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The Affair Recap Season 2 Episode 7

When the episode starts, we step into Alison’s (Ruth Wilson) shoes. Noah’s book has released and it has shot him to fame. Alison doesn’t seem to fit in with the socialites at the party. She overhears the others speak about the growing popularity of Noah’s book. When confronted, Alison admits she hasn’t read it yet. Moments later, Noah’s assistant, Eden Ellery (Brooke Lyons) interrupts and whisks Noah away. Once Alison is alone, she is approached by Cynthia Rainer (Elizabeth Stanley), who wants to know about Noah’s current marital status. She learns that Noah is still married to Helen.

the affair season 2 episode 7

Eden quickly rushes over and runs Cynthia away. She immediately admonishes Alison for giving away incriminating information to a gossip columnist. Alison retreats to the kitchen and speaks with one of the waitress for a period of time. Afterwards, she returns to Noah and tells him it is time to leave. She attempts to encourage him to hurry up, since Thanksgiving dinner is coming up very soon. Noah promises to hurry along behind her and pickup the turkey. Alison returns home and finds Athena (Deirdre O’Connell) in the lobby. With Alison’s assistance, Athena is allowed inside.

Noah's Apartment The Affair

Athena is immediately surprised and taken aback by the size and cost of the apartment. She is given a tour and is unsatisfied with the baby’s nursery, which is currently doubling, as Noah’s office. After Alison shuts her up, they prepare cooking meals from a recipe book, which was written by Alison’s grandma. The good times immediately turn sour, when Athena learns Alison is selling her home to help pay for the rent. Athena finally reveals it was her choice to give up the house and pass it on to her daughter. Alison takes a shower and a period of time passes, before Jane (Nicolette Robinson) arrives.

The Affair Shower Ruth Wilson

The pair speaks about Noah’s friend and Jane’s potential blind date. Jane insists she will be fine, as long as the guy isn’t racist or a Republican. Later on, we learn precisely who the sugar daddy is. Max (Josh Stamberg) arrives and immediately hits it off with Jane. Alison and Athena contemplate eating right away, since Noah still hasn’t arrived. Athena devises a plan to listen to Alison’s baby, while they wait. Noah finally arrives with Eden and no turkey. When he listens to his baby, he shows no genuine excitement.

The Affair Noah listens to baby

When dinner starts, Noah is too busy on the phone to join the others. His new friend, Eden, refuses to put down her phone, as well. When Noah finally settles down, Eden tells him they need to be gone by 9, in order to make their appointment. Max makes a toast and gives Alison all of the credit for Noah’s happiness. Eden learns that Cynthia has released the information regarding Noah’s marriage. Eden insists the situation could prove fruitful, if she pushes the storyline that Alison’s ex was abusive.

Showtime The Affair Thanksgiving

Alison and Noah argue, before she admits she read the entire book and learned about her vicious murder, at the end. Alison runs off and Noah follows after her a bit later. He agrees to cancel the book tour, if she desires it. However, she insists she doesn’t want that. She asks, if he even wants the baby and Noah admits he does. The doorbell rings and we flash forward. Alison is seen speaking with John Gottlief (Richard Schiff) regarding Cole’s wedding. She swears she left, before Scotty and was on good terms with him. When asked if she’ll have to testify, Jon insists he won’t unless he uses her as a character witness.

The Affair Sex Scene

Afterwards, we switch to Cole’s (Joshua Jackson) point of view and see that he is with Luisa (Catalina Moreno). The pair attempt to have intercourse, but Cole loses interest, when she tells him she loves him. A bit later, the pair share coffee and Luisa invites Cole to Thanksgiving with her family in Queens. Cole insists he is going to have Thanksgiving with his mother, which surprises Luisa, since she didn’t know the were back in contact. Luisa attempts to get Cole to open up about the incident earlier, but he rushes off to get muffins.

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Cole heads to the market and receives a phone call from Scotty, which he ignores. Unfortunately, Scotty is right behind him. Scotty immediately begins grilling Scotty about the sale of the house. He also shows Cole his new tattoo, which will serve as their nightclub’s logo. When asked about Thanksgiving, Cole insists he isn’t coming. He admits he is going with Luisa. Scotty attempts to convince his brother that Luisa is only after a green card. Moments later, Oscar Hodges (Darren Goldstein) interrupts and asks the pair, if they’ve read Noah’s book.

The Affair Oscar Hodges

After a brief conversation, Cole returns home and discover Luisa has moved one of his pictures. He accuses her of stealing his money clip and the situation worsens. She tells him she hopes he rots alone and departs. Afterwards, Cole heads to the store and buys Noah’s book. He returns home, reads it and visits his family’s house for Thanksgiving. He gives Mary-Kate (Kaija Matiss) his condolences for the loss of her baby. Moments later, Caleb (Michael Godere) pulls out the moonshine and everyone begins telling what they’re thankful for.

Caleb The Affair

Cole takes the opportunity to tell the others about Noah’s book. He reveals Noah has turned them into the Rineharts and has transformed their grandfather, Silas, into a crazy murderer. He runs off and returns with the book. After reading a few pages, Cherry (Mare Winningham) steps in and tells Cole that the information is true. Silas was a murderer and kills a young baby. Cherry insists the family is cursed, due to Silas’ behavior. She also speaks about Cole’s father and his suicide. Cole retreats outside, with Scotty following. The situation only worsens, when Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles) arrives in a taxi.

The Affair Julia Telles

After Scotty runs away, Cole manages to calm Whitney and begins driving her back into the city. On the way into the city, Whitney asks Cole about the time he tried to kill her. Cole insists he was trying to target Noah and attempts to convince Whitney that Scotty is no good for her. He also tells her about his father, who killed himself, when he was 10. Cole transports Whitney to Noah’s place. Noah invites Cole in, but he refuses. Instead, he heads to Luisa’s place and attempts to smooth things over with her. He manages to do so, gets a kiss and is invited inside.

The Affair Season 2 Cole and Whitney

At the end of the episode, Jon and his assistant watch a video of Alison and a man, who looks like Scotty, arguing. The scene takes place outside of Lockhart’s Lobster Roll and the video has no audio. Oscar speaks up and tells the pair he can tell them what is said for extra money. When his offer is turned down, Oscar insists Scotty is telling Alison that the baby is theirs.


The Affair Recap

Wow, the 7th episode of The Affair was really deep with the exploration of Cole’s background. The decision to add two additional view points has really paid off. Of course, the most startling aspect of the episode had to be the ending. Is Oscar telling the truth and did Alison have something to do with Scotty? The mystery continues to deepen and we’re getting no closer to uncovering the truth. Whether or not it matters remains to be seen. The drama is enthralling nonetheless. An 9 out of 10 is deserved for the 7th episode.

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