The Code AU S1.E3 Review

The Code Review

In episode 3 of The Code Australia, the AFP begin pursuing Andy King (Paul Tassone) more strenuously, after discovering his victim, Trina, dead. Andy is beginning to grow desperate, as he attempts to sell his half of the Physanto files to Niko Gaelle (Erik Thomson). Of course, Niko is too smart for Andy’s ploy and immediately refuses the offer and sends Andy after the rest of the files.

Meanwhile, Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) goes on a trip with Hani Parande (Adele Perovic). The pair’s van overheats, which forces them to wait it out. The entire time, Jesse experiences flashbacks of the kidnapping, since the van they’re driving is similar to the one that kidnapped him. While Ned (Dan Spielman) keeps trying to contact his brother, Jesse walks a few miles into town and enters a convenience store, which offers computer access to visitors.

Lyndon Joyce (Dan Wyllie), who is a longtime friend, makes contact with Andy. The pair discuss the files and Lyndon calls for backup. Of course, things do not go according to plan. Malcolm Coover (Steve Rodgers) tells Lyndon to let Andy run, which is definitely not what Lyndon wants. Despite his reservations, Lyndon leaves Andy, who is desperate to get his hands on the remaining files. In order to do so, he traces the IP from the breach report, which reverts back to Ned Bank’s residence.

Meanwhile, Ned is beginning to rekindle his relationship with former girlfriend, Sophie Walsh (Chelsie Preston Crayford). Ned tasks Sophie with obtaining intel on Physanto. She insists she had nothing to do with the Lindara note, which was passed to Ned. Jesse hammers away at the computer, within the convenience store. He cleverly hacks the Cyber Crime Unit’s website and adds Perry Benson’s (Adam Garcia) mugshot and name to the unit’s most wanted criminals list.

The next day, Ned returns to Password’s headquarters and is informed that the truck, which crashed into Clarence and Sheyna, was carrying high-grade engine oil. He questions why this would need a transport. At the same time, he also discovers a little information regarding Hani and her parents. It is discovered that Hani’s father works at Physanto as a bio-engineer. Little to his knowledge, Jesse has already met her mother and father. He also discovers that Hani also got into trouble for hacking and is actually a hacktivist.

Jesse and Hani finally arrive at their destination, which happens to be a boyhood vacation spot for the brothers. The pair’s relationship begins to grow deeper and they end up having a romantic tryst. Meanwhile, Ned makes contact with Sophia again and it is revealed that she no longer has access to the Physanto files. The day after the crash, the security measures were upgraded, which blocked her access.

Meanwhile, Andy breaks into the Banks’ house and finds information on their mother, Isabelle Banks (May Lloyd), who is suffering from dementia and staying in a nursing facility. Ned discovers Jesse’s location. Hani is beginning to question whether or not she can turn the Physanto files over and betray Jesse. Finally, Ned rendezvous with his brother. The pair argue, after Ned begins to question Hani’s motives for hanging out with Jesse. Andy makes contact with the brothers’s mom and pretends to be their father. With her condition, she gives Andy information regarding Jesse’s location.

After the brothers fight and Ned leaves, Jesse begins to question Hani. Andy shows up and attacks Jesse outside. He demands the Physanto files, but Hani rescues Jesse and the pair escape in the van. The van stops on the side of the road and Hani begs Jesse for the Physanto files. She insists everything will be over, once she gives them to Lyndon. She also says the CCU threatened to deport her parents, which is why she worked with them.

Ned calls Sophie, but Randall Keats (Aden Young) answers her phone. Randall brags about being with Sophie. Ned questions Randall about his wife, before hanging up abruptly.


The CCU’s true intentions are beginning to show. Are they using Andy to get to the brothers and the Physanto files? Or are they attempting to bring down Niko Gaelle? Paul Tassone does a good job as the unstable Andy King. What is Keats’ true motive?

The relationship between Jesse and Hani always seemed too good to be true, no matter how bad we wanted Jesse to be happy. This episode showed Jesse at an extreme low, an incredible high and back to a dreadful low point. Of course, Ashley Zukerman continues to nail it.

Meanwhile, the animosity between Ned and Randall continues to grow. So far, Randall has been unshakeable. Aden Young plays the cocky, charismatic Keats perfectly and actually adds a little laughter to this excellent thriller. The Code AU continues to impress and this episode was just as good as the others. A 9 out of 10 is well deserved.

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