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The Code Ashley Zukerman

The episode opens with Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) lying out in the barren wasteland. With blood coming from his nose, it appears he has been attacked. We flashback and Jesse is seen at a car park, where he cannot afford to pay for his stay. The attendant appears to rush off to call the cops, as Jesse pursues him.

Meanwhile, Hani Pranade (Adele Pervoic) attempts to pay Jesse a visit. Instead, she meets with Ned Banks (Dan Spielman). She tells Ned to tell Jesse that she didn’t give him up to the AFP. She also suggests Ned should find his brother, before the AFP are able to track him down.

Afterwards, the car park attendant calls Ned and informs him about the van. Now that he knows his brothers location, Ned makes contact with Jesse. They travel to their parent’s vacation house. They discover blood all over the house and Andy is gone. Malcolm Coover (Steve Rodgers) shows up and is seemingly looking for Jesse. After they make their escape, the pair begin their travels to Lindara. Meanwhile, Hani and her family are paid a visit from the immigration officials, because Hani has continued to ignore Lyndon.

Andy King (Paul Tassone) is alive, but not well. He treats the wound to his leg. Meanwhile, Andy receives a call from Niko Gaelle (Erik Thomson). He ignores the call. Back in Canberra, Sophie Walsh (Chelsie Preston Crayford) seems to be getting the cold shoulder from Randall Keats (Aden Young). Whenever she returns to her office, she cannot log into her computer. Her account’s access has been denied.

Hani receives a visit from Lyndon Joyce (Dan Wyllie). He convinces her to keep cooperating with the AFP. He also suggests that she regain Jesse’s trust. She eventually agrees, if Lyndon will allow her to look at the files on her parents and her. When Jesse and Ned arrive in Lindara, they pay a visit to Clarence. Alex Wisham (Lucy Lawless) tells Ned that Clarence has been talking about his flashbacks. In some of them, he remember seeing gas spewing from the Physanto truck. He is also beginning to suffer from damaged lungs.

Meanwhile, Ned and Alex come up with a plan to uncover Shenya’s autopsy report. While the nurse is distracted, Jesse goes to work hacking into the computer system. He successfully recovers two autopsy reports on Sheyna. One of the reports says that she died from the crash, while the other mentions the lung damage, which is possibly pneumonitis. While Jesse stays at Broken Hill, Ned and Alex make a visit to Sheyna’s mother. They try to convince her to request a copy of her daughter’s autopsy report.

Meanwhile, Jesse becomes bored and begins working to decrypt the computer files. By using the clocks within the selfies, Jesse puts the pieces of the puzzle together and successfully decrypts the Physanto files. The next morning Jesse goes to the pub and gets drunk. He is approached by Carl Smith (Tim McCunn), who convinces Jesse to go with him. Before the pair leave, Jesse mails out something, which he says is headed to his mother. The pair travel to a secluded location, where Carl becomes angry and smashes himself in the head, with the beer mug. Afterwards, he headbutts Jesse and both are left unconscious on the ground.

After Ned returns to the city, he discovers his brother has been arrested for assault. As the AFP transports Jesse to Canberra, Ned follows. He waits for a long time at the police station, but is not allowed to meet with Jesse. Instead, he attempts to get help from Sophie. While there, he checks his laptop and discovers the information recovered, when Jesse decrypted the files. Ned discovers that the truck was carrying UF6 or uranium hexafluoride, which can be used to create weapons of massive destruction. On the other hand, the chemical also causes pneumonitis. It is also revealed that Physanto has discovered the key to successful Laser Uranium Enrichment.

Ned receives a call and is finally allowed to see Jesse. Meanwhile, Sophie begins to put all of the pieces together. She discovers that the Lindara note from the first episode was written on a piece of paper, which was removed from her notebook. She now suspects Randall of setting her up. Lyndon also pays Hani another visit and lets her look at the immigration files. After she returns home, she questions her mother and father about the events leading up to their Iran escape.

When Ned goes to visit Jesse, he is greeted by Ian Bradley (David Wenham). Ian gives Ned the opportunity to give up attempting to publish a story. In return, Ian will have Jesse’s charges reduced. Ian also suggests that Ned will be able to release a news story, while working with Physanto in a controlled situation.


Another strong episode and another impressive performance by Ashley Zukerman. The plot finally revealed what was being carried by the Physanto truck. Is the government working to build WMDs? While Andy wasn’t shown much this episode, it will be interesting to see what he does next. He is a desperate man, which puts the viewer on the edge of their seats. Meanwhile, Hani discovered what the AFP have on her parents. Will she ultimately betray Jesse?

Meanwhile, Randall Keats continues not caring about anything. Aden Young gives a brilliant performance as the cocky Chief of Staff. Ned is torn between Alex and Sophie now. Of course, his brother is more responsibility than he can handle.

The only weird aspect of the episode was Carl Smith’s actions. Did he just happen to snap? Or was he working with the AFP to help bring in Jesse? The AFP agents were nearby to arrest Jesse. Is this a way for Carl to get the land settlement? Hopefully this leads into something, so it doesn’t look too convenient. Either way, this was still an effective episode that is worth a 9 out of 10.

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