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The Affair TV Show Recap Season 2 Episode 6

The sixth episode of The Affair starts off from Helen’s point of view. She instructs the children to hurry up and get ready, since Noah (Dominic West) is coming over and taking them to a Yankees game. Her mother, Margaret (Kathleen Chalfant) instantly ridicules her decision to allow the children to go with their father. Helen (Maura Tierney) brushes her mother’s comments off and tells Martin (Jake Siciliano) to get ready. She learns that his stomach problems have returned and were terrible last night.

The Affair Season 2 Episode 6 Helen

Despite Helen’s concerns, Martin is adamant about going to the game with his father. Once Noah arrives to pick up the children, he argues with Margaret and she doesn’t hold back. Next, Helen and her mother visit with Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff) and her father, Bruce (John Doman). The conversation, which was initially supposed to be about Helen and Noah, turns into a mug slinging contest between Bruce and Margaret. It only concludes, when Helen receives a shocking phone call from Noah. She rushes to the hospital and attempts to locate Martin.

The Affair Helen Depressed

Noah comes in moments later and is carrying Martin. He winds up barfing on the floor several times, before Noah manages to track down a doctor. The doctor (Omar Metwally) learns about Martin’s eating habits and insists he needs surgery. While Martin is in surgery, Noah places a call to Alison (Ruth Wilson). After he gets off of the phone, Helene complains about his actions and insists Alison is nothing more than a waitress. Their argument worsens, before the doctor returns and informs them that the surgery was a success. He tells them Martin is suffering from Crohn’s Disease and will need to carefully monitor his diet for the rest of his life.

The Affair Noah Crohns disease

Noah reveals that his mom had MS and the doctor insists the two are likely linked. Noah and Helen are allowed to enter Martin’s room. They argue a little more, before Noah receives a text from Alison. Helen finally succumbs and tells him to call her back. She insists she no longer wishes to fight and tells Noah she’ll give him whatever he wants, including co-custody. Finally, Martin wakes up and prevents them from getting too comfortable together. Helen returns home and finds her mother sleeping on the couch.

The Affair Helen and Margaret

Margaret is thrilled to know that Martin is going to be fine. However, she is unhappy to learn that Noah has been left by his side. The pair argue back and forth, before Helen finally tells her mother it is time for her to go home. Margaret’s bags are packed and she is sent on her way. Whitney consoles her mother afterwards and we advanced forward. Helen speaks with her attorney and learns about Oscar’s offer to give up evidence for $100,000. Helen agrees to pay the bounty and tells Jon to follow through with the deal. He makes the call, before we switch to Noah’s point of view.

the affair attorney jon

Noah awakes in his own home and begins preparing breakfast. He helps the kids setup a surprise for Martin’s return. Whitney (Julia Telles) arrives with a gluten-free, sugar-free vegan cake, which sounds delicious! Martin arrives and everyone hurries to hide. After a give dinner celebration, Noah reveals he has secured a home in the city and invites the kids over. Whitney refuses and Helen agrees to go on vacation and give up the house, so Noah and spend time with the kids. Afterwards, Noah departs and ignores a phone call from Harry.

the affair noah happy season 2

Noah pays a visit to Alison’s new dwelling only to find Athena (Deirdre O’Connell). Noah leaves and goes on the prowl. He scours a nudist beach and eventually finds Alison in the water. They share a seat together and Noah delivers the good news that his divorce troubles are over. Alison isn’t happy about their situation and insists things have changed over the past 6 weeks. She also complains about the parts of Noah’s book that she read. Alison tells Noah about her new friend, Sebastian (Sebastian Junger). Noah attempts to convince Alison it is time to leave, but she refuses and heads to yoga.

Noah Solloway The Affair

In the meantime, Noah attempts to work on his book, but faces difficultly trying to focus. Everything drives him insane, before he runs into Athena once more. She attempts to encourage him to try Reiki. She talks to him about Alison’s darkness and some other bizarre stuff, before Noah gets angry and rushes off. He returns to Alison and meets Sebastian Junger. Sebastian tells Noah he should try Reiki, so he does. The Reiki session is awkward and intense. Once Noah settles in, he has a vision of himself flying down the highway. The car approaches a figure. Once it turns around, we see that it is Alison.

The Affair Season 2 Reiki

Afterwards, he loses it and approaches Alison. They argue and she insists he cannot control her, but her does. He has his way with her, before learning she is pregnant. That night, Noah finishes the book, as we watch his vision, in which he completely demolishes Alison. The episode ends, after Noah calls Harry and tells him that it is done!


The Affair Recap

This episode of the Affair didn’t seem to move the story along a lot, but it was fascinating nonetheless. We did learn about the conclusion to Noah and Helen’s divorce and Martin’s illness. Things seem to be going too well for Noah and the timing of Alison’s pregnancy is definitely suspect. Things are likely going to get worse from here on out. All in all, a good episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10.

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