Cole torches the House The Affair

The Affair Recap Episode 9

When the 9th episode of The Affair opens, we see Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson) cleaning out her refrigerator. She overhears a radio news broadcast regarding an incoming hurricane. Then, we skip to 1:00 PM and see Helen (Maura Tierney) waiting in a restaurant. She is approached by a waitress, who asks, if Helen is on an Internet date. She admits she has scheduled a date with a Tinder friend. The waitress tells her to go to, since it is better suited for divorcees. After Helen realizes she has been stood up, Dr. Vic (Omar Metwally) turns around and reintroduces himself.

The Affair Recap Season 2 Episode 9

When the restaurant gets shut down, Dr. Vic asks for Helen’s number. The pair end up leaving together. Outside, Vic asks for the number once again, before Helen makes a comment about a date just being an interview for sex. Vic skips to the point and asks for sex and Helen complies. They head to Helen’s place and she sneaks him into the basement. The magic happens there, before they head back upstairs. Martin (Jake Siciliano) comes downstairs and Vic learns he has not been taking his shots.

Helen and Dr. Vic The Affair

Vic offers his assistance and promises he can make the shots much less painful. Afterwards, Helen retreats to her bedroom and cries. Dr. Vic attempts to smooth things over, but only makes the situation worse. He agrees to leave, but heads downstairs and manages to get Martin to take his shot. This time, Martin agrees the shot wasn’t nearly as bad. With that, Dr. Vic sticks around a little longer and rekindles his relationship, with Helen. Eventually, he gives her a kiss on the arm and heads to the hospital. Afterwards, we flashback to Alison.

Alison Bailey Pregnant The Affair

She seems to be going into labor. She places a call to Noah (Dominic West), but gets no answer. She instead calls her doctor and heads to the hospital. Once she arrives, she is introduced to her new doctor, Dr. D’Amato (Virginia Kull). D’Amato checks Alison and informs her the baby is coming tonight. Alison pleads with her to get ahold of Noah and the doctor agrees to try. Afterwards, we flash forward to 7:00 PM and see Noah and Eden (Brooke Lyons) arriving at a party.

The Affair Brooke Lyons

The pair speaks about Rodney Callahan (James Naughton), who may transform Descent into a movie. They also speak about the potential of George Clooney taking on a role. Noah receives a phone call, but is unable to get his phone, before they’re whisked inside. Inside, Noah is quickly introduced to Rodney. The pair get along very well and both agree on a new ending, which follows suit with what Noah wanted in the first place. Max (Josh Stamberg) arrives unexpectedly and makes a fool of himself, while ticking off Rodney.

The Affair Rodney Callahan

Once Noah manages to send Max away, he returns to the cocaine. Afterwards, Noah and Eden dance. Eden informs Noah that George isn’t coming. Noah insists he should head home and contemplates getting a cab. Moments later, it is announced that the roads have been closed. Eden tells Noah to meet her in a room in 15 minutes. He agrees and finds himself at a pool. He gets naked and jumps into the pool. He swims to the end of the pool and takes a seat next to two women making out.

the affair whitney bisexual

When the women turns around, Noah sees that it is his daughter, Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles) and Chrissy (Lyrica Okano). Whitney goes nuts and Noah rushes out of the party. He gets inside of his vehicle and discovers innumerable text messages from Alison. He attempts to make it to the hospital, but is unable to do so. Instead, he manages to get his vehicle stuck. Back at the hospital, D’Amato attempts to talk Alison through the process. Next, we jump to 11:00 PM and see Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and Cole (Joshua Jackson) riding out the storm.

The Affair Virginia Kull

The pair spend Cole’s last night in the house together. They agree to make love, without a condom. Afterwards, they consider Cole’s future and he insists he doesn’t want to take Alison’s money. He attempts to calm Luisa’s nerves and is adamant that they’ll find a way to stay together. They prepare to leave the house, before Cole shows Luisa his child’s sizing chart. They agree Cole should take it from the wall. Cole suggests they’ll be able to use the chart for their own child in the future.

The Affair Catalina Sandino Moreno

This sets Luisa off and she rushes outside. After a brief conversation, Cole learns that Luisa is unable to get pregnant. He wonders whether or not his mother was right about the family curse. Back inside, Luisa ridicules him for comparing her problem to his stupid family curse. Luisa tells Cole to get rid of his curse and leaves him alone. Alison moans in pain, while Cole continues drinking himself silly. She has the baby, while Cole sees Gabriel (Landen M. Lomot) outside of his window. Cole takes a drastic step and begins torching the house.

Cole torches the House The Affair

In the morning, Alison learns that Noah has finally arrived. When Dr. D’Amato asks, whether or not he should be let in, she tells her not yet.


The Affair S2 E9 Review

The Affair mixed things up with the 9th episode. Instead of individually focusing on one point of view, we received a mixed bag of view points. Thankfully, each was great. At times, Noah seems to be a little too naive for his own good. He seems to desire to do good, but is easily led astray. This episode exemplified that perfectly.  At least he learned about his daughter’s sexuality, but that might not be a good thing for Noah.

Meanwhile, Helen is becoming somewhat desperate to become attached to anyone. Finally, it’ll be interesting to see how Cole’s arsonist behavior plays out. All in all, the episode was very good. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with our previous The Affair recaps right now!

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