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The Affair TV Series Recap Episode 3

When the episode begins, we’re placed in Noah’s point of view. Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson) have sex, before Noah heads to the pool. He attempts to coax Alison into joining him, but she refuses. He attempts to get flirty and fun with Alison, but she freaks out and insists she just doesn’t want to go. Noah heads to the pool alone and swims. Afterwards, he returns home and tells Alison he wants to write full time, with her to be by his side, as his muse, the entire time. He attempts to convince her to tell him a secret, which nobody else knows, but she plays it off with a joke.

The Affair Alison Noah Sex

Moments later, Noah pops the question and asks for her hand in marriage. After a initial surprise, Alison says yes. Afterwards, they head over to Robert (Peter Friedman) and Yvonne’s (Joanna Gleason) house. Yvonne asks how the pair met and Alison comes up with a wild tale to fill the void. After she finishes spinning her tale, Noah speaks with Yvonne about Harry and the ending of his book. She coaxes him into allowing her to read the book, but promises she won’t to tell Harry or Alison.

The Affair Noah Proposes to Alison

Moments later, Alison busts in, with Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles) behind her. Whitney immediately ridicules everyone, before being shuffled back to Noah’s cabin. Whitney manages to belittle everyone, including Helen, during their conversation. The situation only worsens, when Whitney notices Alison’s new ring. After the argument settles down, Alison speaks to Noah about their future. She begins to wonder, if they’ve made a major mistake. She eventually breaks down and tells Noah all of her dirty little secrets, including sleeping with Oscar and Cole coming over.

Actress Julia Goldani Telles The Affair

Despite it all, Noah tells her to keep the ring, as he attempts to convince Alison everything will be fine. He insists he no longer wants to be afraid of what people think of him. Afterwards, Noah and Whitney prepare to head back home. While waiting to depart, Whitney tells Noah she doesn’t want to go back home and live with Helen and Margaret. Noah insists he is going to need a little assistance, in order to make that happen. He tells her about the mediation and attempts to convince her to keep things a secret from Helen.

The Affair Noah and Whitney

When they arrive in the city, Noah meets up with Max (Josh Stamberg). After a short conversation, Max contacts his assistance and rewards Noah with $50,000. Afterwards, we switch to Alison’s point of view and are taken back to the dinner with Robert and Yvonne. When asked about children, Noah suggests the pair are finished, but Alison isn’t convinced. Yvonne insists Noah will come around and would be thrilled, if Alison were to get pregnant.

The Affair Season 2 Max

After the awkwardness ends, Noah and Yvonne retreat to the living room to speak about Noah’s book, while Robert and Alison attend to the dishes. Robert tells Alison to save some of the scraps, so he can give them to his dog, Pete, who was recently ran off by Yvonne. During the conversation, Whitney arrives and tells Alison that Ruby owes her $50. Back at the cabin, Alison waits inside and listens to Whitney run her down into the dirt. Alison scours through Gabriel’s belongings and recovers a small stone.

the affair season 2 Alison and Whitney

Afterwards, Alison speaks with Noah out on the balcony. During Alison’s perspective, Noah complains about Whitney’s $200 Uber ride. She never tells Noah about sleeping with Oscar or Cole’s visit. When asked about the worst thing he’s ever done, Noah admits his current predicament fits that category. Alison admits she’s done a lot of things, before we flash forward and wake her awake on the couch. Whitney cooks breakfast, before asking Alison for Scotty’s number. The friendly conversation quickly turns bad, when Alison refuses.

The Affair Ruth Wilson Alison

After Whitney leaves with Noah, Alison heads to Yvonne’s place and learns about Pete’s destructive behavior and Robert’s removal of his physical therapist. Yvonne encourages Robert to have Pete put down. He agrees to do it himself and Alison is forced to tag along. The pair hunt through the wood, while Robert asks Alison about her excitement about her marriage. Alison doesn’t seem so thrilled through. She admits she doesn’t feel a need to get married. Eventually, she tells Robert about Gabriel and his death.

The Affair Alison and Robert

She tells him about the stone, which she gave to Gabriel to calm his nerves. Moments later, they hear Pete howling in the background. They manage to track the dog down. Robert prepares to shoot him, before fires off into the sky instead. When they return home, Yvonne is happy to hear the news. Alison insists the murder wasn’t gruesome. That night, she hits the pool alone. Moments later, Noah joins her and they share a romantic moment in the pool, with Robert watching on in the distance.

The Affair Pool Scene Alison and Noah

Afterwards, we flash forward and see Noah and Alison visiting Jon Gottlief’s (Richard Schiff) office. They sit down and begin chatting about Cole’s wedding. Noah admits he would’ve liked to have killed Scotty, but didn’t. He insists he only hit a deer. Noah also admits his book wasn’t well received in the community. The episode ends with Jon suggesting they find out who did kill Scott.


The Affair Review

The third episode of the second season was a little slower, but slightly more dramatic. Noah and Alison were thrown for a loop, with the arrival of Whitney. Then, Robert and Alison’s hunting trip was fun and sad simultaneously. Of course, the end of the episode was incredibly exciting. Will Jon Gottlief be able to unmask the real murderer? We will have to wait and see.

The episode deserved an 8 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with our previous recaps of The Affair right now!

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