reveals that he has resigned and suggests Sophie to stay on the inside, as this will allow her to accomplish more. At the same time, Randall gives Sophie a map that shows where the uranium has been buried. He holds onto the rest of Ian Bradley’s files and agrees to help Sophie with one more thing.

Next, we cut to Ian Bradley, who enters his office and gets onto his computer, where he notices a new email from Randall. Inside the email, he finds a JPEG attachment, which shows a picture of Clarence and Sheyna. After opening the file, Hani and Jesse gain access to the computer system. While Hani operates from Canberra, Jesse is still in Lindara. Ian’s webcam and microphone are activated. He begins to freak out and calls Randall. His phone call is recorded. During the meantime, Jesse and Hani begin stealing Ian’s computer files. Hani also makes all of the files print throughout the building.

Due to Jesse and Hani’s work, Ian is forced to resign. Afterwards, Ned arrives at the airport and meets with Hani and Jesse. With his newfound confidence, Jesse tells his brother it is time for him to move out. Of course, Jesse suggests Ned move out, so Hani can move in. Before the show ends, Farid is shown going up the escalators. All of his bags are packed and he is holding a yellow USB stick, which is most likely holding the Physanto files.


Oh wow, this was definitely the best episode of the show. Everything fell into place perfectly. While the brothers separated, they continued to work together, despite a little animosity between them. Was the computer hacking scene a little unrealistic? Possibly, but it was still exciting and fun to watch. It definitely had me on the edge of my seat, at times.

Almost every aspect of the mystery was closed, except for Farid and his USB stick. Will this lead the way for The Code Season 2? I sure hope so. As long as the cast remains the same and the plot is this smart, I will definitely indulge. For that, this was a flawless episode. A true 10 out of 10.

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