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The Affair Recap Season 2 Episode 10

When the episode opens, we see Noah (Dominic West) and Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson) arrive for court. Due to the large crowds awaiting outside, John Gottlief (Richard Schiff) suggests they go around the back, but Noah refuses and enters through the front. Afterwards, we flashback in time and see Noah attending a shrink session. Alison has yet to arrive and Noah is unable to contact her. Noah contemplates leaving the shrink’s office for a movie, but he sticks around with Marilyn (Cynthia Nixon).

the affair s2 e10 recap

The episode quickly becomes reminiscent of HBO’s In Treatment. The pair speaks about Noah’s new baby. Noah admits the baby refuses to says “dada”. He uses Alison’s midterm as an excuse for her absence and refusal to answer her phone, before contemplating a rescheduling. Noah also reveals that they have the children the entire week, since Helen (Maura Tierney) and the doctor, Vik, have gone out of the country. Noah suggests he is happy for Helen, before he prepares to leave. Before he can, he whips out a letter and announces that he is no officially divorced from Helen.

The Affair Cynthia Nixon

Noah reveals he has had the letter for two weeks, but has yet to tell Alison. Marilyn questions why he wouldn’t tell Alison and wonders whether or not he truly wishes to get married. Noah insists he does and just doesn’t know, if Alison is ready. Their conversation turns to the way women look at Noah and how feels judged by the women in his life. Moments later, Noah admits he desires to sleep with one of his students, Lucy Koskoff. He also tells Marilyn that he is scheduled to meet Lucy later that day.

The Affair Noah In Treatment

Noah also admits Lucy isn’t the first woman he wanted to cheat with. He attempts to redeem himself, by telling the shrink he never cheated, until he met Alison. When questioned further, Noah exposes his close sexual encounter with Eden. He also admits he only stopped himself, after running into Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles). Moments later, Noah expresses his grief and insists he wanted to die, after that moment. Next, the conversation turns to Noah’s father (Mark Margolis). Noah ridicules his father and his lack of care for his mother in her last few years. He reveals that he became responsible for his sick mother and his father remained drunk the majority of the time.

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Later, Noah delves into his new novel, which also explores a sexual affair. Of course, the novel is a war story and examines the life of Omar Bradley. Noah admits he wishes to travel, but is unable do so, because of the teaching and the baby. Then, he considers the lives of the historical writers, who did whatever they desired and managed to gain an immense amount of fame. Marilyn reminds him that Hemingway killed himself at 60. She attempts to encourage him to explore other values in life, before he finally leaves.

The Affair Season 2 Episode 10 Ruth Wilson

Afterwards, Noah returns home and speaks with Alison. He keeps the divorce notice hidden and tells her nothing about it. The pair wash dishes together, before we flash forward and watch Noah enter the crowded courtroom. His attorney, Jon, speaks about about other hit and runs and insists the real perpetrator might not even be in the courtroom. Jon also delves into Scotty’s tumultuous lifestyle and his drug dealing. Jon brings up Cole’s marriage to Scotty’s former flame. He also touts Noah as a good husband, before he stops speaking.

The Affair Courtroom Noah

Next, we switch to Alison’s point of view and see her sleeping with the baby in a rocking chair. She puts the baby to sleep, returns to bed and continues studying, while Noah sleeps. The next day, Alison attends her class and begins questioning herself. During a break, Alison approaches the teacher, Andrew (Elliot Villar), and asks him when is the last day she can drop the class. Andrew tells her she has one single day and he attempts to encourage her to continue. However, when Andrew continues teaching, Alison gets up and leaves.

the affair alison classroom

When Alison returns home, she runs into Scotty, who looks terrible. Scotty attempts to convince Alison to invest in The Lobster Roll. Alison laughs at the notion and admits she doesn’t have any money. Scotty doesn’t relent and insists Noah owes all of his money to the Lockhart family. Scotty also reveals that the book has put an end to his drug dealing. Moments later, the nanny, Gigi arrives with the baby, Joanie. Gigi makes a comment about the baby looking like her father and Scotty attempts to make an impression on Alison that the baby might not be Noah’s. After that, he departs and Alison goes on a stroll.

The affair scotty stoned

Alison heads to a restaurant and meets with Cole (Joshua Jackson). Cole reveals he visits the restaurant and waits for Luisa to get off work. He also admits he doesn’t care what happens to Scotty. Cole remains adamant about not using the money from the sale of the house. He shows off his Spanish skills and tells Alison he is getting married to Luisa. The pair speaks about Alison’s 16th birthday party at the Lobster Roll.

the affair joshua jackson

Moments later, Luisa enters and meets Alison. Alison departs on good terms with the pair. When Alison returns home, she finds the kids playing video games. Noah tells her that he skipped the therapy session and went to watch Captain America. He also contemplates stopping the therapy completely. That night, Noah and Alison have sex. They profess their love to one another, before the baby begins yelling “dada”. Afterwards, we flash forward and see Jon receive the paternity test results. He seems truly surprised by what he sees.


The Affair Season 2 Episode 10 Review

This episode of The Affair started off incredibly slow. Noah’s therapy session possibly drug on too long, despite having some intriguing moments. The courtroom scenes mixed into the equation were great though. On the flip side, Alison’s point of view was much better. The classroom scene exemplified Alison’s mental midget stature perfectly. Her interaction with Scotty was very telling and setup the final scene excellently.

I was hanging on hoping the show would extend a few extra minutes, so Jon would reveal the results of the paternity test. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next week to discover the truth. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of The Affair right now!

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