the affair season 2 episode 11

The Affair Recap S2 E11

When the episode begins, Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson) takes the stand in Noah’s (Dominic West) murder case. Cole is asked by Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff), whether or not he hates Cole. The judge refuses to allow Cole to answer the question. Afterwards, the show flashes back and shows Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and Cole planningĀ to meet up with Cole’s mother. Cole attempts to prepare Luisa for the meeting. Cole makes a pitstop at the Lobster Roll and looks inside of the business.

the affair s2 e11 recap

The pair leave and head to the motel, where they immediately have sex. Luisa talks about her desire to own her own restaurant and never have to deal with anyone else’s business. Moments later, she heads outside to ask the cleaning lady about soap and discovers it to be Cole’s mom, Cherry (Mare Winningham). Cole is taken aback by the encounter and his mom’s new career. Later that day, they meet up at Cherry’s house and scour through old photographs. A bit later, Scotty (Colin Donnell) emerges and tells Cole about his decision to purchase the Lobster Roll.

Catalina Moreno The Affair

The situation turns sour, when Cole attempts to convince his brother to go to rehab. Eventually, the leave and meet with Luisa’s mother at Margaret’s (Kathleen Chalfant) house. Margaret joins the pair and offers to pay for their wedding. They refuse and Margaret eventually discovers Cole’s identity. She still offers to allow them to use the property for their wedding and speaks about the importance of forgiveness. Next, Cole and Luisa spend a moment alone. Cole contemplates running off to Vegas and getting eloped. He also tells Luisa he is thinking about purchasing the Lobster Roll.

cole and luisa the affair

Luisa expresses concerns about getting Scotty getting involve. Cole admits that they can go around Scotty. When questioned how they’ll be able to obtain the money, Cole suggests getting it from Alison (Ruth Wilson). Luisa doesn’t seem too thrilled with the arrangement. Afterwards, Cole and Alison meet up at the auction and seal the deal. Scotty arrives moments later and celebrates the occasion. He also insists he wants to be involved, but Cole and Alison want him nowhere near the restaurant. Scotty loses it and tells Cole he could tell him something that would tear his entire life apart. Cole pushes him to the ground and Scotty begins to sob.

the affair season 2 episode 11

Cole finally gives in an agrees to allow Scotty to join them, as long as he gets sober first. On the way to the rehab facility, Cole attempts to get Scotty to tell him what would ruin his entire life, but Scotty doesn’t answer. Next, we skip to Noah’s point of view and see him get out of bed early and try to work on his book in the bathroom. He manages to get nothing done and falls asleep. Alison wakes Noah, when she comes to take a shower. In the shower, she asks Noah, if he would have time to talk this morning, but he blows her off.

noah solloway the affair

He admits he won’t have time, since he has to meet with Harry (Stephen Kunken). Moments later, we see Noah sharing a drink with Harry. The pair speak about Noah’s current book. Harry insists Noah needs to hurry up and provide him with something he can release to the public. He also attempts to convince Noah to write a sequel to Descent. Afterwards, Noah heads to the university and learns about Alison dropping out several weeks ago. He returns home and discovers the Alison has gone missing.

oscar hodges the affair

Noah gets a call from Oscar Hodges (Darren Goldstein) and meets him at the bar. Noah learns that Alison has been with Cole. Oscar explains that the pair bought the restaurant right out from under him. Oscar attempts to convince Noah that Alison is a horrible person, with no heart, before Noah departs and pays a visit to Max (Josh Stamberg). Noah quickly unloads his problems onto Max. Eventually, the conversation sours, when Max insists Noah only comes around when he is in trouble.

josh stamberg the affair

Eventually, Max breaks the news that he slept with Helen. Noah insists that Max paid him $50,000 to sleep with his wife. He also tells Max he is invisible without his money. Noah leaves and begins driving. During the drive, he has visions of scenes from his book and witnesses Alison on the road. He speeds up and considers running her over, before a phone call encourages him to pull to the side of the road. He answers the call from Alison and meets her at the Lobster Roll.

the affair lobster roll alison

Alison apologizes over her decision and pleads with Noah not to be angry. She finally tells the truth and admits he doesn’t want to be a doctor. Noah insists he doesn’t want Alison to proceed and attempts to convince her to back out. He also questions, whether or not Alison is back with Cole. Alison admits she belongs in Montauk and not those fancy book parties. After the conversation ends, we switch back to the court trial and see Dana Klass (Karine Logue) admend her witness list.

dana klass the affair

Despite Jon’s attempts to stop the change, the judge allows it to through. Moments later, Max is brought into the courtroom. He speaks about the night of the crash and insists he saw Noah pull outside of his home and clean the front of his car, with his water hose.


The Affair Review

The 11th episode of The Affair was fairly interesting and definitely setup the finale pretty well. There was no word regarding the paternity test, which will hopefully be brought up in the finale. The episode developed Cole and Alison as potential murderers. Did one of them feel the need to keep Scotty quiet? Of course, the episode’s ending was very dramatic and may play a major role in the jury’s determination.

Now, I cannot wait for next week’s finale. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of The Affair right now!

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